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Edward Nashton, also known as the Riddler, is an enemy of Batman known for committing crimes revolving around his obsession with riddles.


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  • In DC Comics, Edward Nygma is a master strategist, supervillain, and criminal known as the Riddler, who incorporates riddles into his crimes in Gotham City and is a common adversary of the Batman.
    • In the New Earth version, the Riddler's real name was Edward Nashton before he changed it to Edward Nigma for a new goal in life. However, in some other versions, he was born as Edward Nigma, Edward Nygma, E. Nigma, or Edward E. Nigma.
  • Jonah Hill was rumored to be in talks for the Riddler before Paul Dano was cast.
  • Riddler's typical signature is a question mark.[2]
Riddler Shirt - Batman V Superman

The Riddler's shirt from Batman V. Superman.

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