Service Androids were Kryptonian robots created to assist and aid in various tasks.


Birth of Kal-El

In 1980, Kelor and Kelex, androids in service to the House of El, assisted Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van with the birth of their son Kal-El, the first natural Kryptonian birth in many centuries.[1]

Attack on the Council of Five

Shortly after, Jor-El went to Kandor to plead to the Council of Five to help save Krypton's population, as the planet itself was doomed due to their harvesting of the planet's core leading to its instability. When General Zod and the Sword of Rao invaded and dethroned the Council, Jor-El was ordered out of the Legislation Chamber, where he was intercepted by Kelex, who blinded the guards so that Jor-El could neutralize them and return to the House of El Citadel. Lara Lor Van is assisted by the Service Android Kelor in selecting Earth as a new home for her infant son Kal-El.[1]

In 2013, both an adult Kal-El and Lois Lane are assaulted by a Service Android aboard a Kryptonian Scout Ship in Canada. The latter is badly injured, and survives only with the aid of the former's heat vision.[1]

Death of Superman

Birth of Doomsday

In 2015, two Kryptonian Service Androids are present to both aid Lex Luthor in the creation of devasting Doomsday , and witness Luthor making contact with Steppenwolf before the United States Special Forces apprehend Luthor.[2]

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