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"You broke my fucking legs!"
―Chauffeur to Harley Quinn[src]

Roman Sionis' chauffeur was an unnamed man who was the personal chauffeur of the crime lord Roman Sionis.


While an extremely drunk Harley Quinn was partying at the Black Mask Club, she inadvertently threw the remains of a drink into the lap of Sionis's driver and his female companion. He angrily told her to "sit your skinny ass down, you dumb slut!" She obliged by jumping with both feet on his extended legs, breaking them.

Sionis, mistakenly believing Quinn was still under Joker's protection, decided to let the incident slide, declaring that whatever happened was clearly the driver's fault and telling Quinn to "consider him fired", leading to his eventual replacement by Dinah Lance.

After hearing that Quinn was no longer with Joker, the vengeful chauffeur tracked Quinn down, while still bound to a wheelchair, and drew a gun on her. At the same time, Renee Montoya tried to arrest Quinn, and Dave Murray's vengeful brother Ralph tried to run her over with his van. Harley threw a garbage sack at Montoya and the driver, who fired his gun while temporarily blinded, inadvertently hitting Ralph in the head, who lost control of his van, which flattened the driver.[1]






  • The chauffeur's grievance with Harley Quinn included her breaking both his legs. Another likely grievance with Harley is spilling her drink on him and his date, and getting him fired.