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The rescue of the Philadelphia bus occurred shortly before Thaddeus Sivana's first encounter with Billy Batson.


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After skipping school and showing off his powers again in public, Billy's show is interrupted by Freddy Freeman. This leads Billy to accidentally electrocute the tires of a bus on a nearby bridge, leading it to drive off the edge of the bridge. Using his god-like speed, Billy reaches the bus before it falls. Unable to find a way to stop the bus from falling, Billy's only option is to catch the bus with his bare hands. To his surprise, he discovers his superhuman strength is enough for him to catch and lift the bus, saving the bus passengers, albeit with a number of injuries sustained.[1]


After saving the bus, Billy is thanked by the bus passengers and is dubbed as a hero by the people. Unfortunately, the event also attracted Sivana, who was looking for the champion.[1]


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