"Are you seriously suggesting that we evacuate the entire planet?"

Ro-Zar was the High Eminence[1] of the Council of Five during the last days of the planet Krypton, before her death at the hands of General Zod (after which her political position would be taken up by Lor-Em).


Ro-Zar was genetically created to be a leader of the planet Krypton. When she grew older, she was placed on the Council of Five.[1]

During a meeting with Jor-El, who wanted control of the Growth Codex to ensure the survival of Krypton's race, he told them that the planet was going to implode after the Council's decision to harvest energy from the planet's core. The audience was cut short when General Zod burst in. His forces arrested Jor-El and killed Ro-Zar, taking the rest away for trial.[2]


Shortly thereafter, Lor-Em (who had replaced Ro-Zar as High Eminence of the Council), condemned General Zod and the latter's followers to 300 years of somatic reconditioning within the Phantom Zone for their crimes of high treason, as well as the murder of Ro-Zar and Jor-El.[2]


Genetically engineered to be a skilled leader (ultimately becoming the High Eminence of the Council of Five), Ro-Zar was fiercely loyal to Krypton's ideals, much to the chagrin of Jor-El and General Zod, with the former seeing Ro-Zar's ideals as stale, flawed, and outdated, and the latter seeing Ro-Zar representing a "degenerate bloodline" that lead their native planet to ruin, inducing him to swiftly kill her.

Ro-Zar was also quite dogmatic, with her refusing to take Jor-El's warning of Krypton's imminent destruction seriously, and thus also refusing to assemble an evacuation.


  • Expert leader: Ro-Zar, due to her genetic engineering, was an extremely capable leader, leading the Kryptonian Law Council as its High Eminence, prior to her sudden death at the hands of General Zod.





  • Ro-Zar is female in the film, however, she is described as male in the novelization.



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