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"You don’t have a shred of wisdom in that brain of yours. But your heart is wise. And it knows exactly what must be done. I spent millennia searching for a worthy champion and no one was worthy of what I once shared with my brothers and sisters. But when you shared your powers, you did not hesitate. For you, everyone can be worthy if given a chance. Now, go fight for your family. Go fight for the world. I chose right when I chose you."
―Wizard to Shazam[src]

Shazam, commonly referred to as The Wizard, is a powerful sorcerer who lived in an otherworldly lair called the Rock of Eternity, and the only survivor of the Council of Wizards after a massacre orchestrated by Teth-Adam, who after granting his powers to Hurut as his champion, he eventually transferred them to Adam, to which Shazam managed to bury him. Thousands of years later, Shazam continued his search for a champion, meeting Thaddeus Sivana, but upon seeing that he was tempted by the Seven Deadly Sins, the wizard declared him impure in heart, only for decades later Sivana to take revenge and set free the sins. As his last hope, Shazam decided to transform Billy Batson into his champion by tasking him with stopping Sivana, disintegrating in front of him shortly after.

Despite his apparent death, Shazam's spirit continued to linger within the Rock of Eternity, interceding to save the Shazam Family when they were almost defeated by the Crocodile-Men. Following the defeat of Kalypso and Ladon, Shazam, who had been still alive but trapped on Mount Olympus, decided to stay on Earth and enjoy a life of freedom, adopting a more modern appearance.


Council of Wizards[]

Choosing Hurut[]

"The Council of Wizards, the magical guardians of the earth, sought to restore the balance. They empowered him with the gifts of the ancient gods. And turned a boy into a champion."
Amon Tomaz[src]
Shazam conjures to transform Hurut into a champion

Shazam conjures to transform Hurut into a champion.

Around 2600 B.C., Shazam along with six other wizards, decided to choose Hurut as their champion because of the heroic acts he had done for the freedom of Kahndaq. Having summoned him in a cave saving him from being executed by King Ahk-Ton, the sorcerers began to conjure, granting Hurut the powers of the Egyptian Gods, transforming him into his fullest potential.

When the champion's family was attacked by men under the orders of the ruling king of his nation, Hurut was unable to save his mother, however, he found his father still alive. Thus, the champion chose to bestow his power to his father, saving his life. But immediately after the exchange of power occurred, Hurut was felled by an arrow leading to his death.[3] His father therefore became vengeful and ruthless and released the Seven Deadly Sins upon the men who killed his family and the people of the city of Kahndaq, killing millions.[1]

Massacre of the Council of Wizards[]

Shazam claims to have recklessly chosen Teth-Adam

Shazam claims to have recklessly chosen Teth-Adam.

"We have chosen recklessly, and humanity has paid the price. And now, Teth-Adam, you must pay.[4]"
―Shazam to Teth-Adam[src]

Because of this, Shazam and his brethren summoned Teth-Adam to imprison him and bury him in a tomb, with Shazam proclaiming that they had chosen recklessly, with humanity paying the price. The sorcerers then proceeded to conjure around Adam. Their unchosen champion however, refused to give up, quickly resisting and killing the various members.

Shazam uses all his power to bury Adam

Shazam uses all his power to bury Adam.

As a result, all six of Shazam's brethren were quickly electrocuted and killed by the champion that they had no say in choosing, leaving only Shazam alive, who used all his power with the Staff of the Gods to entomb him, giving a huge scream as he buried him in the grave.[3] After the event, Shazam swore to only choose a champion pure of heart to succeed him. Eventually, the Seven Sins became imprisoned once more.[1]

Searching for a champion[]

Meeting Thaddeus Sivana[]

"Only the purest of hearts can resist their temptations. But you, you will never be worthy."
―Shazam to Thaddeus Sivana[src]
Young Sivana meets the wizard

Shazam declares Thaddeus Sivana unworthy.

By modern times, the wizard had grown old and weak. In 1974, he summoned young Thaddeus Sivana to the Rock of Eternity to determine his worthiness as his successor. The imprisoned Seven Deadly Sins tempted Thaddeus to touch the Eye of Sin, forcing the wizard to declare the boy unworthy and banish him back to Earth.

As the Sins taunted the wizard's progressively weakening powers, he invoked a seeking spell to find a pure soul, no matter how long it took. Over the next few decades, the wizard was known to have abducted at least around 56 more unwilling individuals, but could find none of them to fit his criteria, thus forcing him to return them to their homes unchanged except for the knowledge of their own strange encounters.[1]

Escape of the Seven Deadly Sins[]

Shazam meets Thaddeus Sivana again

Shazam meets Thaddeus Sivana again.

"Through you, they'll spread their poison to everything they touch! Make mankind turn on each other!"
―Shazam to Thaddeus Sivana[src]

By Christmas of 2018, Thaddeus figured out a way to enter the Rock of Eternity after researching various accounts of people who encountered the wizard, eventually finding a repeating sequence of symbols from a video given by a woman named Kwan. Initially, the wizard did not recognize Thaddeus until he was reminded of their first encounter years ago and grew angry at his intrusion.

Shazam attempts to stop Sivana

Shazam attempts to stop Sivana.

In turn, Thaddeus rebuked the wizard for mentally scarring him as a child by telling him that he was indeed not pure of heart before taking the Eye of Sin, carrying the Seven Deadly Sins within it. The wizard warned Thaddeus that the Sins were merely using him in order to destroy mankind. In desperation, he attempted to stop him as he cast a lightning bolt from his staff, but a now mystically empowered Thaddeus merely repelled his attack back at him, mocking that no soul's truly pure before departing.[1]

Choosing Batson[]

Shazam! - wizard talking to billy

Shazam introduces himself to Billy Batson.

"I open my heart to you, Billy Batson. And in so doing, choose you as champion."
―Shazam to Billy Batson[src]

Finally, the wizard chose Billy Batson, an orphan and a foster kid, as his final champion. Naturally, the boy was confused and assumed that the wizard wanted money from him. Upset at being patronized, Shazam used his magic to explain the history of Black Adam and the Sins, as well as his quest to find a pure soul to succeed him.

Wizard Shazam is disintegrated

Shazam disintegrates in front of Batson.

Billy admitted that he was not pure of heart and that no one can truly possess the qualities he's looking for. Shazam insisted that Billy was all he had left and instructed to take the staff and say his name. After transforming Billy to his fullest potential, he instructed him to share his powers to fill the thrones of the Council of Wizards then crumbled to dust in front of him.[1]

A Lingering Presence[]

Despite the Wizard's apparent death, his presence could still be felt within the Rock of Eternity. The various members of the Shazam Family soon became used to his presence, even finding comfort in it. When the Crocodile-Men emerged from one of the doors to attack the family, the Wizard himself interceded by influencing the mind of the Crocodile-Men's leader, convincing them to reverse their magic and return through the portal.[5]

Revenge of the Hesperides[]

Imprisoned by the daughters of Atlas[]

FOTG Trailer 049

Shazam imprisoned.

Despite it looking like Shazam had died when he crumbled into ash in front of Batson, he really coudn't hold his form in the Rock of Eternity any longer. After Shazam crumbled in front of Batson, he transported to Mount Olympus, imprisoned inside of Olympus' prison for taking Atlas' power by Atlas' daughters, Hespera, Kalypso, and Anthea.

Over two years later, still in his cell, Hespera and Kalypso visited Shazam. After Hespera demonstrated that she once again had her elemental powers, Kalypso revealed to the wizard that they had the fractured staff. Shazam demanded that they tell him who broke the staff, but Hespera put the Staff's pieces in his hands in order for the wizard to fix it. Refusing, Kalypso used her mind-influencing powers to force Shazam to say the words. Despite trying hard not to give in, he eventually broke and said his name, repairing the Staff. Afterwards, Hespera and Kalypso pulled the Staff from Shazam's hands. In the struggle between the Goddesses and the wizard over the Staff, a long splinter of wood lodged itself into his finger before the sisters finally took it from him.

FOTG Trailer 048

Shazam using his powers in his cell

That night Shazam pulled the splinter from his finder and used this small fragment of the Staff's magic to reach the one who broke the staff. Eventually the spell reached to Billy Batson, who was dreaming of him in his champion form on a date with Wonder Woman. Just as Batson attempted to kiss the dream Wonder Woman, Shazam's head appeared on her body. After realizing what happened, Shazam questioned Billy if he broke the staff, which he confirmed. Frustrated, Shazam declared that he was mistaken in choosing Batson as his champion, but warned him of the daughters of Atlas before the spell faded and Shazam's consciousness returning to his body.[2]

Teaming up with Freddy Freeman[]

Shazam meets Freddy

Shazam meets Freddy Freeman.

On the following afternoon, the sisters put Freddy Freeman in Shazam's cell, who was unamused by his new cellmate and his panicking. Despite his panic, Freeman realized that he was actually speaking to The Wizard, telling him that Billy Batson had told him about Shazam. Shazam questioned the boy about, with Freeman explaining that he was his foster sibling. Believing that Shazam was a traditional wizard, Freeman asked Shazam if he had any potions or items to help them out, but Shazam explained that his did not work like that to Freeman's disappointment.

Eventually, Hespera and Kalypso finished getting the information they needed from Freeman, and now having no use for either of them, threw Shazam and Freddy into a pit. After recovering from the fall, Shazam and Freddy heard a growl from the shadows. Concerned, Freeman asked what it was, with Shazam answering that they were trapped in the pit of the dragon Ladon. Emerging from its hiding area, Ladon began to use his paralyzing roar to stun Freeman and Shazam in fear. Luckily for them, Anthea, who had grown close to Freeman, decided to secretly turn on her sisters, used her powers to allow them to escape Ladon's pit and informed them of a way out of the realm of the Gods via a labyrinth.

Shazam and Freeman explored the labyrinth and eventually found and used a doorway to the Rock of Eternity. However, before they made their way out, Hespera emerged from the door with a seed from the Tree of Life. After Hespera made her way across the Labyrinth, Shazam urged Freeman that they needed to get the seed back from her, much to Freddy's confusion. Following Hespera to the throne room, Shazam and Freeman hid and planned to steal the seed as the sisters were bickering. Shazam initially volunteered to sneak up and grab it, but after Freddy pointed out how loud Shazam's joints were when he moved, Freeman decided to go after the apple instead. Surprisingly, Freeman successfully grabbed the seed from its pedestal – but he blew his cover after the crutch knocked over an item down and alerted the sisters to his presence.

However, before Hespera and Calypso could harm Freddy, Billy who had found the door to the Labyrinth flew in and distracted the two, allowing Freeman to grab the staff to return his powers and his adult champion form to him. In a rush to escape since Freeman accidentally dropped the seed during the chaos, the Wizard flew with Billy to the doorway and rushed into the Vasquez residence.[2]

Battle of Philidelphia[]

After their rushing out, The Wizard followed the Shazamily to Rosa and Victor Vasquez's room and witnessed as the siblings had to admit their superhero lifestyle in order to get their parents out of the house. Deciding to take revenge on humanity against the wishes of her sisters, Kalypso unleashed Ladron through the doorway, into the Vasquez house and the world of man.

With Kalypso and Landon in a rampage in Philadelphia, the family along with the Wizard took the family van to get to a safe spot, eventually parking on top of a parking lot.

FOTG Trailer 093

Shazam with Billy's family

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Sacrifice and Resurrection of Billy[]

FOTG Trailer 103

Shazam talks to Billy

After witnessing the chaos caused by the Tree of Life and the monsters in spawned and Kalypso turning on her sisters, Billy decided to sacrifice himself to save Philadelphia and stop rampaging goddess. He charged the magical staff with energy and struck Ladon, retrieving the staff and embedding it in Ladon's chest, causing an explosion inside the dome that killed everyone inside – Kalypso, Ladon, the tree, and him.

Later, the Wizard, accompanied by Anthea and Billy Batson's family, traveled to Mount Olympus to bury Batson at his funeral. Just as the group was lamenting the death of the world of the Gods, Wonder Woman (herself a goddess) appeared and restored the power of the magic staff, reviving Batson, restoring Anthea's powers, and the realm. Rising from his grave, Batson woke up and hugged his family.[2]

A New Life[]

The Wizard eventually decided to stay in Philadelphia for a time, shaving his beard and buying a new set of clothes. He later visited the Shazam Family during the family dinner. After being complimented over his new look after arriving, Batson asked him the real purpose for his visit. Shazam replied that he was there to turn into ash, which confused the family – but explained that he was only joking and revealed that he was about to wander the world after years of being stuck in the Rock of Eternity and Mount Olympus, and wanted the Staff back too. Just before he turned to leave, Billy asked the wizard for his superhero alias, and the Wizard replied that Billy's alias was Shazam.[2]


"Listen, I don't have any money."
"Do not patronize me, boy!"
Billy Batson and Shazam[src]

Shazam is a wise wizard, being able to tell who was pure in heart by testing them to see if they could resist the temptations of the Seven Deadly Sins. Despite this, he is not merciful or understanding to those he saw as unworthy, as seen when he immediately banished Thaddeus Sivana, a poor child who was a victim of neglect and abuse, when he was tempted to take the eye, with Shazam declaring he would never be good enough, which led Thaddeus onto the path of villainy.


Former powers[]

"Lay your hands on my staff, and say my name so my powers may flow through you."
―Shazam to Billy Batson[src]
  • Homo Magi physiology: Like all Homo Magi, Shazam is a being born with superhuman abilities and the ability to naturally harness Magic.
    • Superhuman durability: Shazam possessed inhuman durability, as even in his advanced age, he was able to survive multiple hits, both physical and magical, from the Sins and Sivana, though they did hurt him.
    • Longevity: Shazam possessed a vastly extended lifespan far beyond that of a regular human being, allowing him to live for thousands of years. However, he was not truly immortal like the Olympian gods, and eventually grew older and weaker, and after he transferred his powers to Billy, Shazam passed away and crumbled into dust. His physical aging doesn't appear to be linear or even coordinated with his actual aging, as his appearance hardly changed for millennia, even though it was stated that he has aged.
    • Shazam attacking Sivana

      Shazam attacking Sivana with a lightning bolt from his staff

      Magic: Like all Homo Magi, Shazam can naturally harness Magic. He was a tremendously powerful and skilled sorcerer, possessing immense mystical power and mastery over the arcane.
      • Electrokinesis: Shazam was able to project powerful lightning bolts from his staff.
      • Teleportation: Shazam was able to teleport people to him and to banish them back to where he teleported them from.
      • Power bestowal: Shazam was able to bestow the power of the gods upon those he deems worthy. He bestowed Billy Batson with the power to transform into his mighty champion by calling out his name.
      • Illusion manipulation: Shazam was able to conjure up golden-colored illusions, which he utilized to better explain his history to his championship candidates.
      • Energy Projection: Shazam can project powerful beams of magical energy from his staff, the color of his magic is a sandy yellow.
      • Oneiromancy: Shazam can send messages and communicate through dreams.
      • Curse: Shazam can cast powerful curses as he cursed Teth Adam with his name Black Adam and then imprisoned him in the depths of the earth.


  • Staff of the Gods: With his magic staff, he could bestow the power of the gods upon those he deems worthy, as well as project bolts of lightning.





  • In the comics, the wizard was named Shazam before the superhero took the name due to legal disputes over "Captain Marvel". The wizard is now known as Mamaragan, originally an ancient sorcerer from Kahndaq, the birthplace of Black Adam.
    • In the original comics, Shazam was a young shepherd in Canaan named Jebediah who was chosen by six of his gods to be their champion, Vlarem, 9000 years ago.
  • Mamaragan (also called Namarrkun) is the name of an Australian Aboriginal lightning god who lives in a puddle and "speaks with thunder as his voice". His mythology states that the god rode a storm-cloud and would throw lightning bolts at humans.

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