The Smallville Cemetery is a cemetery where the deceased are honored and buried to lay in peace in the town of Smallville, Kansas.


Following the death of Jonathan Kent, his body was buried in the Smallville cemetery. Jonathan's brother Harry Kent Jr. is also buried here.

Smallville Cemetary 2

In 2013, when Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane tracked Clark Kent to Smallville, he revealed himself at the cemetery and explained why he didn't want his secret to be revealed. Clark and Martha Kent later came back to visit Jonathan's grave.[1]

After the defeat of Doomsday, Clark's body was laid to rest here.[2]

Smallville Cemetery

Batman came to the conclusion that the Justice League needed Superman if they truly wished to save the Earth. Flash and Cyborg were sent to retrieve Clark's body and bring him to the Kryptonian ship in Metropolis.[3]




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