Peter "Pete" Ross is a resident of Smallville who knew of Clark Kent's superhuman abilities since they were children.


Man of Steel

Born in the rural town of Smallville, Pete Ross grew up there and was in the same class as Clark Kent, Lana Lang and Whitney Fordham throughout their education. Initially he acted as their bully until extraordinary circumstances changed his attitude towards life.

While on a school bus Pete was making fun of Clark. However, an accident on a bridge caused the school bus to diverge off into the river. Clark used his abilities to save the bus and push it out of the river. However, Pete was still in the river and began to drown. Clark dived back in and saved Pete, pulling him ashore. Pete gave Clark his eternal gratitude as a result and the two became friendlier as a result.

After the incident on the bus, Pete's mother Helen Ross visited Clark's home and talked with Jonathan and Martha Kent about Clark's alleged miraculous rescue effort. This resulted in Clark further questioning his special powers, leading to Jonathan revealing his extra-terrestrial origin. Later on, older kids were picking on Clark, while Jonathan warded them off and Pete came over and helped Clark up before leaving, still showing his gratitude.

Peter grew up and stayed in Smallville through to his adulthood working at the local iHops restaurant. Lois Lane a Metropolitan reporter from the Daily Planet newspaper contacted Pete while she was hunting for information on Clark Kent. Later on when General Zod's Kryptonian forces attacked Smallville, Clark was battling Faora and the two landed in Pete's restaurant. Clark recognized Pete, before being tackled away by Faora. It is unknown if Pete recognized the superpowered caped man as Clark, but he is implied to have.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Pete Ross at Clark's funeral

Pete at Clark's funeral

Two years later, after his apparent death at the hands of Doomsday, Clark was buried at Smallville's cemetery, with Pete being among the attendees. After Daniel Leone completed the funeral by delivering a eulogy, Pete let Martha Kent know that her son's funeral was payed for by an anonymous donor (Bruce Wayne).

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics universe, Pete Ross is the childhood best friend of Clark Kent.

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