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The Rescue at the Bright Aurora was the successful rescue of the crew on board the Bright Aurora during its meltdown.


"Mayday! This is the Bright Aurora calling all ships in the vicinity. We've had an explosion and the platform is on fire. Numerous survivors are in the water!"
―Bright Aurora dispatcher[src]

While working on a crab fishing job[1], Clark Kent overheard the dispatcher from the Bright Aurora send out a distress signal to all boats in the area after the oil platform suffered an explosion and was beginning to go into critical meltdown.[2]

Ivar Heraldson, the captain of the Debbie Sue, quickly told his crew to abandon their current activities and directed the boat to the burning oil platform to aid the crew.[2]


When Heraldson realized that bringing his boat closer would endanger his men, he stopped and was forced to watch as the platform was engulfed in flames. Clark Kent, unwilling to stand by, snuck away from the boat and swam to the platform to help.[2]

Climbing up a support beam, Clark used his enhanced hearing and vision capabilities to locate the crew, locked in a room on one of the upper decks. Using his strength, Clark tore the metal door off as flames engulfed him, directing the crew to the upper helicopter platform.[2]

As the Coast Guard arrived, the drilling derrick of the platform began to collapse on the helicopter pad before Clark quickly leaped over and held the derrick back long enough for the crew and the helicopter to escape.[2]


Lois Lane, in search of the mysterious man who saved her on Ellesmere Island, interviewed one of the Coast Guardsmen who aided the crew of the Bright Aurora, who told her about the man who held up the drilling derrick with his bare hands.[2]

Lois followed the stories of a man with strange abilities all the way back to Smallville, Kansas, where she learned of Clark Kent. Heading over to the Kent Farm, Lois interviewed Martha Kent about her son.[2]