"King Nereus, I had hoped our people had evolved beyond that ancient notion that war with the surface is inevitable. It is the position of the Fishermen that when the time comes to make ourselves known to the landsmen, it should be to educate them, not to destroy them."
―King Ricou[src]

Ricou, also known as the Fishermen King, was the ruler of the Fishermen Kingdom, the husband of Rina, the Fishermen Queen, and the father of Scales, the Fishermen Princess. He was killed by King Orm Marius when he denied joining him, threatening his daughter to join him.


Ruler of the Fishermen Kingdom

Ricou is the ruler of the Fishermen Kingdom, one of the 7 successor kingdoms and one of the last four kingdoms to survive to the present day. As the Fishermen are considered poets and philosophers, Nereus considered them to be cowards. Despite this, Ricou commands a major military force, making them vital for Orm's plans.[1]

Meeting with Orm and death

During a meeting with Orm, Nereus, and Nuidis Vulko, Ricou rebukes the proposal for an alliance by stating when they finally make contact with the surface, they should educate them not destroy them. This goes poorly with Orm who provokes him into attacking and kills him, threatening his heir, Scales, known as the Fishermen Princess, into cooperating.

Orm kills Ricou

After the war, Orm was arrested for his crimes, with one of them for being the murder of the Fisherman King.[1]


Ricou cared about his family and the Fishermen Kingdom, wanting the best for them. He also cared about peace, wanting peace for the surface world if he entered the war. Ricou was also brave and wise, choosing to stay out of the war and protect his family and his kingdom. However, the Fisherman King's choices resulted in him getting killed by Orm Marius, threatening his family to make them join the war.

Powers and Abilities


  • Fishermen physiology: As a Fishermen, Ricou has characteristics more attached to sea creatures, such as scales, fins, and a mermaid tail.
    • Aquatic respiration: Ricou has the ability to breathe underwater.


  • Expert leader: He is a skilled leader.
  • ExpertsSwimmer: He is an extremely skilled swimmer.


  • Royal armor: He wears royal armor to defend himself against his opponents.
  • Trident: He uses his trident to rule the kingdom and to defend himself.






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