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"NASA's ER satellites pinged the anomaly first. The ice shelf plays hell on the echo soundings, but there's definitely something down there."
―Officer Sekowsky[src]

Officer Sekowsky is a member of US NORTHCOM, previously working as part of an operation on Ellesmere Island to investigate an "ice anomaly" 300 meters below the ice's surface.


Sekowsky was brought in to a military operation on Ellesmere Island in which they discovered the presence of a large object 300 meters (almost 1,000 feet) beneath the surface of the ice. He showed their readings to Lois Lane, a reporter, before she left. Sometime later, while Sekowsky was sleeping, the signal they'd detected got greater and greater, causing him to run outside to alert his superiors. However, as he left his tent, he watched on as the object broke through the ice, revealing itself as a spaceship, flying into the sky and away.[1]



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