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"Prepare for liftoff. And away we go."

The Sheba is an Osprey used by Briscoe to transport the first division of Task Force X to Corto Maltese during their mission to destroy Jotunheim and all traces of Project Starfish in 2021.


Mission in Corto Maltese

"Whatever the chase, everyone get in position to drop."
Rick Flag[src]

In 2021, Briscoe was in charge of sending the first division of Task Force X using the Sheba departing from the Belle Reve penitentiary, taking them to the Latin American island of Corto Maltese. After making the trip, the members of the first division were forced to land on the shores where they engaged in a brutal battle against the Armed Forces. However, most of the first division was killed, safe for Harley Quinn and team leader Rick Flag.[1]

A few days later, the second division was able to complete the mission, killing the creature Starro after a battle in Valle Del Mar. After Robert DuBois made a deal with Amanda Waller to let him and his remaining teammates walk free in exhange for keeping the evidence behind Project Starfish confidential, Waller sent the Sheba pilots to gather up the survivors and sent them back to the United States, removing their criminal charges.[1]


The Sheba is a military aircraft capable of traveling through the sky, having special seats where the members of the Squad would perch. The seats also include belts that members must have used during their mission trip. Similarly, the vehicle had a hatch where the members had to launch.[1]



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