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The Sapphire Guard were the formalized sentries of the Legislation Chambers in Kandor, capital of the planet Krypton.



The Sapphire Guards were leading elite soldiers of Krypton's Warrior Guild that were handpicked to guard and protect the Council of Five, as well as the chamber itself.[citation needed]

Kryptonian Civil War

When General Dru-Zod, military leader of and his followers from the Sword of Rao captured the Chamber and murdered the Law Council members, the Sapphire Guards, armed only with their energy lances, were unsuccessful in stopping them. Immediately after Zod's first attack, the Sapphire Guard responded in full force, sending flying gunships with armed soldiers, exchanging fire with Zod's forces. At least one scarab-class cruiser filled with Guards was struck and plummeted to its deaths, narrowly missing hitting Jor-El and Kelex.[1] After Zod followed Jor-El, who had stolen the growth codex, to his homestead, Jor-El and Zod battled with Zod stabbing Jor-El. The Sapphire Guards, in turn, followed Zod and his remaining forces and subsequently arrested them. They were present during the sentencing of Zod and his conspirators. At least two members had to hold Zod back when he gave his final warning to the members of the council and Lara Lor-Van.

All remaining members of the Sapphire Guard perished along with everyone else on Krypton after the planet imploded, marking the end of the Sapphire Guard. Years after their destruction, General Zod would recall their capture under the Sapphire Guard during the Kryptonian invasion of Earth.[2]


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