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"You are standing in the source of all magic. The Rock of Eternity."
Shazam to Billy Batson[src]

The Rock of Eternity is a realm where the Council of Wizards formerly resided. It is said to be the source of all magic in existence. It is also where Shazam gave Billy Batson and Teth-Adam their powers, and where the statues imprisoning the Seven Deadly Sins, the Eye of Sin, and the terrarium holding Mister Mind are kept.


Council of Wizards

The Rock of Eternity was once the residence of the Council of Wizards. At some point, the wizard Shazam summoned Teth-Adam to this realm to give him powers due to his heroic and courageous heart. However, Teth-Adam went rogue and unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins on Kahndaq, killing millions. Shazam and his siblings fought the sins, but they were all slain, leaving Shazam as the sole survivor. Since the death of his siblings and the entombment of Teth-Adam, Shazam lived on, alone in the Rock of Eternity for centuries, becoming older and weaker as the time passed.

Selecting a Champion

After Black Adam became fallen, the wizard attempted to select a new champion, summoning each candidate to the Rock. However, the temptation of power from the Sins was too great; Thaddeus Sivana was one such rejected candidate. As an adult, Sivana figured out how to open a portal to the realm by writing a specific sequence of magical symbols. He broke into the Rock of Eternity and stole the Eye of Sin, merging the Sins with them.

When Billy Batson found himself on a subway train, the wizard Shazam teleported him to this realm. The wizard asked Billy to say his name, and when he did, he gained his powers. As the wizard crumbled into dust, a terrified Billy thought of the subway train on which he had arrived and was transported back to Earth.

Billy, as Shazam, and Sivana returned to the realm when the latter coerced him into giving over his powers, but they were interrupted by his foster siblings. As they fled Sivana, they desperately searched for an exit, eventually ending up at a rotunda of doors, each leading to a different world. With Sivana closing in, Mary asked Billy how he left the Rock of Eternity before. Billy admitted he merely thought of where he wanted to go, so he transported them to the gentlemen's club in Philadelphia with Sivana in pursuit.[1]

A New Hangout

"Lair! We got a lair!"
Billy Batson[src]

The Shazam Family appreciating their new lair

After the empowerment of the siblings and Sivana's defeat, they returned to the Rock. Billy put the Eye back and re-imprisoned the Sins. Freddy Freeman was thrilled they had found a place of their own. They proceeded to sit on six of the thrones before noticing an empty seventh throne.[2]

The Seven Symbols

In order to gain entry to the Rock of Eternity, seven symbols must be repeated in a sequence of seven times on a door. Only three have been named, by Thaddeus Sivana while he was imprisoned.


  • In the original comics, Shazam created the Rock of Eternity to contain a dragon-like demon known as the "Three Faces of Evil"

Behind the scenes

"When you first come in to the Rock of Eternity, you want that vastness. I wanted it to be as tall as I could possibly get it."
Jennifer Spence[src]

Director David F. Sandberg described the Rock of Eternity as the "biggest and most elaborate" set that was created for Shazam!. The set was over 40 feet tall in some places, with the walls being over a hundred feet long.[3]


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