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"You never found your champion, but we found ours!"
Wrath to Shazam[src]

The Seven Deadly Sins are seven powerful demons that are the universal personifications of moral sins. Each of these demons represents a different moral sin, and is named accordingly: Lust, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed and Envy.



The origin of the Seven Deadly Sins is unknown. They presumably hailed from an unknown dimension to Earth, and spent centuries corrupting and killing humans. At an unknown point before 1600 B.C., they were imprisoned by an unknown force inside a vault within the territory of Kahndaq.

Ancient Times[]

Massacre in Kahndaq[]

In ancient times, Black Adam unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins for revenge against his enemies, after those killed his family, which resulted in the death of millions. The wizard Shazam and his six brothers fought them, but all except Shazam himself were killed before he finally managed to imprison them inside the Eye of Sin. He then placed the Eye inside the Rock of Eternity, and encased the Sins in seven stone statues to nullify their powers.

Modern Era[]

In modern times, the wizard Shazam grew old and feeble; he thus began looking for a replacement, a champion imbued with his magic to keep the Sins contained. However, one after another, the Sins tempted Shazam's champion candidates with promises for power, causing them all to fail. As an adult, one of them, Thaddeus Sivana, broke into the Rock of Eternity and stole the Eye of Sin, freeing the Sins which became housed in the Eye and formed a symbiotic relationship with him, appearing and disappearing through the Eye.

At the end of Billy Batson's battle against Sivana, however, the champion mocked the last Sin, Envy, tricking him into manifesting from the Eye, rendering Sivana powerless. He then plucked out the Eye, trapping the Sins within it once again. Shazam then returned the Eye to the Rock of Eternity and placed it in its old position, re-imprisoning the Sins in their statue forms.[1]






  • The Sins were portrayed by stunt doubles in motion capture suits, while the vocal performance was provided by Steven Blum, Fred Tatasciore, and Darin de Paul.
  • The Sins are said to be demons from Hell in Abrahamic religions, but it is unknown if God and all divine beings in the Holy Bible exist in the DC Extended Universe.
  • In the Shazam! film, the wizard Shazam claims to Billy Batson that the Seven Sins killed the Wizards. An early alternate intro scene with a young Sivana even showed Shazam showing a hologram of their killing to Sivana, a scene that was included in the junior novelization. However, the Black Adam film later revealed that it had been Teth-Adam who had actually killed the Wizards.


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