The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, also known as the Seven Deadly Sins, are seven powerful demons that represent the universal personification of sin. Each member represents a different aspect of sin, including Lust, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed and Envy.


In ancient times, Black Adam unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins for revenge against his enemies, which killed millions. The Sins were captured by the wizard Shazam many years ago and encased in seven stone statues which were placed in the Rock of Eternity.

In modern times, the wizard Shazam became the last of his peers to remain, and he grew old and feeble; the Sins tempted Shazam's candidate for a champion with power, causing them to fail. As an adult, Thaddeus Sivana broke into the Rock of Eternity and stole the Eye of Sin, freeing the Sins which became housed in the Eye and formed a symbiotic relationship with him, appearing and disappearing through the Eye.

At the end of the Billy Batson's battle against Sivana, however, the champion tricked the last Sin, Envy, to manifest from the Eye, turning Sivana powerless. He then plucked out the Eye, trapping the Sins within it again. Upon returning the Eye to the Rock of Eternity, the Sins were reimprisoned in their statue forms.[1]








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