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"It's okay, I'm a friend of your son's."
"I figured. The cape."
Batman and Martha Kent[src]

The Rescue of Martha Kent was a successful mission by Batman to save Martha Kent from Anatoli Knyazev and his mercenaries.[1]


"If you kill me, Martha dies and if you fly away... hmmm... Martha also dies, but.. if you kill the Bat... Martha lives."
―Lex Luthor to Superman[src]

Lex Luthor captured Martha Kent and Lois Lane as a means to lure Superman out of exile. While Superman rescued Lois, Luthor taunted superman to the point where he revealed he captured Martha and if he failed to kill Batman, Martha would die by fire. Superman, enraged, ordered Luthor to give up the location of his Mother but Luthor taunted him more telling him that if he either killed Luthor or flew away, Martha dies. Luthor had complete control of Superman "bending the god to his will." Lex departed on his helicopter to the Kryptonian Scout ship while Superman was left in shambles. Superman told Lois that he had to go to Gotham to convince Batman to help him or he must kill him. Lois, knowing this had a deeper meaning, requested a chopper to Gotham. When granted, she told the pilot to head to where the Bat signal was. By that time already, Batman and Superman have already engaged in a lengthy Duel at Wayne Station and it seemed as if Batman would become the winner. Superman then pleaded with Batman to "Save Martha." It confused Batman at first, giving him Flashbacks of his parentss murder. This compels Bats to ask Superman why he said that name until Lois arrived and told him that it was also Superman's mother's name. Batman is in total shock not only realizing that Superman is just as human as he is, but that he as this close to killing Superman which if it happened, Batman would become the very thing he swore to destroy. Bats accepted to help Superman and Lois who explained the situation to him. Bats promised Superman that "Martha won't die tonight." With everything said and done, Superman flew back to the scout ship, while Bats un-mounted from his suit of armor and took the Batwing to a Warehouse near the port, thanks to Alfred Pennyworth who tracked Anatoli Knyazev's phone using Batman's computer within the Batcave.

Warehouse fight and a successful rescue[]

"Thermal Imaging is showing me 2 dozen Hostiles on the third floor. Why don't I drop you off on the second."
Alfred Pennyworth to Batman before the Warehouse fight[src]

When Anatoli Knyazev readied to kill Martha Kent using his Flamethrower, Batman suddenly arrived at the warehouse in the Batwing and took down 3 of the Gunner cars as he circled back and prepared to make an entrance while Alfred Pennyworth set the Batwing into drone mode. However, the Batwing's heat sensors detected "2 dozen hostiles on the third floor" so Alfred decided to drop Batman on the second as the bat prepared for battle. All of Knyazev's henchmen were waiting at the door for Batman to exit when the floor broke and stunned many of the henchmen. Batman used his grappling hook to pull himself above the henchmen as he disabled their weapons. After he used an inverted takedown on one of Knyazev's henchmen, Bats then proceeded to battle the rest of the henchmen killing all of them in a matter of minutes while some of them got good hits on him. After killing the last of Knyazev's henchmen, Batman broke through a side wall catching one of the Henchmen, Knyazev and Martha offguard as Bats pointed the henchman's gun at Knyazev. Knyazev however, was determined to kill Martha at any cost. He tempted Bats to drop the gun taunting him and telling him that He'll do it. Batman then responded with "I believe you" and shot at the flamethrower. Just as Knyazev was about to kill Martha, Bats covered her up with his suit as it was fireproof while Knyazev went up in Flames. Batman has successfuly rescued Martha.


After Batman rescued Martha, he helped her down to the streets of the warehouse as the Gotham Police came to pick her up safely while Bats headed back to the Batwing and headed to Metropolis where Superman had just begun battling Doomsday.