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"Move, or my sword will take your soul."
Katana to Harley Quinn[src]

The Soultaker[1] is a mystical samurai sword owned and used by Katana that traps the soul and life force of anyone killed by it.[2][3] The wielder can converse with any of the souls captured inside.[4] Katana used it to combat the immortal being Incubus.[1]



The sword was forged from 10,000 layers of hand-forged steel, allowing its user to trap their victims' souls inside, gaining its appropriate name, "Soultaker".[5]

Murder of Maseo Yamashiro

Jealous of Tatsu Yamashiro's love for his brother Maseo, Takeo Yamashiro used the Soultaker to brutally murder his brother, before Tatsu stole the sword in order to enact revenge.[5]

Mission of Revenge

Shortly before her first mission with Task Force X Katana went on a mission to Japan, tracking down the member of the Yakuza who watched her husband's death unfold without interfering. Katana struck at least four of his men down before she finally reached her target. The man pleaded for mercy, to which Katana pointed out that there hadn't been any mercy for her husband. The man pointed out that he hadn't killed her husband, but Katana would not back down, slashing him with the sword.[6]

Mission with the Suicide Squad

During Katana's mission to retrieve Amanda Waller alongside the Suicide Squad, she wielded Soultaker several times, where it easily sliced through and killed several members of the Eyes of the Adversary. At one point, Katana looked into the blade and spoke to Maseo's soul, tearfully promising they would be reunited some day. In the final battle, Soultaker was able to cut through Incubus' extremely durable body, though he regenerated from each injury. When Katana tried to fight Enchantress with Soultaker, Enchantress teleported away from each attack and eventually disarmed her. When the Suicide Squad was seemingly beaten, Harley Quinn feigned surrender, then picked up Soultaker and used it to slash Enchantress' chest open and extract her heart. Harley returned Soultaker to Katana afterwards.[6]

Trapped victims

"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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Behind the scenes

Soultaker was designed by prop master Dan Sissons for Suicide Squad, who decorated the sword with beautiful emblems and Japanese-inspired insignias.[4]


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