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"Is that rat waving at me?"
"It appears it is."
"Maybe it's friendly."
Sol Soria and Rick Flag[src]

Sebastian is a rat and the pet of Cleo Cazo. He accompanied her and Task Force X on their mission to Corto Maltese, and assisted them in the destruction of Project Starfish.


Adopted by Cleo Cazo[]

During her tenure as a criminal in the United States, Cleo Cazo would become fond of a particular rat, which she would call Sebastian and train him as her pet. Eventually, Cleo was arrested for attempted bank robbery and incarcerated in Belle Reve, where Sebastian would accompany her staying in the same cell.[1]

Mission in Corto Maltese[]


"This is Sebastian. Say hi, Sebastian."
"I'm not shaking the rat's hand."
Ratcatcher 2 and Bloodsport[src]
Sebastian tries to shake Bloodsport

Sebastian tries to shake Bloodsport.

In 2020, Cleo agree to join Task Force X in exchange for a reduced sentence, so Sebastian would accompany her on the mission. When Amanda Waller arrived for Cazo to meet her companions, Sebastian and his owner were sleeping in the cell, when getting up, Bloodsport would be surprised by the rat Sebastian that he had on her shoulders, Sebastian would try to be friendly with Bloodsport by greeting him, but he was would dislike for the rat. Sebastian would then accompany Cazo to the stalls, remaining in Ratcatcher's suit bag, while Amanda Waller explained the mission.[1]


Sebastian offers a leaf to Bloodsport

Sebastian offers a leaf to Bloodsport.

3 days later, the second formation of the squad where Cazo and Sebastian were, would reach the shores of Corto Maltese very easily, sleeping in the jungle that night. While Cazo slept, King Shark would try to eat it, so he would be stopped by Bloodsport while Cazo woke up calling a pack of rats, causing a phobia of DuBois, Sebastian would try again to be friendly with Bloodsport by offering him a demonstration blade that did not intend to do harm, but Bloodsport would keep looking down on him.[1]

Massacre of the Maltese Resistance[]

Sebastian waving to Soria

Sebastian apologies to Sol Soria.

In the morning, Amanda Waller would give the squad a mission to rescue Rick Flag who had survived the battle on the beach. The squad would then find a camp full of rebels against Silvio Luna, whom they mistakenly confused with soldiers from the Corto Maltese Armed Forces, thus starting a massacre. They would finally discover that Rick Flag was being taken care of by Sol Soria and that they had killed many innocent people. Soria would look anguished at her companions who died of hers, so Sebastian would greet her in apology, confusing Soria even more.[1]

Operation in La Gatita Amable[]

"Lady, forgot the rat."
Peacemaker to La Gatita Amable's waitress[src]

The Suicide Squad would then have to rescue the rebel Milton, while Sol Soria explained that they should enter La Gatita Amable club to kidnap Thinker and force him to take them to Jotunheim. At that time, Sebastian would again try to be nice to Bloodsport, but would reject him again.[1]

Sebastian drinks a glass of fernet

Sebastian drinks a glass of fernet.

That night the squad would arrive at the club by using Milton's truck, where to hang out while they waited for Thinker, Peacemaker would order a round of fernets, Sebastian would have a glass but spit it out because of the bitter taste it had. Thinker would then arrive at the club, so Ratcatcher 2 and Polka-Dot Man would take care of getting him to the truck. Sebastian would later accompany Cazo and the squad to rescue the survivor Harley Quinn, but they would realize that she had freed herself on her own.[1]

Infiltration in Jotunheim[]

Sebastian along with other rats ordered by Cazo, would be in charge of biting the cables of the security cameras in Jotunheim so that the Suicide Squad can infiltrate. The squad would then enter the bases, despite being seen by the soldiers at the entrance, who would do everything possible to stop them despite not being able to enter. Sebastian would then help Cazo to plant bombs at the base, however Rick Flag would begin to fight Peacemaker upon discovering that the mission was only about removing any record that linked the United States to the experiments at the base.[1]

Sebastian supplicates for Ratcatcher 2's life

Sebastian supplicates Peacemaker for Ratcatcher 2's life.

The walls would begin to be destroyed by the explosions, so Ratcatcher 2 and Sebastian would try to leave the base in fear. At one point, Cazo would see Peacemaker murder Flag, so he would run with the disk that contained the records, Peacemaker would persecute her and stop her on the verge of killing her by pointing his gun at her, Sebastian would cry to Peacemaker not to do it. Bloodsport would then arrive on the place, saving Ratcatcher by nearly killing Peacemaker with a smaller bullet.[1]

Facing Starro[]

"I know Sebastian sensed good in you for a reason."
"Keep that fucking rat away from me!"
Ratcatcher 2 and Bloodsport[src]

Shortly after, Starro was released from the facilities as it had been destroyed and began to mentally control many soldiers with its spores. However the squad managed to survive. Starro would then go to attack Valle Del Mar, Amanda Waller would then give the order to the squad to leave the island after the records of Project Starfish had been destroyed. However, the squad disobeyed the order while Waller was knocked out by her employees in order to carry out the mission.[1]

Finding themself at a disadvantage against Starro and following the death of Abner Krill, Cazo would decide to raise a herd of millions of rats to kill Starro, including Sebastian. The rats entered the eye of the starfish, and from there they began to cut its veins, finally killing the creature. When Starro fell to the ground, Sebastian along with Harley Quinn and the rest of rats came out of the eye, once he was out, Sebastian returned with Cazo.[1]

Sebastian is pet by Bloodsport

Sebastian is pet by Bloodsport.

Some time later, Bloodsport would make a deal with Waller to release them despite having disobeyed his orders, so the Sheba helicopter would arrive to take them back to America removing their sentences. On the journey, Bloodsport would finally dare to pet Sebastian in an attempt to overcome his ratphobia.[1]


"Aw, he's offering you a pretty leaf to show you he means no harm!"
Ratcatcher 2 to Bloodsport[src]

Sebastian is an intelligent and friendly creature. He waves at people to demonstrate that he is friendly and even presents gifts to his master's allies to make it clear that he means them no harm.





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