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"...Shrine of the Amazons... an enormous bonfire burned right behind me... baffling absolutely everyone... from locals, to government authorities alike. The fire could be seen for miles on end..."
―News Reporter[src]

The Shrine of the Amazons is an old shrine that was located within the island of Crete, located off the southern coasts of Greece.


War for Earth[]

After Steppenwolf attacked Themyscira, Hippolyta shot a flaming arrow of Artemis across the sea and right onto the Shrine of the Amazons, an old shrine in Greece, to warn Diana of the invasion.[1] The arrow caused the area in the Shrine to burn for at least one day, alerting the international press which caught Diana's attention.

When investigating the incident, Diana retrieved the arrow from the site and explored the Shrine's underground. Using the arrow, she unlocked a passageway that depicted the history of the Invasion of Earth.[2]

Diana later returned to the site, holding the arrow and staring in the direction of Themyscira.[2]