The Resurrection of Superman was a resurrection and battle between Superman and the Justice League.


"We are not enough! Each of us, in our own way, has held back. And I promise you, Steppenwolf is not out there talking about ethics. He's trying to burn down the world! The way we're gonna stop him is by using his power... this power, against him."
"You lose something when you die. Even Superman. Maybe not his mind. Maybe his soul."
"I'll have a contingency plan for that."
"If he wakes up and you're the first thing he sees, you'll need one.
Bruce Wayne, Arthur Curry and Diana[src]

Cyborg retrieves the last Mother Box from S.T.A.R. Labs for the group to analyze. Batman decides to use the Mother Box to resurrect Superman not only to help them fight Steppenwolf's army, but also to restore hope in humanity. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are hesitant about the idea, but Batman forms a secret contingency plan.

Just as Bruce was working on integrating and boosting the alarm sound that alerted the parademons, Alfred comes in, bringing a cucumber drink. They begin to discuss whether or not to bring Superman back to life or why Bruce thinks the team might not be enough.

Smallville Cemetery

Flash and Cyborg digging for Superman's casket

Out of options, Victor and Barry dig up Clark's grave, with the pair noting the abnormality in their task and bonding over their powers.


While Batman is on top of the roof waiting for the League to approach the Kryptonian ship, Wonder Woman walked up behind him saying she's here for him. Batman was about to tell her something, but Wonder Woman cuts him off by telling him to save it.

Flash's fake ID

Cyborg hacks Flash's fake ID into the computer

Inside a truck, Barry drives to the gate and Cyborg hacks into the computer so the gatekeeper will allow Barry to enter.

Clark Kent's body is exhumed and placed in the waters of the ship, and the Flash provides a strong energy blast to activate the Mother Box and resurrect Superman.

When Flash readied himself into position, Cyborg tells him to activate the Mother Box until it touches the water, so he and Cyborg count together in five seconds until Flash uses the Speed force to touch the Mother Box.

A Mother Box is used to resurrect Clark

Flash charges the Mother Box by resurrecting Superman

After he charged the Mother Box with the Speed Force, Flash flipped all over the ship, while the the Box vibrates, then Superman opens his eyes and quickly bursts out of the ship before stumbling before the shattered statue at Heroes Park.

Skirmish in Heroes Park

"He's back."
"He's not all right.
Wonder Woman and Aquaman[src]
After the Justice League succeeded in raving Superman, his wounds are healed as disoriented. Clark paced around the fragments of the statue, trying to gather his thoughts. That is, until the Justice League arrived behind him, knowing that the Man of Steel is back.

Clark is still disoriented and unsure of the situation, picking up on Aquaman's rapid heartbeat, as the Atlantean was growing anxious due to sensing Clark's disorientation. Clark's hesitation causes Cyborg's security protocols to activate and launch a missile at him, which he quickly dodges and returns fire with his heat vision. Superman then began to battle the Justice League at Heroes Park. The League attempts to restrain him, but are easily shrugged off.

"You did this."
"I had to."
"You won't let me live. You won't let me die."
"The world needs you."
"But does it need you? Tell me: Do you bleed?
Superman and Batman[src]

After Batman got himself hit onto a police car, he transmits Alfred into bringing the big gun. When Lois Lane arrived to see Superman, he calmed dawn and took her to his family's home.


"It's okay. I'm the idiot who left. But I'm back now. And I'm gonna make things right."
Clark Kent to Lois Lane[src]
JusticeLeague - Lois and Superman

Lois and Clark reunite

With the last Mother Box unguarded, one of Steppenwolf's Parademons retrieves it and returns it to him.

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