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"Your equipment manipulates animal behavior, clever. I'm working on something similar with humans."
Thinker to Ratcatcher 2[src]

The rat communicator is a device created by Ratcatcher that manipulates rats. Ratcatcher and his daughter Ratcatcher 2 used the communication device to employ rats when committing crimes.


Criminal use

Ratcatcher used the rat communicator to commit robberies, when his daughter Cleo Cazo became the next Ratcatcher, he inherited his communicator. The new Ratcatcher surged as a criminal know as Ratcatcher 2, Cleo used her rat communicator to evade the police several times. Eventually, Cleo was caught by local law enforcement after robbing a bank and sent to Belle Reve.[1]

Corto Maltese mission

In Belle Reve, Cleo agreed to be part of Task Force X to have her sentence lifted, forming part of the second division in Corto Maltese. Upon arrival, Ratcatcher used her rat communicator to initially defend himself against King Shark who tried to eat her at first, causing Bloodsport to feel a phobia of rats.[1]

Facing Starro

When Starro was accidentally released from Jotunheim, this individual began to wreak destruction by controlling the inhabitants with spores. The Task Force X tried to deal with the starfish in a desperate attempt to save as many lives as possible. Ratcatcher 2 used her rat communicator to summons the cities rats to overpower Starro, this was successful to the team, being able to take down Starro.[1]


The rat communicator allows its bearers the ability to mentally control rats and communicate with them to perform orders, such as when Cleo Cazo used it to order multiple rats in Corto Maltese to kill Starro. The communicator must be turned on to be used, emitting a visible white light.[1]


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