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The Robin Suit was the protective suit and combat armor of the vigilantes known as Robin. It was first worn by Dick Grayson and later Jason Todd prior to his death. The suit was designed after the Batsuit, and both Robins fought alongside Batman in Gotham City.

The first user of the Robin suit was Dick Grayson. At some point, he gave up the mantle of Robin and became the Nightwing, giving the Robinsuit to Jason Todd.

The second user, Jason Todd, took up the mantle as Robin who, similarly to Dick Grayson, fought alongside Batman in Gotham City until his death at the hands of the Joker and Harley Quinn, which left the Robin suit damaged and graffitied with the sentence "HAHAHA, JOKE'S ON YOU, BATMAN" in yellow spray-paint.

Following this, the retired suit would be kept by Bruce Wayne who left it on display inside a glass case in the Batcave to serve as a reminder of what's at stake when justice isn't served and to fuel his vigilante activities.[1]




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