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"Sionis is gone, but it’s just a matter of time before some other asshole tries to finish what he started... We got to clean this city from the inside out."
―Renee Montoya[src]

Renee Montoya is a former detective of the Gotham City Police Department, whose obsession with Black Mask led her to build a case against the crime lord. To get the case, Montoya contacted Dinah Lance, who had become Sionis's personal driver, but although she initially rejected her, she later joined her and together they looked for Cassandra Cain so they could take the Bertinelli Diamond from her, before Sionis did it. After being cornered by Sionis and his henchmen, Montoya and Lance joined Cain, Harley Quinn and Huntress to survive, murdering Sionis. After this, Montoya left the Gotham police after Patrick Erickson stole the credit, joining Huntress and Lance to form the crime-fighting team Birds of Prey.


Early Life[]

GCPD Detective[]

"10 years ago, she broke a career-making case. But her partner at the time took all the credit. So while he made captain, she got stuck at detective level with this idiot."
Harley Quinn[src]

Renee Montoya joined the Gotham City Police Department as a detective, influenced by police television shows. Despite her skills and track record, Montoya was regularly rejected for promotion within the male-dominated organization. In one of many cases, Montoya met Dinah Lance's mother, who used her sonic powers to help people. However, she would soon be murdered in the street, leaving her daughter bereft of her.

In 2010, Montoya was assigned with Patrick Erickson as her partner, to solve a high-profile case for the police. Despite successfully solving the case, Erickson received all the credit for the operation, resulting in him being promoted to the rank of Police Captain, while Montoya remained as a detective, then with Tim Munroe as his partner. During her time as a detective, Montoya established a relationship with Ellen Yee, Gotham City's assistant district attorney. The couple eventually separated, but continued to meet at work.[1]

Manhunt of the Birds of Prey[]

Case against Roman Sionis[]

"Listen, I had a source at the club. His driver. He said that Roman couldn't stop talking about this thing. And he said that he overheard something about laser-encoding. Now, I did some research. I think it's the Bertinelli diamond."
―Renee Montoya[src]

Montoya began to investigate the mafia boss, Roman Sionis, creating an entire case against him. During six months of investigation, Montoya came into contact with Sionis' personal driver, who revealed that his boss was awaiting Bertinelli diamond's arrival in Gotham City, a rock whose atomic structure was encoded with the keys to the bank account of the Bertinelli Family fortune.[1]

Visiting Dinah Lance[]

Montoya talks with Dinah Lance

Montoya talks with Dinah Lance

"Do you know who you're working for?"
"Damn right, I do. He's the man who gave me a job, took me off the streets."
―Renee Montoya and Dinah Lance[src]

When Roman Sionis' driver position was filled by Dinah Lance, Montoya visited her at her apartment with two cups of coffee. When she arrived, Montoya informed Lance about the contact she had had with the previous driver, although she seemed uninterested in talking. Montoya confronted Lance about working for Sionis, exclaiming that her mother would have never wanted that, so Lance angrily reprimanded her for not being present when her mother died. Showing empathy, Montoya said that she would never have allowed her to be killed.[1]

Investigating a Murder[]

Renee Montoya takes notes

Montoya investigates Carlo Rossi's murder

"The shooter got close before drawing. Six rounds. Two for each of these three."
―Renee Montoya[src]

A week later, Montoya was sent along with Tim Munroe to the scene of the murder of criminal Carlo Rossi to investigate his death. While trying to find clues about the killer, Montoya was constantly rejected and surpassed in authority by her colleagues, being ignored by the criminalistics assistants. Montoya soon deduced how Rossi and his men had been murdered, discovering that it was a murderer by a hair's breadth at the scene, assuming that Sionis had a new murderer.

Montoya deduces that the Harley Quinn and the Joker broke up

Montoya deduces that Harley Quinn and the Joker broke up

Montoya and her teammates heard a loud explosion coming from Ace Chemicals. Upon arriving, a criminalistics officer gave Montoya a necklace that belonged to Harley Quinn. Montoya immediately deduced that the relationship between Quinn and the Joker had ended, because Ace Chemicals was the couple's best-known place. Montoya claimed that Quinn had exposed her civil relationship without thinking it through, since several of her enemies were going to start pursuing her.[1]

Chase of Harley Quinn[]

Montoya chases Harley Quinn

Montoya chases Harley Quinn

―Renee Montoya to Harley Quinn[src]

The next day, Montoya followed Harley Quinn's trail to a warehouse located near Chinatown. There, she stopped Quinn when she was about to eat a breakfast sandwich, Quinn ran away from her causing Montoya to begin chasing her through Gotham City's shopping market. In addition to Montoya, several people Quinn had wronged were also seeking revenge. Montoya soon lost sight of Quinn, until the latter encountered Roman Sionis' chauffeur, whose legs she had broken.

Rosie perez as rene montoya

Montoya sees the death of Roman Sionis' chauffeur

Montoya lunged at Quinn to try to stop her, causing her to accidentally drop her sandwich. Montoya pointed his gun at Quinn, before Ralph Murray arrived with his truck, intending to avenge his brother killed by Quinn's hyena. In an act of desperation, Quinn threw a bag of garbage at Montoya and the driver, causing her to accidentally shoot Murray, and her truck to crash into the driver, while Quinn fled down some elevated stairs and Montoya watched in horror.[1]

Attack on the Gotham City Police Department[]

Montoya is mocked by Cassandra Cain

Montoya is mocked by Cassandra Cain

"Step away from the kid. Drop it."
"The phone? Sure."
―Renee Montoya and Harley Quinn[src]

Montoya returned to the Police Department, smelling of a horrible odor from the garbage that fell on him, causing ridicule from his police colleagues. While looking for clothes in lost objects, Montoya encountered Cassandra Cain, being surprised by her presence, as she believed that she had learned to escape from the police. He also noticed from her that he had not insulted her, causing Cain to mock her for being smelly.

Montoya talks with Patrick Erickson

Montoya talks with Patrick Erickson

Montoya changed his clothes and went to talk to Patrick Erickson, presenting him what he has about his case against Roman Sionis. Erickson was hesitant to take her seriously with the little evidence present, although Montoya continued to insist that Sionis wanted the Bertinelli diamond, and she was called by an unknown number that she did not answer. Erickson continued to clarify that he had no substantiated evidence, to which Montoya said that the prosecution was building a case, putting Ellen Yee's job at risk.

Montoya is called by Dinah Lance

Montoya is called by Dinah Lance

Erickson told her that he didn't mind the prosecution getting their hands on the case, entrusting Tim Munroe with the case against Sionis, much to the annoyance of Montoya, who was harassed by Erickson for her clothing. After the meeting, Montoya apologized to Yee for interfering with her work, but she continued on her way upset. Montoya was called again by the unknown number, answering and realizing it was Dinah Lance, who informed her that Cain had the diamond.

Montoya confronts Harley Quinn

Montoya confronts Harley Quinn

In that, Montoya heard a gunshot, learning that Harley Quinn had arrived at the apartment looking for Cain. Montoya followed the path of death that Quinn had created, reaching the warehouse where he found the villainess with a phone and Cain passed out. Montoya ordered Quinzel to put down her cell phone, to which she did a somersault, throwing the cell phone at her face, leaving Montoya passed out.[1]

Suspended from GCPD[]

Montoya leaves her badge after being suspended

Montoya leaves her badge after being suspended

"What's the point of the badge, when it means fuck all anyway? Right, Captain?"
―Renee Montoya to Patrick Erickson[src]

After waking up, Montoya took the cell phone that Harley Quinn threw at her and sent it to Ellen Yee to unlock it. Waiting in a room, Montoya received the cell phone, confirming her theory that Roman Sionis had put a price on Cassandra Cain's head. Yee confronted her about stealing evidence from a crime scene, telling her that she should call for help, and Captain Patrick Erickson suspended Montoya for her actions. She handed over her badge and left indignant at Yee's betrayal.[1]

Battle at the Booby Trap[]

Montoya fights with Harley Quinn

Montoya fights with Harley Quinn

"So, unless we all wanna die very unpleasant deaths and let Roman go finger-fishing in the kid's intestinal tract, we're gonna have to work together."
"With you?"
Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya[src]

After her suspension, Montoya returned to her apartment to drink until she received a message from Dinah Lance, informing her to head to the Amusement Mile. Upon arriving, Montoya entered The Booby Trap, kicking Harley Quinn when she opened the door, asking for Cassandra Cain in a drunken state. The two began fighting, with Montoya handcuffing Quinn to ask her about Cain. Distracted from her, Quinn took off her handcuffs, put them on Montoya, and threw her out the window.

Montoya warns Helena Bertinelli that her revenge is not over

Montoya warns Helena Bertinelli that her revenge is not over

Montoya managed to get up and climb through the window, aiming at a woman who had killed Victor Zsasz, while she told Lance to look for Cain. The girl came out with a gun, pointing it at everyone, in anger at what had just happened. When the unknown woman decided to leave, Montoya told her that she could not leave, since she worked for Roman Sionis. This she became disillusioned and revealed herself to be Helena Bertinelli, the only survivor of the Bertinelli Massacre, who managed to avenge her entire family by killing Zsasz.

Renee Montoya with Huntress

Montoya accept to work together

When Bertinelli was about to leave, Montoya stopped her, clarifying that her revenge was not over, since the real person responsible for the massacre of her family was Sionis, telling her that the diamond was the only way to stop him. Cain then informed the girls of Sionis's arrival with his men. Quinn clarified that Sionis was going all out, saying that they had to unite to stop him, Montoya was the first to accept this proposal, followed by the others.

Birds of Prey - team together (1)

Montoya and the girls prepare for the fight

Montoya and the others asked Harley Quinn for weapons to fight, but they realized that all the weapons had been looted by the Joker, so Montoya was alarmed to believe that they were lost, until Dinah Lance found some of Quinn's old weaponry, agreeing to use it. Montoya took a mitten and when she was about to put on Quinn's sweater, Quinn told her that she better wear the Harlequin bustier as a bulletproof vest. In that, they were attacked from the roof by Sionis' men, so they decided to flee down a slide to be able to fight them better.

Montoya defends Cassandra Cain

Montoya defends Cassandra Cain

After getting off the slide, Montoya and the girls were cornered by Sionis's men, so the others began to fight them, while Montoya took Cassandra Cain on one side to protect her, until she was attacked by some bounty hunters, fighting against these to defend Cain, while the girl walked away. Following the arrival of more enemies, Montoya met with the girls in the center to continue battling as a team.

Birds of Prey reunited

Montoya and the girls reunite by winning the fight

Montoya and the girls were in charge of preventing anything from happening to Cain in the center of the fight, so they distributed it among all of them to evade the henchmen. The girls were in charge of knocking down all the men who invaded The Booby Trap and stopped to make a victory pose and then left happily with Cain while they planned to celebrate.[1]

Rescue of Cassandra Cain[]

Montoya survives Sionis' shot

Montoya survives Sionis' shot

"Good. Fuck that guy."
―Renee Montoya[src]

As they happily left The Booby Trap to go to Taco Dirty to Me to celebrate, Montoya was unexpectedly shot by Roman Sionis, falling to the ground while his organization was taking Cassandra Cain. Montoya was taken to safety by Dinah Lance and Harley Quinn, revealing at that time that she managed to survive because of the bulletproof vest. Montoya gave her gun to Quinn, trusting her to rescue Cain.

Montoya and the girls after killing Roman Sionis

Montoya and the girls after killing Roman Sionis

When they saw how Sionis was taking Cain, unable to stop him due to the large number of his men in his path, Montoya asked Lance to use her powers to make way for Quinn. While Lance used her super sonic scream to knock down all the soldiers, Quinn managed to go at maximum speed after Sionis, Montoya and Helena Bertinelli then stayed with Lance after she fainted from using her power. Montoya and the others then happily reunited with Quinzel and Cain, who managed to kill Sionis.

Montoya proposes creating a team

Montoya proposes creating a team

The next morning, Montoya and the others went to Taco Dirty to Me to celebrate as Sionis' empire fell. While they were eating, they were celebrated when Cain finally went to the bathroom to expel the Bertinelli diamond. Montoya apologized to Quinn for underestimating her, until she left to help Cain. Montoya told the girls that they should form a team, as she thought someone worse than Sionis could arrive, and they accepted, watching as Quinn and Cain escaped in Lance's car.[1]

Birds of Prey[]

Resigning from the GCPD[]

"It was the kick in the balls she needed to see that she had nothing to prove to those blowhard assholes. She quit the same day."
Harley Quinn[src]
Renee Montoya Walks Out

Montoya leaves the GCPD

After Captain Patrick Erickson arrested some of Sionis' men, he took credit for ending the organization, being decorated, something that upset Montoya, realizing that she no longer had to prove anything to the police or his colleagues, resigning from the Gotham City Police Department. While Montoya took her things, the other police officers celebrated Erickson, to which she left the place voting on some papers.[1]

Gotham City Vigilante[]

"They call themselves the Birds of Prey. I call them dorky little do-gooders."
Harley Quinn[src]
Huntress, Montoya and Black Canary

Montoya, Lance and Bertinelli stop some thieves

After Helena Bertinelli used her family's money to found a group of heroines, Montoya joined the group to lead it after resigning from the police. Montoya, Bertinelli, and Dinah Lance formed the team, which they called the Birds of Prey, and began tackling various crimes occurring in Gotham City. The Birds of Prey detained a group of thieves in an abandoned warehouse, where after easily defeating them, they gathered to leave the place.[1]


"Does she always talk like the cop in a bad '80s movie, or is that just me?"

Renee Montoya is known for spouting lines which sound as though they come out of '80s cop films. She harbors resentment against Captain Patrick Erickson for him having taken the promotion that should have been hers and taking credit for her achievements. Despite this, she is dogged and determined, pursuing her investigation into the Black Mask without the support of her teammates. Her sense of justice will not allow a wrong such as the Black Mask's criminal operation to go uncorrected. Despite her years of service to the Gotham City Police Department, she ultimately has it within her to quit when she realizes that she can no longer be effective as a force for good there.


  • Expert investigator: Renee was a detective for the Gotham City Police Department and thus possesses associated skills. When finding Harley Quinn's "J" necklace she quickly deduces that she was unintentionally sending a message to the city of Gotham that they have broken up.
  • Expert combatant: As a former police officer, Renee is highly trained in hand-to-hand fighting, her fighting style mixes movements from martial arts like Boxing, Karate and Kali. She was able to fight Harley Quinn but wasn't able to best her due to her being slightly intoxicated and Harley's acrobatic skill. When fighting off Black Masks' thugs, she was able to take down a number of them with little effort.
    • Stick expertise: As a former police officer, Renee is accomplished in using a baton in combat.
  • Expert marksman: As a former police officer, Renee is highly trained in using firearms.



  • Police baton: Montoya used this baton when fighting Black Mask's goons.
  • Knuckle dusters: Montoya used these brass knuckles when fighting Black Mask's henchmen.
  • Glock 19: Montoya carried this handgun when working for the police force. However, after being suspended, she was forced to give it up.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 38 "Bodyguard": Rene used this snub-nosed revolver as her back up sidearm when going after Black Mask. She later gave it to Harley.

Other equipment[]

  • Police badge: She wore a badge that was the honor of the Gotham City Police Department, but like the gun was forced to give it up upon resignation.
  • Handcuffs: Rene carries Handcuffs to arrest people as a cop. She later used these handcuffs as a weapon when fighting Harley Quinn.
  • Harlequin bustier: Rene wore a bustier that acted like a bulletproof vest that also looked like a Harlequin jester outfit during the battle at the Booby Trap. This proved to be a smart move when she was shot in the chest by Black Mask, as she escaped with minimal injury.





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