"Family is more than just a word. At Sivana Industries, our focus is family."
―Elevator Commercial[src]

Sivana Industries[1] is a company that was owned by Mr. Sivana prior to his demise.



Sivana Industries was founded by Mr. Sivana in Philadelphia.[2]

Massacre and Ambush

After Thaddeus Sivana had released the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man from the Wizard, he decided to infiltrate Sivana Industries and kill his father, brother and the board members with the Seven Deadly Sins, until they informed him of the Wizard's new champion; Billy Batson. Then, Sivana let Greed kill his father and left the company along with the demons.[2]


Name Position Status
Mr. Sivana Founder and CEO Deceased
Sid Sivana Board Member Deceased
Thaddeus Sivana Current Owner Alive/In Custody
Lynn Crosby Researcher Deceased



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