"You are standing in the source of all magic. The Rock of Eternity."
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The Rock of Eternity is a realm where the wizard Shazam lives in. It is said to be the source of all magic in existence. It is also where he gave Billy Batson and Teth-Adam their powers, and where the statues imprisoning the Seven Deadly Sins, the Eye of Sin, and the terrarium holding Mister Mind are kept.


The wizard Shazam lives here. He gave Teth-Adam his powers in this realm.

After Black Adam became fallen, the wizard attempts to select a new champion, summoning each candidate to the Rock. However, the temptation of power from the Sins is too great; Thaddeus Sivana is one such rejected candidate. As an adult, Sivana figures out he can open a portal to the realm by writing a specific sequence of magical symbols. He breaks into the Rock of Eternity and steals the Eye of Sin with the Seven Deadly Sins hosted within it, merging with them.

When Billy was on a subway train, the wizard Shazam teleported him to this realm. The wizard asked Billy to say his name, and when he did, he gained his powers. As the Wizard crumbled into dust, a terrified Billy thinks of the subway train he arrived on and was transported back to Earth.

Billy, as Shazam, and Sivana returned to the realm when the latter coerces him into giving over his powers, but they are interrupted by his foster siblings. As they flee Sivana, they desperate search for an exit, eventually ending up at a rotunda of doors, each which led to a different world. With Sivana closing in, Mary asks Billy how he left the Rock of Eternity before. Billy admitted he merely thought of where he wanted to go, so he transports them to the Gentlemen's Club in Philadelphia with Sivana in pursuit.[1]

A new hangout

Shazam Family sitting in Rock of Eternity

The Shazam Family liking their new lair

After the empowerment of the siblings and Sivana's defeat, they return to the Rock. Billy puts the Eye back and re-imprisons the Sins, and Freddy Freeman is thrilled it is a place of their own. They precede to sit down on six of the thrones before noticing the seventh lonely throne.[2]

The seven symbols

In order to gain entry to the Rock of Eternity, seven symbols must be repeated in a sequence of seven times on a door. Only three have been named, by Thaddeus Sivana while he was imprisoned.

  • Sun of Ra
  • Ouroboros
  • Solomon's knot


  • In the original comics, Shazam created the Rock of Eternity to contain a dragon-like demon known as the "Three Faces of Evil"


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