The Pentagon is the headquarters for the Armed Forces of the United States of America.


Scout Ship discovery

"The Pentagon is denying that there was a ship."
"Of course they are! They're supposed to - it's the Pentagon!
Perry White and Lois Lane[src]

Following the mysterious disappearance of the ancient Kryptonian Scout Ship, the Pentagon proceeded to publicly deny the starship's very existence, much to the dismay of Lois Lane, who was desperate to write about her alien savior.[1]

Task Force X pitch

"What if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House, and grab the President right out of the Oval Office? Who would have stopped him?"
Dexter Tolliver[src]

The military officials at the Pentagon were against putting the emerging metahumans into situations involving national security. In front of military officers present, Amanda Waller had Enchantress demonstrate her valuable skills, having the powerful being teleport from the Pentagon to Iran to retrieve valuable Iranian military intelligence. After teleporting back to the Pentagon, Enchantress flirted with General Edwards, sensually caressing his face against his objections. After the successful demonstration, Waller received authorization to assemble Task Force X.[2]


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