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South America is one of the seven continents on Earth. It is south of North America and is bordered by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. South America is known for its jungles and tropical climate. Its primary languages are Spanish and Portuguese.


Ancient Times

Enchantress and her brother Incubus were worshiped as gods by ancient humans of Pre-Columbian South America, but were ultimately betrayed by their subjects and somehow sealed away into containers, which, in turn, were placed inside a tomb of Tres Osos Caves for millennia.[1]

21st century

Kryptonian Arrival

In 2013, Brazil was one of the many countries that was contacted by the Kryptonians led by Dru-Zod, who demanded the whereabout of Kal-El.[2]

Release of Enchantress

Dr. June Moone was exploring the Tres Osos Caves when she fell down a shaft into a cavern containing a tomb. There, she discovered and broke a doll-shaped artifact, thereby accidentally unleashing an ancient inter-dimensional entity, the fearsome Enchantress. A similar container containing the imprisoned essence of Enchantress' brother Incubus was shortly thereafter found in the same cave.[1][3]

Searching for a True Champion

Some people in South America were considerated by the wizard Shazam as his champion, but they were rejected as not worthy. Thaddeus Sivana found out about them in his search to find the Rock of Eternity.[4]

Rule of Silvio Luna

In 2021, the Latin American nation of Corto Maltese was dominated under a tyrannical reign by the dictator Silvio Luna in a coup d'etat, who was fought by a revolutionary movement led by Sol Soria, a rebel and an ally to Task Force X. As the mission progressed, Task Force X came into conflict with Starro, a giant alien starfish who went on a brief rampage before being killed by Harley. In the aftermath of Luna's death, Corto Maltese was finally liberated by Luna's tyranny.[5]

Countries and major locations



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