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Service Robots were Kryptonian robots created tens of thousands of years ago to assist and aid in various tasks. Krypton's technology stagnated for thousands of years, but these helpmates lived on until the planet's inevitable destruction.[1]


Birth of Kal-El[]

In 1980, Kelor and Kelex, robots in service to the House of El, assisted Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van with the birth of their son Kal-El, the first natural Kryptonian birth in many centuries.[2]

Battle of Krypton[]

Shortly after, Jor-El went to Kandor to plead to the Council of Five to help save Krypton's population, as the planet itself was doomed due to their harvesting of the planet's core, leading to its instability. When General Dru-Zod and the Sword of Rao invaded and dethroned the council, Jor-El was ordered out of the legislation chamber, where he was intercepted by Kelex, who blinded the guards so that Jor-El could neutralize them and return to the House of El Citadel. Lara Lor-Van is assisted by the service robot Kelor in selecting Earth as a new home for her infant son Kal-El.[2]

In 2013, both an adult Kal-El and Lois Lane were assaulted by a service robot aboard a Kryptonian scout ship in Canada. The latter was badly injured, and survived only with the aid of the former's heat vision.[2]

Death of Superman[]

Birth of Doomsday[]

In 2015, two Kryptonian service robots were present to both aid Lex Luthor in the creation of the devastating Doomsday, and witness Luthor learning about Steppenwolf before the United States special forces apprehended Luthor.[3]

Resurrection of Superman[]

In 2017, when the newly formed Justice League were to resurrect Superman using the Genesis Chamber and the Mother Box, several Kryptonian service robots were present in the Genesis Chamber. Cyborg interfaced with one of the robots to gain information regarding the ship and the Chamber, and another was used to hold the Mother Box and prepare it to be used.


  • Personal service: Hovering drones that can be used as a liquid geo-based visual display, for gatheing and relaying information, personal defense, and communication.

A genesis chamber maintenance drone

  • Genesis chamber maintenance: These service robots swim through the fluid of genesis chambers taking care of Kryptonian fetuses and other general maintenance of the chambers.

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