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"If anyone does it say a negative word about New Presidente... they, their parents, their children, or anyone they ever loved... will be send to Jotunheim to feed the beast."
―Silvio Luna to Harley Quinn[src]

Silvio Eleuterio Luna was a ruthless and tyrannical dictator of Corto Maltese and an enemy of Task Force X. When he met Harley Quinn, they both fell in love quickly, having a romantic evening and Luna proposed to Harley, but after he explained his plans with Project Starfish she promptly killed him. He was succeeded by Mateo Suarez after his death.


Assassination of the Herreras[]

"Corto Maltese is a small island nation off the coast of South America. Over the past 100 years, the country has been ruled with an iron fist by the Herrera family. But, a week ago, this guy, General Silvio Luna, along with his right-hand man, Mayor General Mateo Suarez, took control of the Corto Maltese government in a violent military coup. The entire Herrera family were hanged in a public execution."
Amanda Waller[src]

Silvio Luna lived for years under the reign of the Herrera family in Corto Maltese, and wanted to obtain the power to govern. At some point, Luna met Mateo Suarez and they became friends. In August 5, 2020, the Corto Maltese military carried out a coup on the Herrera family, with the entire family hung in a public execution.[1]

Rise to Power and Reign[]

Silvio Luna rose to power as the dictator of the country. Crowning himself "General Presidente", Luna appointed Mateo as his right-hand man, ready to lead his armed forces into Maltese streets and even other countries to enforce Luna's will if need be. Luna also took control of Jotunheim, a facility on Maltese soil formerly used by the Nazi Party to incarcerate and experiment on political prisoners, transforming them into the world's first Metahumans. Luna quickly became a cruel leader, with no remorse for his actions, killing Sol Soria's entire family, resulting in a powerful rebellion, and becoming a target of Task Force X.[1]

Dealing with Thinker[]

"No Mateo, no. Con un arma tan peligrosa el mundo nos va a tomar en serio. Las Grandes Ligas, Mateo."
―Silvio Luna to Mateo Suarez[src]
Luna and Suarez contemplate Starro

Luna and Mateo Suarez take possession of the Project Starfish.

Luna organized a meeting with hyper-intelligent metahuman scientist Gaius Grieves who worked with the Herrera family for 30 years, to talk about Project Starfish and generate an alliance. At the meeting, his right hand Suarez would begin to argue with Grieves, so Luna would give him a wake-up call. Grieves would soon explain that the Project Starfish was being sheltered in Jotunheim bases, so Luna and his generals would come to see it, making a deal with Gaius Grieves to take control of the creature.[1]

Romancing with Harley Quinn[]

"Harley Quinn's fire and rebellion in the face of American oppression is something which my entire country aspires."
―Silvio Luna to Harley Quinn[src]
Luna and Harley

Luna and Harley Quinn have a romantic evening.

Likely planning to use her as a tool against Task Force X, Luna befriends and seduces Harley Quinn, ordering his soldiers to dress her in princess clothes and be sent directly to his palace to meet him. Upon Harley arrived, he explains to her that his people want Quinn as his bride due to her being viewed as a symbol of anti-American fervor, Harley quickly accepted his engagement and offer, so they started a romantic relationship where he took her to see his palace. At night, Luna proposed to Quinn, to which Harley finally accepted and they both had sex, destroying several objects in their path, including a glass with weapons on display.[1]

Luna dies

Luna is killed by Harley.

After, Luna decided to tell Harley about Starro and Jotunheim; explaining his plans to feed political dissidents to it, including their family and children. This prompted Harley to shoot him in the chest with an ornate gun seen earlier on the glass with weapons, killing him. While Luna was dying on the ground, Quinn told him that she would kill the next boyfriend who showed manipulative and dangerous signs. Luna's death prompted the soldiers to quickly imprison Harley and send her to a torture chamber, while the generals appointed Mateo Suarez as successor to the position as president.[1]


"Silvio era un hermano para mí, pero siempre fue un romántico.[2]"
Mateo Suarez[src]

Luna was described by Suarez as a romantic, driven by the ambition of being taken seriously by the rest of the world and transforming Corto Maltese into a global superpower against the likes of the US, Russia and China. Compared to his short tempered right-hand man, Luna was calmer and more level-headed. He was shown to enjoy the luxuries of his wealth, living in an expensive villa and looking after his prized birds. Despite his outwardly softer nature however, Luna was shown to be just as brutal in his plans as Suarez: intent on destroying anyone who got in his way and having no moral qualms about killing children.

Luna also seemed to admire Harley Quinn's chaotic and eccentric nature, considering it as the symbol of rebellion and the example of anti-American fervor. And despite initially trying to use her for his own benefit he fell in love with her and was prepared to spend the rest of his life with her while ruling Corto Maltese.


  • Bilingualism: Luna can fluently speak both Spanish and English.
  • Manipulation: Silvio Luna was a manipulative person who was able to seduce Harley Quinn with the intention of extracting information from her for his own benefit.
  • Expert Leader: Before serving as president of the nation, Luna was a leader in the Corto Maltese Armed Forces, this allowed him to guide the soldiers and generals to carry out a coup against the Herrera family.
  • Charisma: Luna was a charismatic individual, acquiring many followers to stage a coup d'etat against the Herrera family.





  • As per a comment from Harley Quinn, Luna is apparently well endowed.

Behind the Scenes[]

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