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Rondors were a bovine-like species that grazed in the fields of Krypton. Horned Rondors were considered to be the kings of the wild.[2]



They were one of the species that lived on Krypton. Rondors were kept in fields below the House of El Citadel when Kal-El was born in 1980 (Earth year).[3]

It was rumored that the individual Nam-Ek was so inhumanly huge and muscular primarily because he was born as the result of mixing the DNA of a Kryptonian with that of a Rondor beast.[4]

Destruction of Krypton[]

When Kal El was born, several Rondors could be seen grazing in the fields outside the House of El Citadel, roaring in unison. After General Zod and the Sword of Rao were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, the Rondors were rendered extinct after Krypton imploded from careless mining of the planet's core.[3]