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"A foundation has to be built on something." ―Dru-Zod, Man of Steel
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"Puddin'! You got all dressed up for me?"
"Oh, you know I'd do anything for you. By the way, I've got some grape soda on ice, and a bear skin rug waiting."
Harley Quinn and The Joker[src]

The Rescue of Harley Quinn was a failled attempt by the Joker and his gang to rescue Harley Quinn during her mission in Midway City.


Preceded by the kidnapping of Van Criss, Joker, Jonny Frost, and Panda Man hijacked a Chinook, bringing Van Criss along so they could force him to deactivate Harley's nano-bomb implant. The ultimate goal, of course, was to free her from Amanda Waller's custody while also preventing the explosive from killing Harley.[1][2]


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The helicopter was shot down, killing two pilots, Jonny Frost, Panda Man, and Van Criss. Joker and Harley were the only two to make it out of the helicopter before it crashed, burning any possible survivors inside.[2]