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Scales[1] is the princess of the Fishermen Kingdom, and the daughter of Rina and the late Ricou. After her father was killed by Orm Marius, Scales was forced to take his throne and serve under Ocean Master's rule until Aquaman defeated him in the Battle of the Brine.


"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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"The King is dead, long live his heir."
―Orm Marius to Rina and Scales[src]

Scales is the heir to the throne of her kingdom, from which Orm sought support. Because of his kingdom not cooperating, Orm killed her father and coerced Scales and her army into following him to battle.[2]

She fought alongside Orm during the war, using a prawn fighter to fight.


Scales is young and intimidated by Orm's violent presence. Despite this, she has a somewhat playful personality, reacts in wonder to Aquaman being able to control Trench creatures and enthusiastically endorses him as king.

Powers and abilities


  • Fishermen physiology: Scales is a highborn Fishermen, and as such has many advanced mutations that separate her from others. Her features are more human-like, and she is capable of breathing air like other highborn Atlanteans.
    • Amphibious respiration: As a highborn Fishermen, Scales is able to breathe both in the water and above on the surface.


  • Expert swimmer: She is an extremely skilled swimmer.
  • Expert pilot: She is an extremely skilled pilot.







Behind the scenes

  • Though never named in any media, the Fishermen Princess was named "Scales" in merchandise for Aquaman.[1]


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