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The Reaper is a villain who supposedly operated in the United States of America.


In 2018, an action figure based on his character was sold in normal stores, just like others based on the Justice League.[1][2]


  • It is unknown if the character really exists in the DC Extended Universe or if he is a fictional character created in-universe just as action figures.
  • In reality, a real action figure exists about the character that was used as a prop in Shazam!.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the comics, Judson Caspian was a socialite by day, and an ultra-violent vigilante by night. After losing his wife to a robber in the streets, an event similar to the one Bruce Wayne experienced as a child, he became The Reaper, who prowled Gotham City during the 1950s, murdering juvenile delinquents in vicious manners by impaling them with his scythe weapons. The Reaper first appeared in Batman: Year Two as an adversary of Batman.


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