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"Bravery isn't about lack of fear. It's about what you do when you're facing it. You asked for help when you needed it. That's super brave."
―Serena Williams to Mikayla Johnson[src]

Serena Jameka Williams is a professional American tennis player who, at some point, was attacked by Retrobots during a tennis match, meeting an alternative version of herself known as Wonderous Serena while she traveled to a parallel dimension.

During her trip, she found a child named Mikayla Johnson who she saved from Retrobots, bringing her to a teacher. Sometime later when the robots attacked again, Serena met a tennis player known as Diana Prince.


Early life

Serena Jameka Williams was born on September 26, 1981, she eventually became a recognized professional tennis player around the world.[1]

Retrobots attack

Serena plays a tennis match

"I don't know anything about theoretical physics, but I do know Serena's playing certainly out this world"
―Tennis announcer[src]

At some point Serena Williams was playing a tennis match, where by scoring a point, she receives applause with glory as some announcers mentioned Serena's abilities in the match. As they continued to play, Williams threw a ball with great force, causing it to hit the ground creating a crater.[2]

Williams defends the stadium

At that moment, several robots capable of firing tennis ball-like projectiles appeared and attacked the crowd. Serena struck the projectiles away from several onlookers, in the same way that she tried to protect some civilians who were being attacked, among them was Samantha, who asked for her lost husband, so Serena aswered that she would try to find him.[2]

Meeting Wonderous Serena

Serena Williams meets Wonderous Serena

"Who are you?"
―Serena Williams[src]

In that moment, a mysterious portal to another world opened up, revealing someone who looked just like her, both asked who they were, however upon touching the portal, Serena Williams was teleported to an alternate reality.[2]

Traveling to another reality

Helping Mikayla Johnson

Williams helps Mikayla Johnson

Upon arrival, Serena appeared in a destroyed stadium with people requesting for help, in that, a girl named Mikayla Johnson appears crying after having lost her parents, when she sees Serena Williams, she mistakes her for Wonderous Serena, so Serena comforts her and helps her to escape.[2]

During the escape, they observe a S.T.A.R. laboratory where the Retrobots were manufactured, in that, Serena explains to Mikayla the meaning of bravery. A short time later, some retrobots begin to attack them, so Serena dodges they shot them with her racket while some people watched, mistaking her for Wonderous Serena.[2]

Serena Williams finds Kym

Finally, Serena takes Mikayla to an former teacher named Kym on a quest to find the girl's parents. In this place, Kym explains that the retrobots were originally created to protect people but they were corrupted, so Serena asks the girl the names of her parents, so she answers that they were Jared and Kendra Johnson. Upon withdrawing from school, Serena tells Mikayla that she is brilliant.[2]

Meeting Diana Prince

Serena destroys a Retrobot

"If the Wonder Woman of that universe is my double, then the Wonder Woman of my universe is probably..."
―Serena Williams[src]

Upon learning that Wonderous Serena was a superhero in that universe, Serena Williams begins to assume that Wonder Woman could be a tennis player in the same way, so he decides to go to the stadium of this universe. In the stadium, Serena finds a Retrobot attacking the place, so she decides to help a tennis player by destroying it.[2]

Serena meets Diana Prince

After helping her, Serena Williams asks her if she was Wonder Woman, but she responds confused if she was referring to Wonderous Serena. The tennis player responds by calling herself Diana Prince, so Serena Williams introduces herself. In that moment, some spectators began to be attacked by Retrobots, so Diana and Serena prepared to defend them.[2]


"What are you doing, Serena? It's not safe."
"I'm doing what I do best.
―Game opponent and Serena Williams[src]

Serena Williams is very brave due she is not afraid of Retrobots. When these robots attacked a civilian, Serena sought to protect and save them by destroying the menace. In the same way, she felt confused when she met Wonderous Serena and her reality, since many thought that she was the same hero.


  • Tennis Expert: Serena is a professional tennis player, having a lot of skills to play the sport. When the Retrobots attacked the tennis match, she used her tennis racket to dodge and destroy the robots.


  • Tennis racket: Serena Williams has a tennis racket which she uses during her matches, when the retrobots attacked the stadium, Serena was forced to use her tennis racket to destroy the menace.





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