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"So, this is the famous Suicide Squad."

Brian Durlin, also known as Savant, was a self-styled vigilante, a computer hacker who used most of his skills to blackmail people, and a member of the first of the two Task Force X strike teams for the deadly Corto Maltese mission.[2][3] Upon reaching the island, the entire team was ambushed and brutally murdered by the Corto Maltesean military. Durlin freaked out and attempted to escape the island, but was killed by Amanda Waller, who detonated the nanite explosive in his head.


Criminal life

Genius computer hacker Brian Durlin, bored of having nothing to do with his vast fortune, became the vigilante Savant, using his skills to track criminals and stop them in brutal fashion. In the eyes of the law, however, he was worse than the criminals he brought in, and he was jailed in Belle Reve.

Recruited by Amanda Waller

"Savant. Or would you rather be called Durlin?"
"I'd rather not be called at all. But I'll do anything to get out of this hellhole."
Rick Flag and Savant[src]

In 2021, Durlin became a member of Task Force X and went on a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy the Nazi-built prison and laboratory known as Jotunheim, and in the process annihilate the disastrous Project Starfish.[4] He reluctantly joined, but proclaims that he'll do anything to get out of Belle Reve.

Mission in Corto Maltese and death

"Savant is off the rails."
John Economos to Amanda Waller during Savant's desertion[src]

Upon landing on the beach of Corto Maltese, Savant takes the mission seriously and takes orders from Colonel Rick Flag to stay covered. He brings Weasel to shore after he drowns and tells Waller he is dead. After Blackguard betrays his team and they are compromised, Savant stays safe and watches the other members die brutal deaths. This takes a mental toll on him, and he starts to run from the battle. Amanda Waller threatens to detonate his bomb, but he doesn't turn back, and she fulfills her promise, killing him.


Like many of the members in this iteration of Task Force X, Brian Durlin looks to be angry and hardened. Unlike the rest of them, however, Durlin appears sane and professional , while the others have at least one likable quirk. This likely has to do with him being considerably older than many of the other members. However, he is also shown to be cowardly as seen when he fled in terror upon seeing his teamates get murdered. This decision resulted in his death.


"He's an expert in weapons and hand-to-hand combat."
Emilia Harcourt[src]
  • Expert hacker: Durlin was a computer genius and uses his knowledge of computers to commit crimes via blackmail, disable alarms in theft, and assist Task Force X in their missions.
  • Expert marksman: Besides being able use a pistol, Durlin was able to kill a bird that flew in his cell by throwing a rubber ball with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Cowardice: Durlin was easily scared by the massacre of almost all members of Task Force X, which led to his defection and death.


  • Combat suit: Durlin wears a protective suit that shields him and carries equipment.
  • Pistol: Durlin uses a pistol to defend himself in fights.




Behind the scenes

  • According to Jim Lee, Savant's killing of a canary at the start of the film may be linked to the identity of the person who sent him to Belle Reve.[5] However, James Gunn denied that Black Canary put Savant in Belle Reve during the Twitter Watch Party for The Suicide Squad.[6]
  • In DC Comics, Brian Durlin, better known as Savant, is the spoiled heir to an enormous fortune and a self-styled vigilante in Gotham City. However, after Batman discouraged his involvement in vigilantism because of his lack of care to protect others, he turned his formidable computer skills into a profitable blackmailing business. Savant was also a member of the Suicide Squad and an ally to the Birds of Prey.
  • Larry Rippenkroeger was a stunt double for Michael Rooker in the role of Savant.
  • During production, director James Gunn gave the hairdressers pictures of musician Edgar Winter to use as reference for Savant's long, white hair.[7]
  • His blood in the water forms the words “Warner Bros. Pictures Presents” right after he dies.


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