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"You're too late. The countdown's already begun. In a few minutes, four building blocks... while the world watches."
Black Clad Beta to Wonder Woman[src]

The Rescue at the Old Bailey Courthouse was a successful rescue attempt by Wonder Woman to defeat the Black Clad and save the hostages.


"Down with the modern world. Back to the Dark Ages."
Black Clad Alpha[src]

The Black Clad broke into the Old Bailey Courthouse in London. They killed the security guards, and take the workers, alongside an entire group of school students who were there on a school trip and their teachers hostage. The Black Clad Alpha called the police and told them not to make any moves or they would kill the hostages. Meanwhile, he prepared a bomb, wanting to blow up several building blocks, claiming that it will send humanity back to the Dark Ages.[1]


Wonder Woman ready to save the hostages

Diana ready to save the hostages

Wonder Woman arrives shortly thereafter, bursting into the room and quickly defeating all of the Alpha's henchmen. Wonder Woman then quickly takes the bomb, throwing it high into the sky where it explodes. The Alpha then attempts to kill the hostages with bullets, only for Wonder Woman to block each bullet, stopping the Black Clad's plan altogether. In disbelief, he asked what Diana is, the Amazon replies that she's a believer, before finally defeating the Alpha with her Bracelets of Submission.[2]


Diana at the Louvre Museum

Diana working at the Louvre Museum.

"I don't believe it. What are you?"
"A believer."
Black Clad Alpha and Wonder Woman[src]

Following this, Diana freed the hostages and went back to Paris. At the Louvre, Diana watched a news report showing a signal fire burning at the Shrine of the Amazons and knew that it had been sent by her mother to warn of the impending invasion.[2]