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The Penetralium was the vaulted fortress that the Amazons have used to keep guard over their Mother Box for millennia.


After the failed first invasion of Earth by the forces of Apokolips, the Mother Box given to the Amazons was stored in the Penetralium and would be guarded for thousands of years until Steppenwolf's arrival during the War for Earth in 2017.

Attack on the Penetralium[]

Upon Steppenwolf's return to Earth, Hippolyta gathered dozens of Amazonian warriors in the Penetralium within the island of Themyscira. Tasked to look for the Mother Box that will help conquer Earth and form the Unity, Steppenwolf located the first Mother Box where it had been hidden by the Amazons. Steppenwolf called in the parademons with his axe and was about to take the Mother Box, but Hippolyta caught it first with her lasso and ran out of the chamber and commanded her Amazon guards seal the gates. As the doors slammed shut, one after the next, the massive reverberations of battle loosened the earth beneath the structure, sending the surrounding cliffs tumbling to the rocky shores below. The Penetralium was destroyed with many Amazons and parademons, but Steppenwolf made it out to finally get his Mother Box and escape Themyscira.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

Differences in Justice League[]

  • The scene inside the Penetralium is shorter and partially reshot.
  • The Penetralium's destruction does not take place. Instead of rising from the rubble, Steppenwolf follows Hippolyta through the gates.