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Pedro Peña is Billy Batson's shy and sensitive foster brother at his new home.[2] Eventually, he and the rest of his foster siblings gained the powers of Shazam.


Early life

Just like his other foster siblings, Pedro was a ward of the state until taken in by foster parents Victor and Rosa Vasquez.[3]

Meeting Billy Batson

One night, his foster parents bring home a new foster child, Billy Batson. While Rosa is taking him upstairs, Pedro walks by and Rosa briefly introduces Billy to Pedro, who just takes out his headphones and simply nods to him, and walks past. Rosa tells Billy not to take it personally, as he is always like this. When Billy goes missing after his incident with Brett and Burke Breyer earlier that day, Pedro walks alone in the bathroom and disappointedly looks at his failed test grade and throws it away. When he puts it in the trash, he notices Billy's discarded notebook, takes it out the trash can, and opens it to find out that Billy is looking for his mother.[3]

Dinner about Shazam

One night, the family was sitting at dinner. Victor excitedly talked about how there was a new superhero in town and that he believed he was doing a good job. After Eugene mocked the hero about his phone charging powers, Pedro engages in the conversation and talks about how the costume is stupid, and compares the white cape to a wedding dress.

At one point, Pedro eventually shows Billy's notebook to Eugene, who used his computer skills to track down Billy's biological parents.[3]

Finding out about Billy's Powers

One day, Pedro is in the living room with Mary, Darla, and Eugene. They look over at the TV and notice video footage of Freddy and a superhero on the news. Eventually, he discovers that Billy is the superhero when Mary figures it out, and Darla excitedly confirms it.

The four siblings walked upstairs to the front of Billy and Freddy's bedroom to closely listen in on Victor. Once the foster parents walked out of the room, the siblings slowly walked inside to comfort the saddened Billy, knowing that he was the hero. When Billy noticed Pedro holding his notebook, Mary told him that Eugene finished his search. When Eugene tells Billy the name and location of his mother, Billy ran off to go see her. Rosa and Victor ran after him while telling the foster siblings to stay inside. Not too long after, Freddy entered the house, and the siblings were confronted by Thaddeus Sivana.[3]

Being Threatened by Sivana

Shazamily (2).jpg

"Kick his ass, Billy!"
―Pedro Peña[src]

Pedro and the rest of his foster siblings were in the living room, being held hostage by Sivana. Later, when Billy arrived back home to confront Sivana, Pedro is excited to see him in action, and encourages him to fight Sivana. But that only makes the situation worse, as Sivana used a Sin to keep them in place, as a way to get Billy to come in.

A few minutes later, when Shazam entered the Rock of Eternity to give up his powers to Sivana and save his family,

Shazam! - Pedro Pena enter lair (3).jpeg

Pedro and the other siblings followed them inside and brought "weapons" to confront Sivana and save their brother. When they tried to get out, Eugene noticed that the door they came through was gone. While the group followed Darla in an attempt to escape, they came across a lot of doors, hoping this could be a way out. After Eugene found one door that didn't work, Pedro tried opening another door that lead to some sort of swampy world, but that had a monster, so he closed the door.

Eventually, Shazam helped get them out, and they all ran over to Christmas Village to hide from Sivana.[3]

Becoming a Superhero

The Shazam Family, with their newly granted powers, ready to fight Sivana and the Sins.

When Sivana found the siblings at Christmas Village, Billy fought him while the siblings watched. When Freddy noticed Sivana's weakness of losing his powers when the sins exit his eye, Mary started an attempt to divide and conquer, only to have them captured by the sins and used as hostages against Billy so he would give up his power. Eventually, Billy knocked the staff out of Sivana's hands and Pedro joined the rest of his siblings in putting their hands on the staff and earning superpowers.

While Billy fought Sivana, Pedro and the other siblings assembled to fight the sins, while he was testing out his new strength powers. Eventually, he and Darla noticed that the malfunctioned Ferris wheel (with people on it) was about to tip over. After Darla saved someone, Pedro ran over in an attempt to hold it up and firm to keep everyone safe. When the only two people left on the wheel are Brett and Burke Breyer, Wrath runs over and knocks him away to tip the wheel over, but they are rescued by Freddy Freeman.

Eventually, when Billy got the eye out of Sivana's head, Pedro and the other siblings flew over to Billy to join and congratulate him. For a brief moment, they believed Billy was being tempted by the eye, but then laughed when Billy said he was just joking around. Around them, a cheering crowd had formed, and soon after, they returned to the Rock of Eternity to return the eye and the Sins.[3]

A new hangout

After their fight with Sivana and the Sins, Pedro and his brothers returned to the Rock. Billy put the Eye back and re-imprisoned the Sins. They proceeded to sit down on six of the thrones before noticing there was an empty seventh throne.[4]

Lunch with Shazam and Superman

Shazam! - Pedro and Darla.jpg

One day at lunch, while Freddy was sitting, alone, Pedro and the rest of his siblings went over to Freddy's table, as they have made a special arrangement. He is present when the champion walks in, sits down with Freddy, and talk about how great of a person he is. He also witnesses Superman walking in to sit down and have lunch with them.[3]

Rescue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pedro and his other brothers were contacted by Billy and Freddy about a robbery going on in a museum. They meet at the lockers, where they transformed into their superhero alter-egos and headed for the museum. They arrived and quickly intervened. Pedro and Darla each took down a gunner by hand, Pedro bending the barrels of one of the miniguns in the process, while his brothers stopped the other thugs. The robbers were detained and the art was returned. The robbers were detained and the art was returned.[5]


While very quiet and a poor student, Pedro is perceptive and noticed Billy's discarded notebook and realized he is looking for his parents.

Powers and abilities


"Check out these guns."
―Pedro Peña[src]
  • Divine Empowerment: After shouting "Shazam!" while holding the Wizard's staff, Pedro was given the ability to transform. When transformed, Pedro has many powers and abilities, which exceed the capabilities of humans.
    • Superhuman Strength: Pedro is superhumanly strong, being able to hold up a Ferris wheel and contend with the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • Superhuman Durability: Pedro's champion Super Hero is able to withstand and support the weight of a Ferris wheel.
    • Flight: Pedro is able to fly.


  • Pedro's suit: When empowered as his Super Hero, Pedro wears a costume that is colored green, with a lightning bolt on his chest. It also has a white cape with a hood and gold trip.




Behind the scenes


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