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"And what about the newbie? Wanna share with us? Why did you say yes? I mean beyond the neck kaboom you'd be hearing if we turned it down."
"Got my ropes back, and I don't got shackles."
Harley Quinn and Slipknot[src]

Christopher Weiss, better known as Slipknot, was an American rope and knot expert skilled at rope climbing. He was apprehended in Gotham City in 2015 and eventually became a member of Task Force X.

Slipknot hardly got to participate in the Squad's mission of taking down Enchantress and Incubus as he was tricked by Captain Boomerang into getting himself killed from his implanted nano-bomb.


Early Life[]

Christopher Weiss was born on February 23, 1984, in Montgomery, Alabama, into a tribe of Saulteaux.[2] He later left his childhood home early in order to attend school. Growing up, he was known to be a socially awkward young individual who was prone to display aggressive and irrational public outbursts. He preferred to spend the majority of his time at work and weekends at the climbing gym. He spent several years working his way up the corporate ladder at Leason Howard Inc., where he worked as formulation scientist. There he invented a supremely powerful adhesive and concealed it from his employers. His reason for doing this was his growing frustration with what he saw as insufficient compensation for his time and limited opportunities for his talent. Weiss tested his invention over several months and applied the adhesive to various burglary tools.[3]

Finding the application extremely useful, he left the incorporation to become a professional criminal, robbing various financial institutions in Montgomery before moving to Keystone City.[4] There, Weiss became known as a lethal assassin "who can climb anything", code-named "Slipknot", and used extremely sticky ropes and harnesses using his special adhesive.[5] In September 1, 2002, he was arrested for comitting murder while moving from Alabama to Keystone City to pursue his criminal ambitions. He was thus forced to serve out his sentence in a federal prison. In January 15, 2010, he was arrested for committing armed robbery and was sentenced to serve in a state penitentiary.[6] He served at least one year in Gloucester Correctional serving a sentence for the botched robbery of a jewelry store. Upon release, Weiss began committing serious felonies, working as a mercenary assassin and kidnapper using his ropes to tie up his victims. In 2015 he was captured in Gotham City and was ordered to serve a life sentence.[7]

At some point, Slipknot was rumored to have been treated at the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane.[8]


"She had a mouth."

Slipknot joined Task Force X in the evacuation point outside of Midway City, shortly before they are to fly out to their destination. He is forced out of a car and is verbally slurred at by a woman in the vicinity whom he promptly punched in the face. He was briefly introduced by Rick Flag who mentions his prowess with rope work. Task Force X is given instructions by Amanda Waller that, under the command of Colonel Rick Flag, they are to extract HVT-1 from Midway City in exchange for time taken off their prison sentences. The team equips their old uniforms and weapons before flying in a helicopter to the besieged city.[9]

Deceived by Captain Boomerang[]

Boomerang talking with Slipknot

Boomerang talking with Slipknot

"Mind games."
"What's that?"
"This whole bomb in the neck crap. It ain't real, mate."
Captain Boomerang and Slipknot[src]
Slipnot death

Slipknot trying to escape but faulting.

Soon after crash landing in Midway City, Slipknot was marching through the streets with his fellow members of Task Force X. Captain Boomerang walked up to him and told him that the team is just being played by Flag and Waller and that the whole "bomb in the neck crap" speech was just psychological manipulation. He told Slipknot that he was planning on escaping and asked if he'd join him, which he did. Suddenly, Boomerang and Slipknot attacked some of the soldiers to escape, and after breaking one soldier's neck, Slipknot managed to shoot a rope to a nearby rooftop. However, he was too slow and Flag noticed and detonated the nano-bomb in Slipknot's neck, instantly decapitating him and leaving his body hanging from a building by one of his ropes.[9]


"The hell with you. I'm saving myself."

Slipknot was an assassin who had no qualms about brutally punching a woman who insulted him. He remained very quiet and angry throughout his time with the Suicide Squad, only speaking with Captain Boomerang. It can be assumed that he is the most intelligent Squad member (along with former expert psychologist Harley Quinn), as he has a background in formulation chemistry and developed his ropes' powerful adhesive.

Despite his intellect, Slipknot was somewhat gullible and less intelligent in practical life, as he was easily tricked by Captain Boomerang into escaping, leading to his brutal death.


"Here comes Slipknot, the man who can climb anything. Wonderful."
Rick Flag[src]
  • Master assassin: Slipknot specialized in killing with the extremely durable ropes that he himself has developed. He even has a harness with grapple like device that shoots a sticky harpoon type line that slowly raises him upward, much like an elevator.
  • Gifted intellect: Slipknot was a fairly intelligent formulation chemist (though not on par with Doctor Poison), devising an extremely strong adhesive, which he used in his equipment to great effect in his criminal activities, which thereby makes him and Harley Quinn the most intelligent Suicide Squad members. Despite his scientific aptitude, however, Slipknot is quite gullible in practical life, being easily deceived by Captain Boomerang.


  • Gullibility: Slipknot's other main weakness is that despite being an intelligent scientist, he is less intelligent and even gullible in practical life, as he was easily tricked by Captain Boomerang into escaping, leading to his brutal death.


  • Grapple gun: Slipknot's harness with grapple-like device, that shoots a sticky harpoon-type line, slowly raising him upward, much like an elevator. He wears this harness at almost all times, and uses it in his unsuccessful attempt to escape from the Suicide Squad.




Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the movie props for Amanda Waller's top secret file, Slipknot is established as a member of the Chickasaw Native American tribe. Meanwhile, the A.R.G.U.S. website lists him as a member of the Saltreaux tribe.
  • In the comics, Slipknot is an enemy of Firestorm. Following his defeat, he was recruited into the Suicide Squad, but had his arm blown off when he tried to escape. He survived, joining the Kobra cult and gaining a new robotic arm before being killed by the Tattooed Man.
  • In early drafts of the script, there is a reference made to him being a serial rapist in an attempt to make the character unsympathetic.
  • A flashback sequence similar to the rest of Task Force X's was filmed for him, but it was removed from the final cut due to time constraints.
  • Richard Nunez was a stunt double for Adam Beach in the role of Slipknot.
  • When asked about Slipknot's background and how A.R.G.U.S recruited him, Beach revealed on Twitter to Empire's Nick De Semleyn that Slipknot was fighting Wonder Woman. "David asked me, 'So they kidnapped and caught you - what were you doing?' I said, 'Man, I was strangling Wonder Woman.' What else was I doing? He started laughing."


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