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"There are clothes in the boxes for all of you so you can blend in. That said, the walking tiburon is gonna have to stay out of sight."
―Sol Soria to Task Force X.[src]

Sol Soria is a native of Corto Maltese, the leader of the Resistance against Silvio Luna, and an ally to Task Force X. After the deaths Luna and other high-ranking officers, she and her army were able to topple the tyrannical regime, liberating the country and allowing free elections.



"Luna and Suarez murdered my entire family. I'd make a deal with the Devil to stop them."
―Sol Soria to Rick Flag[src]

Sol Soria lived in Corto Maltese for years under the tyrannical reign of the Herrera Family. As a consequence, in 2020, the military army carried out a coup executing the Herreras, led by the new dictator Silvio Luna and his fiendish right-hand man Mateo Suarez. Luna and Suarez murdered Soria's entire family, spurring her to form the Maltese Resistance to charge a rebellion against them. One week later, Task Force X was given a mission in South America to assassinate Luna, and Soria insisted on coming along to help them.[1]

Mission in Corto Maltese[]

Saving Flag[]

"Is that rat waving at me?"
―Sol Soria[src]
Sol Soria finds Rick Flag in the jungle

Sol Soria and the resistance find Rick Flag in the jungle.

After a brutal massacre by the Corto Maltese Armed Forces against the members of Task Force X when trying to infiltrate during a battle on the beach, Rick Flag managed to escape and survive thanks to finding Soria's resistance, who gave him shelter and new clothes. However A.R.G.U.S. would send the second formation of Task Force X to rescue Flag, meeting the resistance rebels in a camp, who mistakenly mistook pro-Luna soldiers, so they began to kill them mercilessly until they were killed. They later found Flag and Soria talking in a hut, so the squad regretted what happened.[1]

Sol Soria disappoints of the squad

Sol Soria disappoints of Task Force X.

Initially she was surprised that her resistance didn't notify her the arrival of the Squad, until she ended up learning about what happened. Soria then went to see the corpses feeling very frustrated and angry with the squad, considering it something very typical of the Americans, Flag tried to console her. While at that moment the rat Sebastian greeted her in an apology, so Soria was more confused. Soria then led Task Force X and the resistance in search of rescuing rebel Milton.[1]

Helping Task Force X[]

Soria guides Task Force X

Soria guides Task Force X.

After Task Force X managed to find the rebel killing soldiers on the way, Soria helped them transport some supplies to Milton's van, explaining that they should kidnap the scientist Gaius Grieves to force him to help in the Jotunheim infiltration, telling them that this person used to frequent La Gatita Amable club a lot. The Suicide Squad then headed to the club being led by Milton.[1]

Killing Vera[]

"Generales, nosotros, el pueblo de Corto Maltese hemos tomado el poder del estado. Bajen la guardia.[2]"
―Sol Soria[src]
Resistance infiltrates on goverment house

Soria's resistance infiltrates on goverment house.

The squad would then be able to infiltrate Jotunheim days later, so multiple soldiers would go to the base to try to stop them, leaving the government house without defenders. Sol Soria and her resistance would take advantage of this to monitor the exact moment in which the soldiers withdrew to enter with ease. Inside the government house and after the liberation of Starro, this creature would assassinate Mateo Suarez by controlling it mentally.[1]

Soria kills Vera

Sol Soria kills Vera.

Vera would observe the news on television and proclaim himself president after the death of Luna and Suarez. At that, Soria and her teammates appeared to force Vera and the other generals to surrender, telling them to lower their guard or they would open fire. Vera would then insult Soria, so Soria and her teammates began to brutally murder the generals in a shootout, leaving only the assistant Camila as a survivor.[1]

Free elections[]

"¡Viva Corto Maltese![3]"
Maltese Resistance[src]
Soria Resistence celebrates

Soria and the Maltese Resistance celebrates.

The annihilation of the generals allowed Soria and the Resistance to seize power in the country, while the Suicide Squad confronted Starro, ending with the creature's murder. Soria then held democratic elections so that the people of Corto Maltese could elect their representatives. Some time later, the Resistance began to celebrate their victory while a happy Soria was interviewed for the WGBS News.[1]


Soria is aggressive and bitter, tough and ready to fight, but she is more than willing to work with others and will go to great lengths to fulfill her passion fueled cause. She's described as strong and "real", as opposed to all the crazy, colorful characters that make up Task Force X.


  • Bilingualism: Soria is fluent in Spanish and English.


  • Rifle: Soria wields a rifle that she uses to fight in her rebellion against Luna. The rifle was used by Soria to assassinate Vera among other high-ranking generals, which subsequently allowed him to seize power in the country and hold free elections.





  • Her character may be a gender-swapped version of Juan Soria, who has nanites that can unlock anything he touches.
  • She is one of the only protagonists in The Suicide Squad not to be an official member of Task Force X.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Alice Braga had trouble wading in the deep water on the jungle set.


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