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"I don't kill people for nothing, all right? When my brother died, I made a vow... anyone I'd kill, I'd kill for peace, so unlike Keith, no one would ever die for no reason again."

Christopher "Chris" Smith, also known as the Peacemaker, is a violent vigilante who believes in achieving peace at any cost no matter how many people he has to kill for it in the process. He was also a member of the second Task Force X strike team sent on a mission to Corto Maltese. While he struck up a rapport with the team, he eventually turned on them to complete their intended mission when they learned it was all a cover-up for the U.S. government's mistake. In the attempt to complete the mission, Smith murdered team leader Rick Flag, and was sent into a coma by teammate and rival Bloodsport.

When the comatose Smith was recovered from Corto Maltese, he was sent to an American hospital, where the mission coordinators of the Force, John Economos and Emilia Harcourt, awaited his awakening, preparing to have him join a smaller team to participate in Project Butterfly, with his friend Vigilante also joining the team. During the course of Project Butterfly, Peacemaker also came into conflict with his abusive father, and was forced to reflect on his world views and past traumas, culminating in Smith defeating and killing his own father.

In the aftermath of Project Butterfly, Smith was freed from Amanda Waller's control after Leota Adebayo publicly leaked Waller's corrupt secrets. Smith then started taking small steps towards becoming a better person, but became haunted by a hallucination of his deceased father.


Early life

Misguided pacifism

"In his hands, anything is a deadly weapon. His father was a soldier who trained his son how to kill from the moment he was born."
Amanda Waller[src]
Young Peacemaker

A young Christopher Smith is forced to kill.

Christopher Smith was born in 1981[1] to Auggie Smith, a powerful and cunning small-town racist whose views deeply scarred his son. Auggie forced Christopher through training to become a killer, as in one occasion he forced his son to kill a man by stabbing him.

He grew up alongside with his older brother Keith Smith, as the two shared the love for music.[2] At one point, Keith told his younger brother about the fake concept of "butt babies," something Christopher believed himself to be until he was 14 years old.[3] While Smith was going through high school, his classmates called him "Chimp-Arm".[4]

Losing his brother

Chris competes with his brother in a fight

Smith competes with his brother in a fight.

"Dumbfuck, you killed your brother! You killed your brother, you piece of shit! You dumbfuck! YOU KILLED YOUR BROTHER!"
Auggie Smith to Christopher Smith[src]

One day, Chris and his brother were listening to rock and roll until they were interrupted by their father's classmates, warning them that it was time to fight. Smith and his brother went to the battlefield while his father bet, finally the coach warned that there were no restrictions. When the fight with his brother started at their father's orders, Auggie Smith told Chris that he punched like a girl, motivating him to land a harder punch in the head which knocked Keith to the ground accidentally killing him.[1]

Chris watches his brother's death traumatized

Smith watches his brother's death traumatized.

Tragically, Chris and the crowd watched as Keith did not get up as he moved around and drooled from his mouth. Scared, Auggie approached Keith, screaming as he stopped moving until he died in a fatal seizure, immediately yelling at Chris and insulting him for having killed his brother, Chris observed what happened while very traumatized while his father keep yelling at him. The event later traumatized Christopher for life and strengthened his father's animosity towards him.[1]

Superhero career

Becoming the Peacemaker

Eventually, Smith became the superhero known as "Peacemaker," a mentally unstable pacifist diplomat who grew so committed to peace, he eventually decided to enforce it by killing those who stood in his way. He donned a bright costume, an oddly-shaped chrome helmet with a dove engraved on it, and the moniker of Peacemaker to start his quest for peace by any means necessary. During his career, Peacemaker adopted an eagle which he named Eagly, becoming one of his best companions. At some point, Smith befriended Gut Chase and met his younger brother Adrian Chase, known as the Vigilante, with whom did he become friends.[5] In 2012, Peacemaker would visit Starlight Lounge where he would have sex with Becky Coolidge, unaware that this would apparently give birth to a daughter.[6]

Kite-Man Newspaper - Monkey Dory Promo Still

Peacemaker's first vigilante acts.

Peacemaker first appeared on the scene by apprehending Kite-Man,[7] who was attempting to steal the Blackheart Ruby.[6] During his superhero career, he also met Doll Man,[3] Matter-Eater Lad,[2] the Flash, and Wonder Woman.[6] He had also heard of Aquaman,[4] Batman[5][2] and Superman,[7] although he came to form negative opinions about them due to rumors he heard on the Internet[4][7] and for Batman's public reputation for not killing his enemies.[2] However, he is unaware of the lives Batman took in the events leading up to the death of Superman. Peacemaker also fought a gorilla at Burning Man.[7]


In 2016, Peacemaker was captured by A.R.G.U.S. and detained in Belle Reve for all murder crimes committed during his time as a vigilante, being sentenced to 30 years in prison. Before being imprisoned, he sent Eagly to August's house.[4]

Mission in Corto Maltese

Recruited by Amanda Waller

"Starfish is a slang term for a butthole. Think there's any connection?"
―Peacemaker and Amanda Waller[src]

In August 2020, Smith was recruited by Amanda Waller to join Task Force X on a mission he was eager to carry out: destroying a Nazi-built facility in Corto Maltese called Jotunheim, as well as annihilating all traces of the mysterious Project Starfish. Prior to the mission, Smith was given an ulterior task by Waller, assigned to destroy any evidence pertaining to the United States involvement with Project Starfish, including their torture of the civilians of Corto Maltese. Smith felt obligated to ensure this was kept a secret, as it was to keep the peace from being jeopardized to prevent an international incident.

Peacemaker is introduced to Bloodsport

Smith is introduced to Robert DuBois.

After Robert DuBois agreed to join the squad, Waller took him to meet Smith who was waiting in his cell, highlighting his skills in combat, DuBois complained that he had the same abilities as him, so Smith responded by doing better while they argued to use smaller bullets, beginning a rivalry. Waller took them to meet King Shark so they were surprised at the size of him, after seeing him, Waller made them continue to meet Cleo Cazo.

Peacemaker watches Polka-Dot Man

Smith watches Polka-Dot Man.

Smith asked about Ratcatcher 1 but Waller replied that he was dead and she was his daughter, when Cazo arrived she was sleeping in her cell causing Smith to make fun of her for being a millennial. The team then followed Waller to meet Polka-Dot Man, where Smith laughed at his name by ironically asking if his power was to throw polka dots at people, after Waller didn't answer him he realized that it was his power.

Peacemaker asks Waller a question

Smith asks about the Project Starfish.

Already recruited, Waller gave them back their suits and took them to an armchairs chamber where she explained the mission with part of the history of Corto Maltese, telling them of the coup and how they should kidnap Gaius Grieves to help them to enter Jotunheim and destroy Project Starfish. When Waller asked if there were any doubts, Peacemaker raised his hand and asked if there was any connection of the Project with the expression Starfish to name the anus, however, Waller answered no and Peacemaker crossed out the idea of a notebook.[8]

Arrival at Corto Maltese

Task Force X in Corto Maltese

Peacemaker and his second strike team arrive at Corto Maltese.

"You know what I think? I think liberty is just your excuse to do whatever you want. Whether that's to eat a beach full of dicks or killin' folk."
Bloodsport to Peacemaker[src]

Three days later, Peacemaker and his team were able to reach the second beach of the island swimming without problems, after the first strike team was brutally assassinated by the Armed Forces of Corto Maltese. The group advanced to the jungle until they heard an explosion coming from the first coast that scared them, however, Waller informed them that it was only a distraction.

Peacemaker says he can eat a beach full of dicks

Peacemaker says he can eat a beach full of dicks.

Moving forward, Smith criticized Bloodsport's leadership for what they began to argue, in which Smith demonstrated his love for American freedom when saying being able to eat a beach full of penises if that attributes to peace, while criticizing Bloodsport for killing for money. In that, they saw how Abner Krill's skin became strange and another explosion from the first beach was heard. Finally, the squad stopped in an area and prepared to camp to go to the city the next morning.

Peacemaker in underwear laughs at Bloodsport

Smith in underwear laughs at Bloodsport.

While Peacemaker slept at night, he awoke to hear Bloodsport stopping King Shark from eating Cleo Cazo. Naked, Smith approached Nanaue along with Bloodsport and Cazo, Ratcatcher called a pack of rats to reassure Nanaue causing Bloodsport to freak out due to his phobia, Peacemaker took the opportunity to make fun of him while he was laughing, then Bloodsport highlighted that he was naked with white underwear, so Smith saw it as a racist offense.

Task Force X trekking

Peacemaker and the Squad walk until Rick Flag location.

In that, John Economos found the location of Rick Flag, so Amanda Waller ordered them to go there on his rescue, and Smith and the rest of the team spent the rest of the night traveling on the jungles of Corto Maltese until they found his location at the morning. On the trip, Waller ordered the squad to take down all the captors mercilessly by telling them they were dangerous people.[8]

Massacre of the Maltese Resistance

"Nothing like a bloodbath to start the day."
Nothing like a bloodbath to start the day - TSS

Peacemaker prepares for a massacre.

After the group are ordered by Waller to divert their efforts to finding Rick Flag before proceeding with the mission, Task Force X set out to rescue Flag, who they believe to have been captured by the government. Once they arrived, the team began to observe the encampment of people hiding among the leaves. While Bloodsport was observing the exact location on a radar, Peacemaker was preparing to pass a massacre, surprising Cazo because Smith's alias was the Peacemaker, Smith then explained his moral of killing people to achieve peace.

Peacemaker and Bloodsport - TSS

Peacemaker accidentally shoots Bloodsport.

The firsts attacks of Nanaue and Cazo opened the way for Peacemaker to enter a soldier who was killed with an ax, while Bloodsport was killing, they began to turn the massacre into a competition, each trying to display their skillset. Smith would murder a rebel on a bed with a knife while Bloodsport beat up rebels who tried to stop him. Then Peacemaker would decide to climb on the roof of a fortress to dart the rebels, starting with a woman who was singing, then Smith would go down with a silencer because he saw Bloodsport set fire to enemies. Peacemaker would mistakenly shoot DuBois' helmet but hitting his victim.

Peacemaker dope as fuck - TSS

Peacemaker argues with Bloodsport.

Then an upset Bloodsport would prove to have better aim by throwing a conditioner at a rebel. Peacemaker then used bullets of explosive compression. The squad would continue advancing until a rebel from the fort would try to shoot them with a submachine gun, but Polka-Dot Man stopped him. Finally, the team found the exact settlement/base where Rick Flag was located, so they approached.

Task Force X lower their weapons - TSS

Peacemaker, Bloodsport, Ratcatcher 2 and Polka-Dot Man find Rick Flag.

Nonetheless, Peacemaker is both confused and surprised when they find Flag safe and talking with Sol Soria, the leader of a resistance group; it is shortly revealed that Flag hasn't been captured, but rescued. Regretful for killing innocents, Peacemaker and his team tried to cover up the massacre, when Soria was surprised that her companions didn't notify her of the arrival of the squad, until Nanaue spat a bone from a rebel. Shortly after, Soria went outside and saw in anguish the dead bodies of her companions, for which the team felt very sorry and apologized.[8]

Kidnapping of Thinker

The Squad

Peacemaker and the team stop to see Krill.

"Hey, Pissmaker. We are on a mission."
"Easy, Inspector Gadget. A drink never hurt nobody."
Bloodsport and Peacemaker[src]

The team now with Flag and the surviving rebels continued their journey through the jungle to rescue a rebel named Milton, on the trip Abner Krill got infected with deluna on his face, Peacemaker stopped him and asked him what that was, for which Krill replied telling their story, they finally decided to keep moving. At night, Peacemaker and the team arrested some guards who were interrogating Milton's truck to save him.

Peacemaker helps the team transport the boxes

Peacemaker helps the team transport the boxes.

At that moment, Peacemaker and the team began moving boxes with clothes that they should wear to infiltrate La Gatita Amable's club, while Soria explained that Milton would take them to the place in his truck to kidnap Gaius Grieves. King Shark, by not having a human appearance, tried to pretend to wear a mustache to accompany them, but Peacemaker made fun of him for looking exactly the same.

Peacemaker asks for a fernet

Smith asks for a fernet.

The squad then set off to party, while on the trip, Smith listened to Cleo Cazo and Bloodsport stories. When they arrived, the squad entered the club while they watched, they finally sat down and began to talk about Thinker's arrival, as he would not arrive for a few hours, Peacemaker ordered the camarena to bring them a fernet, Bloodsport annoyed told him that they were on a mission, but Smith told him to relax a bit.

Peacemaker dances at the party

Smith dances at the party.

When they brought the fernet, to annoy Cazo, Peacemaker told the waitress that she forgot the rat Sebastian, Krill sneezed the fernet, so Smith and the others laughed. The hours passed and to entertain themselves, Peacemaker along with his companions began to dance at the disco.[8] While waiting, Smith got Valentina's phone number, who became interested in him.[4] Finally Grieves appeared at the club, so Bloodsport approached and threatened him with a weapon to accompany them.

Peacemaker and Flag surrender to the Armed Forces

Smith and Flag surrender to the Armed Forces.

In that, when trying to withdraw some soldiers from the Armed Forces of the country arrived in search of the infiltrated Americans, worried Smith prepared a knife just in case. When they were cornered, DuBois asked Krill and Cazo to take Thinker away while he, Flag and Smith surrendered to the authorities, finally Flag and DuBois surrendered, confused Smith also raised his hands as a sign of surrender, so they were handcuffed and taken in a truck to be imprisoned.

Peacemaker targets the driver

Smith targets the driver.

While traveling, a soldier spoke to them and Bloodsport played along to distract him, on the count of one, the three of them beat the soldiers knocking them out, then freeing themselves from the handcuffs. After breaking free, Peacemaker grabbed a shotgun to assassinate the driver who watched through a camera as they escaped, causing the corpse to push the pedal and drive faster while the partner tried to take the wheel.

Peacemaker, Bloodsport, and Rick Flag escape the soldiers.

Peacemaker, Bloodsport, and Rick Flag escape the soldiers.

However, Smith grabbed him and started hitting him against the wall to death, seeing that they were about to collide he tried to grab the steering wheel, but frankly directing him off the road causing him to fall. The car finally stopped, lying face down, as Milton's truck pulled up to the scene, Smith along with DuBois and Flag escape through the door, and are reunited with the rest.[8]

Saving Harley Quinn

"You're gonna risk the entire mission for a mental defective dressed as a court jester?"
"We don't leave one of our own behind."
―Peacemaker and Rick Flag[src]
Peacemaker complains about saving Harley Quinn

Peacemaker complains about saving Harley Quinn.

Guided by Flag, Task Force X diverts their efforts to saving Harley Quinn at the morning, who has been captured by the military and is being interrogated for information. As they drove to the palace in Milton's truck, the team began to prepare their weapons, however Peacemaker complained that they were risking the mission just to save a crazy woman, so Bloodsport highlighted that the comment came from someone who used a toilet on his head and Flag told him not to abandon his team, angering Smith.

Peacemaker points at the only person in the palace office

Peacemaker points at the only person in the palace office.

Going down, everyone got into position in order of the plan where Peacemaker stood on top of a bell and pointed at the only person in the office waiting for a signal from Flag. When Flag was about to start the mission, he discovered that Harley Quinn had freed herself when he saw her approaching him. A short time later and taking Thinker hostage, the team took him on top of a building where they threatened him to help them enter Jotunheim, while Peacemaker sat eating empanadas, which Milton was delivering.[8]

Destruction of Jotunheim

Implanting bombs
"It's actually very nice, just put it again on the wall. It's nothing like me."
King Shark and Peacemaker[src]
Peacemaker threatens Thinker with a weapon

Peacemaker threatens Thinker with a weapon.

The infiltration of Jotunheim at first goes off without a hitch, with Peacemaker and the team easily overpowering the guards at the entrance, by threatening him with a weapon to drive them to the base where the soldiers allowed him to enter while hiding on the ground so as not to be seen. After crossing the guards, Thinker parked the vehicle and a heavy rain began to spread, as Peacemaker and the team prepared to get off.

The Suicide Squad in the snow

Peacemaker and the Squad walk in the rain.

The squad walked to the entrance, taking advantage of the rain making them less visible, they began to attack the soldiers by surprise, Peacemaker was in charge of splitting several soldiers in half using a sword. After finishing off the group of soldiers, the team advanced until the door. Peacemaker then hit Thinker against the retinal scan, after that threat Thinker was forced to open the door and the squad entered and locking down the building before the entire Corto Maltesean army coming can get to them first.

Peacemaker scolds King Shark.

Peacemaker gets upset with King Shark.

Once inside the facility, the team begins placing plastic explosives around the walls and decides to split up into two teams: one would plant the remaining explosives on the upper floors while the other would be in charge of destroying Project Starfish. Peacemaker was assigned by Flag to join King Shark to plant bombs on the first floor. While Smith was working, Nanaue used an explosive to form the figure of Christopher Smith and show it to him, Smith got upset with him for playing with explosives and would ask him to put it back on the wall.

Peacemaker hears Flag heading to an elevator

Peacemaker hears Flag heading to an elevator.

In that, Peacemaker would listen to Rick Flag, and then see how he along with Ratcatcher 2 took Thinker to the elevator with the intention of showing them Project Starfish. Smith quickly began to follow them without them noticing, taking an elevator down to the basement where they find a testing facility full of the subjects exposed to Project Starfish, which is revealed to actually be the extraterrestrial, Starro the Conqueror, who was imprisoned on the base.

Peacemaker arrives at Project Starsfish floor

Peacemaker arrives at Project Starfish floor.

While Ratcatcher 2 and Thinker set out to find a way to kill Starro, Peacemaker came to the floor, interrupting the conversation and annoying Flag by saying that he should be planting explosives, Smith however replied that he didn't trust King Shark. Then Flag, anger at being used as a puppet, managed to recover a hard drive containing proof of Starro's existence, as well as the fact that it was actually recovered and experimented on by the US government instead of the Corto Maltesean government.

Peacemaker threatens Rick Flag with a gun

Peacemaker threatens Coronel Rick Flag with a gun.

Before he can take it however, Peacemaker points his gun at him, exposing his secondary mission. Alongside destroying Starro, Peacemaker was also tasked by Waller to destroy any evidence confirming its existence in order to deny any involvement of the US in its recovery and weaponization. Peacemaker is determined to destroy the hard drive, although he does not want to kill Flag to get to it and gives him a chance to hand it over. Before the situation can escalate however, an explosion rocks the facility, bringing it down on top of the whole team.[8]

Killing Rick Flag
"Peacemaker. What a joke."
Rick Flag to Peacemaker[src]
Peacemaker's helmet reflection

Peacemaker fights Rick Flag.

Peacemaker and Flag both survive the explosion, however Flag is severely wounded by a piece of debris. He still stands his ground against Peacemaker though, and the two engage in a fistfight in order to wrestle control of the chip. Flag tried to kick Smith, but Smith grabbed his foot to throw it against some seeds to do it again, to defend himself Flag grabbed a nearby pipe with which he began to hit him, Smith however stopped him but Flag continued to hit him, in defense Smith grabbed Flag and threw him against a broken bathtub, seeing the disc he decided to kick it so that Flag wouldn't catch it.

Peacemaker kills Coronel Rick Flag by grabbing a piece of broken debris

Peacemaker kills Coronel Rick Flag by grabbing a piece of broken debris.

Despite his injury, Flag was able to overpower Peacemaker and pins him to the ground, choking him with a metal pipe. However, before he was able to kill him, Peacemaker grabs a piece of fallen debris and lodges it directly into Flag's heart, fatally wounding him. As he bleeds out, Flag mutters how Peacemaker's name is a joke before succumbing to his injuries. Cleo Cazo saw how Smith killed Flag, and despite Peacemaker’s warnings, she decided to take the disc and started escaping.[8]

Facing Bloodsport
"Smaller bullets."
―Peacemaker and Bloodsport[src]
Peacemaker is defeated by Bloodsport

Peacemaker is defeated by Bloodsport.

With Flag dead, Peacemaker goes after Ratcatcher 2, who takes the chip and attempts to run. He catches up with her, and pins her to the floor. She begs for her life as he holds a gun to her. Just as he's about to shoot, Bloodsport drops in from the ceiling, realizing that Peacemaker is a traitor. The two shoot at each other, but Bloodsport's bullet goes through Peacemaker's bigger bullet, destroys his pistol, and lands in his neck. Peacemaker questions how this happened while bleeding out, and Bloodsport tells him about the smaller bullet's advantage. Peacemaker then hits the floor, presumably dead. He would eventually be crushed under the rubble as Jotunheim collapses.[8]

Project Butterfly

Time in the hospital

"If anything, he's shown he's resilient. It'll take some surgery but eventually we'll get him back to speed."
Alandy to Harcourt and Economos[src]
Peacemaker Lives!

Smith at the hospital.

At some point after the Corto Maltese mission ended and the team is sent back home, Peacemaker was found by a rescue team, having miraculously survived his encounter with Bloodsport and the collapse of Jotunheim. He was then quickly rushed to the Mount Rouge Health Center where he was treated for his wounds by Dr. Alandy. However, Waller still had other plans for the vigilante, planning to make him part of a team led by mercenary Clemson Murn, and use him to assassinate Royland Goff, so shortly after she sent her former assistants Emilia Harcourt and John Economos to visit the hospital and check on Smith's coma. When Smith awoke from his coma, he befriended the janitor Jamil, who smoked marijuana with Smith while he was recovering and having to move around in a wheelchair.[9][4]

Recovery and escape

"What superhero are you?"
"Get outta here, motherfucker!"
"You a fan?"
"There's no superhero called Peacemaker!"
―Jamil and Christopher Smith[src]
Jamil and Smith - Peacemaker

Smith talking to Jamil.

5 months later in January 2021, Doctor Alandy eventually discharged Smith as long as he kept up with his physical therapy by trying to avoid lifting his right elbow above his shoulder. Smith went to talk to Jamil and trusted him with the secret that he was, in fact, Peacemaker, and meant to be imprisoned for "integrity", as he called it, but Jamil didn't believe him, on account that he had never heard of Peacemaker. After a brief argument between the two, Smith asked him if there were any cops around the hospital to arrest him as he was supposed to be back to prison now that he was free to go, but Jamil assured him that there were not cops around.

Peacemaker returns home

Peacemaker returns home.

Smith put on his damaged costume and quickly ran from the Mount Rouge Health Center, getting into a Taxi and telling the driver to drive while he celebrated the fact that he escaped. Peacemaker arrived in his home but was forced to give his helmet to the taxi driver as he didn't have any money to pay him for his service and the driver didn't accept Corto Maltese money. Smith tried to get into his house but couldn't find his keys, so he began searching to no avail, forcing him to use his right arm to break one the house's windows to get in.[4]

Approached by Task Force X

"You're a born killer with expertise in every weapon know to humankind, and you've had experience in black-ops around the globe, so I'm giving you the chance to stay out of prison and work for me."
Clemson Murn to Christopher Smith[src]
Smith talks to the team

Peacemaker is approached by Task Force X.

Before Smith had any chance to settle back in his home, he was approached by mercenary Clemson Murn, one of Amanda Waller's operatives, who offered him a chance to stay out of prison if he joined a black-ops assassination team led by Murn. Peacemaker accepted, and joined the team, comprised of Emilia Harcourt, Peacemaker's handler in the field on whom he had a crush, John Economos, the tech and tactics man who Peacemaker enjoyed bullying, and Leota Adebayo, the newbie in charge of all other operations. Smith listened to Adebayo giving out her speech, and after she finished her speech, Smith asked what they wanted him to do. Murn explained that they had a new mission titled Project Butterfly, which involved assassinating targets called "butterflies" that were endangering American citizens. Smith got concerned that he would need a jetpack to fight a giant butterfly, then asked what would happen if he rejected the mission. Murn said he would have to return to Belle Reve and that Peacemaker's neckbomb was still armed which they could use to track him down and detonate it should he try to run away. Murn then asked Smith to come for dinner at 7:30 PM at Fennel Fields on Manchester Road, to which Smith agreed, but first he would go to his father's house and get Eagly.[4]

Reunited with his father

"Got out of prison."
"You don't say?"
―Christopher Smith and Auggie Smith[src]
Auggie Smith and son - Peacemaker

Smith goes to see Eagly.

Smith then took a taxi cab to his father's house to meet him. There, the old man next door commented on him as an evil supervillain, to which Smith argued that he's a superhero. They got into an argument and they stopped after Auggie Smith opened the door. His father asked why he was talking with that old man which Smith replied that he was talking to him first. His father asked Chris why he didn't tell him when he got out of prison, and Chris replied that it had been rough for him and he'd been laid out in a hospital for five months. Smith then told his father about how a guy shot him and the building fell on him, which his father thought was pathetic. Chris asked how Eagly was, and his father said that he had been taking him outside. Chris wanted to see him, so his father showed the way to Eagly. Chris was happy to finally reunite with his pet, and Eagly hugged him, to Chris's surprise. Chris told his father to get his phone, but his father had already left.

Peacemaker and Auggie at the dinner table

Smith and his father at the dinner table.

Chris later had lunch with his father and told more stories about Bloodsport. He told him about Ratcatcher 2, who could control rats, and mocked Bloodsport for his musophobia, at which his father laughed maniacally. His father asked if DuBois had shot him, to which Smith indirectly said yes, which disappointed Auggie. Smith then told his father that he only came for Eagly and a new helmet. After finishing their lunch, Chris then went with his father to the storage chamber where he explained most of the helmets' capabilities to Chris. If Chris could do something useful with a helmet, his father would gift him one to use for the mission.[4]

Dinner with the team

"People see this uniform, it strikes fear in their hearts."
―Christopher Smith to John Economos[src]

That night, Smith put on his new costume and arrived at Fennel Fields. After parking, Smith left Eagly in his car, and entered the restaurant to meet Emilia Harcourt, Clemson Murn, John Economos, and Leota Adebayo, who ordered food without him. Smith argued with the team about Eagly and said that they were jealous because he had an eagle.

The team at Fennel Fields

Smith with the team at Fennel Fields.

As Smith received his food, the team realized that he was being watched by his Gut Chase's younger brother, Adrian. Smith received a document on Senator Royland Goff, whom he was tasked to assassinate, but he had to see the file at his house. While eating, Smith was reprimanded by Economos and Murn, who asked him to remove his helmet, which he reluctantly did. After the meeting ended, Smith returned to his car and was pleased to see Eagly, but was surprised by Adebayo. Smith began talking to her about the mission and the two began to bond.[4]

Fighting Annie Sturphausen

"Hey, I gotta thank you for tonight. I was having a crazy, fucked-up day, but when I was in your pussy back there, I felt, I don't know, fucking hope!"
―Christopher Smith to Annie Sturphausen[src]
Peacemaker after blowing up Annie Sturphausen

Smith after using Sonic Blast Helmet to blow up Annie Sturphausen.

Smith, alongside his pet eagle Eagly, tracked Harcourt as she entered a secret bar, intent on approaching her to converse in the hopes she would eventually take a liking towards Smith himself. Disillusioned by Smith's attempts to court her, Harcourt left the bar as Smith soon eyed a lone woman named Annie Sturphausen who immediately attracted him. They engaged in a one-night stand before she attempted to kill Smith, revealing herself to be a butterfly upon discovering the dossier he was supplied pertaining to the details of the operation. The skirmish ended when Smith uses the his new helmelt's sonic boom feature which vaporized her in an instant, also causing collateral damage in the area.[4]

Escape from Wild Estates Apartment Complex

"You on the roof! Stop right there!"
Miele to Christopher Smith[src]
Peacemaker wearing his helmet in his tighty whities

Smith talking to Emilia Harcourt through his Phone.

The local police department, headed by detective Sophie Song, were alerted to the incident and head to the scene of the confrontation, with Smith notifying Harcourt, who in turn was assisted by Adebayo in escorting Smith off the premises before he could be apprehended. As Smith collected his uniform and personal belongings from Annie's apartment, he was briefly noticed by Song and her associate Larry Fitzgibbon, who proceeded to enter the apartment and interrogate its residents while tailing Smith. One of the residences which Smith himself attempted to hide in, wa occupied by a man named Evan Calcaterra and his wife Amber, who were in a dysfunctional relationship. The two of them assisted Smith in gathering his belongings as he voluntarily tied them up in order to silence their arguing as Song and Fitzgibbon continued questioning other occupants. Smith attempted to exit the complex through the residence balconies, only to be cornered by police officers who arrived to arrest him. Harcourt infiltrated the premises and tranquillized them, allowing Smith, Harcourt and Adebayo to escape the scene as they are shot at by Song and Fitzgibbon.

Meanwhile, John Economos hastily swapped out Smith's fingerprints in the crime scene to correlate with those of Christopher's own father Auggie Smith to keep the police off Peacemaker's track while Adebayo bribed Evan and Amber into lying when interrogated by the police which resulted Auggie's unintended arrest and placement in the Evergreen Corrections Center.[5]

Comforted by Vigilante

"I can tell under your mask, your face is skinny as shit."
―Christopher Smith to Vigilante[src]
Peacemaker and Vigilante talk - Peacemaker

Smith is comforted by Vigilante

Upon being shunned by the team for confessing to leaving his dossier to be read by Stephanie, Smith returned to his trailer and had his spirits lifted by his crimefighting partner Vigilante, who invited him to partake in target practice and eventually engage in a threesome between him, Smith, and Amber; they collectively discovered that a device belonging to Stephanie was in actuality, a miniature spaceship, confusing the three of them.

Hunting Butterflies

Attack on Royland Goff
"You should've put a dove on the gun! Fuck!"
"Take a breath, Smith. Steady youself."
"Goddamn it! Waller gave us a killer who can't kill!"
―Christopher Smith, Emilia Harcourt and Clemson Murn[src]

Smith fights Judomaster.

The following day, Murn briefed the team on their first ops mission, directing them to assassinate United States Senator Royland Goff and his family, who were presumed to all be Butterflies. As Smith and Harcourt infiltrated their home, they were joined by Vigilante, who successfully took over for Peacemaker when he hesitated on executing Goff's son & daughter in addition to his wife when ordered by Murn.

Peacemaker and Vigilante watch a butterfly fly off

Smith and Adrian Chase watching Eek Stack Ik Ik comes out of Royland Goff's corpse.

As Vigilante was about to kill Royland himself, their bodyguard Judomaster intervened and incapacitated both Smith and Vigilante, taking them into the house's basement for questioning. Goff attempted to goad Smith into confessing intel by torturing Vigilante and revealing his secret identity as Adrian Chase. They were saved by Harcourt, Murn and Adebayo successfully discovering the entry to the basement and blowing it up with a bomb allowing Smith to free himself and kill Goff. Elsewhere, Economos also incapacitated Judomaster by ramming into his car with the team's van then whacking Judomaster in the head with a pipe until he was knocked unconscious. Upon being shot and killed by Smith, a butterfly emerged from Goff's deceased corpse, causing Smith to realize the nature of Project Butterfly.[3]

Visiting his father
"Dad, listen... I didn't know anything about this, okay? The people I'm working with, they did their own thing. They switched your fingerprints for mine"
"They did what?"
"I know, it's fucked up, but I had nothing to do with it."
―Christopher Smith and Auggie Smith[src]

Smith talks with his father in prison.

Judomaster was captured and taken back to the group's hideout to be awoken from his incapacitation and receive further questioning. Meanwhile, Adrian and Smith made a stop at Auggie's house, where the latter retrieved new equipment and found out about his father's arrest. Despite Clemson Murn's wish to not have their dysfunctional relationship compromise their ongoing mission, in addition to Adebayo attempting to talk him out of it, Smith elected to visit his father at the Corrections Center, where he was threatened by Auggie with his attempt to expose Project Butterfly to the authorities. Outside the facility, Adebayo suggested to Adrian Chase that Smith would be better off without his father, which prompted him to get himself arrested out of a desire to infiltrate the prison grounds so he could kill Auggie himself, unbeknownst to Smith. Chase would successfully provoke Auggie's associates into physical confrontation, but would ultimately fail to aggravate Auggie himself, eventually being bailed out by A.R.G.U.S. from serving jail time as Harcourt came to collect him and return him home later that day.

Interrogating and defeating Judomaster
"You remind me of a shit I took last night, only Asian."
"Oh, big man."
―Christopher Smith and Judomaster[src]

Smith fights Judomaster for a second time.

Meanwhile, Smith and Adebayo returned to their hideout, where they immediately discover Judomaster's attempted escape from the premises. After a lengthy one-on-one confrontation between Smith and Judomaster, Adebayo abruptly shot the latter just as he was about to inform Smith about the true purpose of the Butterflies. Disillusioned and confused, Smith returned to his trailer later that evening, having kept the Butterfly he claimed to have killed to the rest of the team, alive in a jar. Alone, he introspected about having to reluctantly kill Rick Flag inside Jötunheim, in addition to reflecting on his traumatic childhood and the death of his older brother, which were contributing factors to his warped worldview on peace and justice.[2]

Glan Tai Bottling Company Infiltration & Butterfly takeover
"You didn't think to give me some sort of signal?."
"Yeah the signal was I shot her head off."
Leota Adebayo and Peacemaker[src]

Peacemaker Infiltrating the Glan Tai Bottling Company.

At Evergreen Corrections Center, Auggie Smith continued to urge Detective Song and Fitzgibbon regarding his innocence, which lead to them discovering that Christopher Smith himself killed Annie Sturphausen at the apartment complex upon attempting to match their fingerprints and later re-interrogating the Calcaterras at their residence. Meanwhile, Christopher was briefed by the team on the nature of the Butterflies, learning that they enter a human host through their orifice and feed on an unspecified liquid substance. Adebayo's discovery from the previous night lead them to the nearby Glan Tai Bottling Company where said liquid was processed and bottled for distribution. During the operation, Smith, equipped with a new helmet with an X-ray vision feature, learned that every employee in the factory are disguised Butterflies, in addition to encountering an escaped gorilla from the zoo named Charlie.


Peacemaker attempting to shoot at Charlie.

They successfully killed all the residing employees in the facility, with John Economos managing to kill Charlie with a chainsaw, thus earning the respect and camaraderie of Smith himself. The team began to bond on their way back from the factory, with Harcourt starting a group chat for the team named after the track 11th Street Kids by the band Hanoi Rocks, and Smith invited Adebayo inside his trailer for some drinks, where the latter took the chance to replace his personal diary with a replica, acting under orders from Amanda Waller.[7]

Returning to the office, Adebayo tried out Smith's X-ray vision helmet and accidentally discovered that Murn was a Butterfly himself, with Murn revealing to her that their species came to Earth from their dying world in an effort to seek refuge, while the Butterfly possessing Royland Goff would eventually stage a plan to invade the planet, with one Butterfly being the sole dissenter, leading him to possess a convicted murderer and assume his current alias as Clemson Murn. Meanwhile, Detective Song arranged for the release of Auggie Smith from the Corrections Center and acquired an arrest warrant for his son, much to the dismay of Police Deputy Caspar Locke, who was secretly collaborating with Murn on Project Butterfly unbeknownst to the rest of the team.

Escaping the police

"This is the Evergreen Police Department! Come out now, peacefully. We have an arrest warrant for Christopher Smith!"
Sophie Song to Christopher Smith[src]
Vigilante and Peacemaker try to communicate with Eek Stack Ik Ik

Peacemaker and Vigilante try to communicate with the butterfly.

At Smith's trailer, the Goff Butterfly attempted to communicate with him and Vigilante just as the Evergreen police force arrived to arrest him, prompting the two to escape with Chase and Eagly. While climbing onto the roof of the trailer to hide, Chase accidentally dropped the glass jar containing the Goff Butterfly, allowing it to escape and immediately assimilate Detective Song. Smith, Chase and Eagly escaped back to the team hideout with the help of Locke, while Locke was later presented with the forged diary by a police officer involved in raiding his trailer. At the hideout, Economos tracked the Butterflies' activities back to Coverdale Ranch, where the team suspected that they're utilising a cow to mass-produce the raw amber fluid. Adebayo soon felt guilty over hiding confidential information about the operation from both Smith and her mother.


Smith withnesses the Butterfly-Locke incriminating him through television.

Butterfly-Song summoned an army of Butterflies to possess every police officer and inmate within Evergreen Corrections Center, including Locke. Auggie meanwhile, rallied his followers and donned the White Dragon armor, intending to end his son's life. Later that night, Smith and Chase witnessed a television broadcast where Butterfly-Locke publicly incriminated him with entries from the fake diary and issued a public mandate to apprehend and arrest him.[6]

Facing and killing his father

"You killed my brother! You killed Keith! And you're only right about one thing, I am a piece of shit! I'm a piece of shit for listening to you for all those years! I'm a piece of shit for not killing you in your sleep!"
―Peacemaker to White Dragon[src]

Peacemaker and Vigilante are confronted by the White Dragon

Feeling betrayed by his companions, Smith decided to set out, find and eliminate the "cow" himself with Chase and Economos accompanying him. They were quickly intercepted by the Aryan Empire and Auggie in his White Dragon armor who was intending to kill him. Eagly attempted to save Smith only to be significantly injured by White Dragon, before he himself directly confronted Smith. White Dragon pinned Peacemaker to the ground and prepared to execute him while ranting about his racist reasonings behind hating him, this gave Vigilante the chance to ambush White Dragon dismantling a weak point in his armor that he had noticed earlier, rendering his weapons useless, while Economos killed the Aryan Empire members in the area leaving White Dragon defenseless.


Peacemaker beats up his father

Smith snapped and lashed out at his father as he brutally beat him up, Auggie continued to bitterly taunt and trash talk Chris until he finally shot Auggie in the head, killing him once and for all. Smith broke down to the ground crying, finally able to process his emotions. The team reunited at a veterinary clinic where Eagly was taken to be treated for his injuries. Harcourt and Adebayo informed the rest that Murn was killed by Eek Stack Ik Ik, while Smith desperately begged for Eagly to recover unaware that Adebayo witnessed him at his most emotionally vulnerable.


Peacemaker and his friends prepare to fulfill the mission

After Eagly recovered, the team elected Harcourt as their new leader, who then briefed them on the Butterflies' objective to teleport the "cow" to another enclave which would render all their efforts up to that point moot. As the team left the clinic to head to Coverdale Ranch, the Butterflies prepared to move their "cow", in actuality a giant alien larva. On their way to the ranch, Adebayo attempted to apologize for the forged diary but Smith made it clear that he had no intention of forgiving or seeing her again after the mission was over.[1]

Battle at Coverdale Ranch

"Activate human torpedo."
―Peacemaker before killing the cow[src]
The 11th Street Kids watch Eagly carry Peacemaker's helmet to the Coverdale Ranch

Peacemaker and the 11th Street Kids watch Eagly try to get the helmet into the barn.

Upon reaching Coverdale Ranch, Leota Adebayo attempted to contact Amanda Waller and persuade her to call the Justice League for reinforcements, but the team elected to initiate a plan reluctantly due a shortage of time. Following a failed attempt at infiltrating the base and destroying the cow using Smith's anti-gravity helmet, Smith dispatched Eagly to fly one of his sonic boom helmets to the main base, only for Eagly to unintentionally drop it at a nearby location in the woods.


Peacemaker prepares to fight the butterflies.

Upon attempting to search for the helmet, Smith experienced a brief hallucination of his deceased father, prompting him to use a tranquilizer dart to "kill" him, and unknowingly uncovering the helmet's location. John Economos, disguised as a Butterfly himself, planted Smith's sonic boom helmet at the Butterflies' base, although the shockwave ultimately failed to kill the Cow.

Peacemaker and Vigilante charge at the Butterflies

Peacemaker and Vigilante running towards the army of Butterflies.

With no other options, Smith, Harcourt and Chase launched a frontal assault where they killed nearly every Butterfly in the area, however Harcourt and Chase were shot down while Economos broke his leg when attempting to intervene. Adebayo saved Harcourt's life and went to help Peacemaker.


Peacemaker final moments with Eek Stack Ik Ik before killing the cow.

Peacemaker and Butterfly-Song battled again, while Adebayo attempted to use the Human Torpedo helmet to assist but she missed her target and slammed her head into a wall. Eek Stack Ik Ik attempted to reason with Peacemaker that their motives for invasion were not to take over the world but to stop humanity from destroying their own planet the same way the Butterflies destroyed their native planet.

Peacemaker and Adebayo kills the Cow

Peacemaker kills the Cow.

Eek Stack Ik Ik urged Peacemaker to stop fighting and join their cause, Peacemaker considered the offer but ultimately decided to fire Adebayo directly into the cow with the Human Torpedo, this killed the Cow and gave Peacemaker the chance to kill both Locke and Sophie Song's bodies, though he opted to spare Eek Stack Ik Ik. Just as the 11th Street Kids walked away from the ranch with most of the members gravely injured, they were unexpectedly met by the Justice League--consisting of Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Aquaman, who indeed had been called by Waller to help. Infuriated, Smith reprimanded the entire team for their lack of urgency regarding the severity of the situation they solely resolved without their intended assistance and again mocking Aquaman's rumor about having sex with fish as the team left..[10]

Back to Normal

Adebayo amends her situation with Smith

Smith and Adebayo become friends again.

In the aftermath of the events, Harcourt, Economos, and Chase underwent medical treatment for their injuries, meanwhile, Adebayo and Smith made amends over the incident involving the fake diary, inspiring the latter to leak details surrounding "Project Butterfly" and Amanda Waller's role in assembling Task Force X to the public, clearing Smith's name in the process. Before Adebayo left, Smith told Adebayo that she was his best friend, after Eagly, touching his teammate, who checked out of the hospital while Smith awaited the recovery of his other friends. While watching Adebayo's revelation, Smith was proud of Adebayo, who publicly reported on the mission and how Smith and the 11th Street Kids were heroes.

Smith sitting next to Auggie's hallucination

Chris is tormented by a hallucination of his late father.

For the next few days, Smith waited for Harcourt to wake up, comforting his love interest, who was shown to have feelings for him. Returning to his normal life, Peacemaker continued to have fun with Vigilante, blowing up vehicles. Smith returned home to his trailer, accompanied by Eagly and Eek Stack Ik Ik, who no longer had any ill will towards him, but also hallucinated his father again, something that disturbed Smith, however, after seeing Eagly bring a death possum, Chris continued to drink in confusion.[10]


"I... I used to think God put me here for a purpose. For peace. And I always said I didn't care how many people I needed to torture or kill to get it, but... you know, lately, I just think I'm a fuckin' maniac, like... I don't know, I'm having... feelings about things that..."

Christopher Smith is a man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill along the way,[11] He is more than willing to fight, kill, and even start a war, but in the end, every action he takes is in the name of ultimately keeping the peace.[12] While Smith is obsessed with gaining everlasting peace and liberty, his actions are violent and he loves death and destruction, stating that there is "nothing like a bloodbath to start the day." He is willing to do anything to get peace and end all fighting, no matter how many people he needs to kill, hurt, maim, or emotionally destroy along the way, making him very hypocritical. However, he is not beyond giving people he appreciates a warning before he attacks. He is also willing to humiliate himself for his cause, blindly follows orders, and condemned Bloodsport for killing for money. His willingness to do whatever it takes makes him the perfect soldier, as well as the only member of the Suicide Squad who knew the truth behind the mission of Corto Maltese.

He is self-righteous, egotistical, arrogant and overconfident, as seen with his rivalry with Bloodsport, and has no shame in showing off what he is capable of. Due to his ego and hypocrisy, the other members of the Suicide Squad tend to greatly dislike him and not take him seriously, not that he cares, as he views himself as better than them, claiming to do exactly what Bloodsport does, "but better." Ratcatcher 2 and King Shark were the only two members of the Suicide Squad who tried to reach out to him, and while he was initially on good terms with the former, he regretfully attempted to kill her so he could prevent the secrets of Project Starfish from being reached to the public, causing her to see a different side of him and was greatly afraid of him. He was also annoyed by King Shark's childlike and dim-witted nature; he often meanly rejected his gestures of friendship despite a few instances of passing encouragement. Smith also dislikes millennials such as Ratcatcher 2.

Following his release from the hospital, Smith began to reflect on his actions; he notably regrets killing Flag and putting on the façade of a rude, arrogant, misogynistic person in order to push people away to protect his own feelings and reduce the risk, and begins to question the morality of his father's teachings. He is also heavily driven by his desire to gain his father's approval, despite being well aware and even being blatantly told on occasion that his father does not care about him and sees him as pathetic and weak. He even admitted that John Economos could be a potential friend, if he did not constantly tease him. Despite his claims that he is willing to kill children in the name of peace, he was unable to bring himself to kill Senator Goff's children, though he claimed to Murn that he was unable to kill them due to not having been given the reason to kill them. He also was shown to be uncomfortable and horrified when Vigilante killed them with the sniper rifle. Peacemaker later admitted to Harcourt that he doesn’t think he wants to kill people anymore, showing that he has grown from his previous ideology, though he did admit he still had no issue killing aliens.

Peacemaker is jealous of other superheroes that are more popular than him, mainly the Justice League. He routinely makes wild claims and exaggerated stories about other superheroes in vain attempts to discredit them based on blatantly fake rumors he finds on social media or his own made up stories. Smith feels personally offended whenever his credentials as a superhero are brought into question or when he's reminded that he's a lower tiered unpopular superhero, he also tends to cling on to any proof he can have to validate his superhero status, such as framing a news article reporting his battle with Kite-Man or going to a school Show-n-Tell at Jamill's request to show off in front of kids. Peacemaker would have a moment of self-validation when the Justice League arrived too late at Coverdale Ranch and he scolded them for being useless.

Christopher was also very close to his older brother Keith during their youth, he developed his fondness for music during his childhood while hanging out with Keith. Chris' accidental killing of Keith severely traumatized him, and was a major contributor to his warped view on morality and lack of self-esteem. Chris shows signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, frequently flashbacking to Keith's death and struggling to keep a composure whenever the flashbacks happen, his murdering of Rick Flag would later trigger similar flashbacks as well, then after killing his own father Chris began hallucinating him. In his adulthood, Smith retains his fondness of music, he often resorts to listening music as a means of calming himself and when reflecting about himself.

Behind all the egotistical, duty driven and self-righteous demeanor, Smith is a broken, self-loathing man trying to find a purpose in the world, but is too haunted by the horrible actions he committed to adjust in a normal environment. Smith's time with the 11th Street Kids allowed him to slowly come to terms with his past demons and reconsider his world views, showing his vulnerable side more often to others and learning to process his repressed emotions, but also becoming more emotionally unstable and prone to bursts of anger. When White Dragon attempted to kill Peacemaker, Chris finally snapped and lashed out at his father for all years of abuse and horrible treatment and ultimately he chose to kill his own father, when he did Chris broke down crying and fully acknowledged all his terrible actions in the past.


"You're kinda bulky to be a superhero, aren't you?"
"Bulky? What the fuck you mean, bulky?"
"Well, most superheroes have a gymnast body. They're ready to go."
"I'm ready to go!"
Jamil and Christopher Smith[src]
  • Peak Human Condition: Peacemaker has achieved peak physical condition in his mission for global peace. He is incredibly strong and tough, being one of the most fit human heroes like Batman, as well as sufficiently fast and agile. He claims to put a lot of time into his small muscle groups.
    • Peak Human Strength:
      Chapter 06 - Murn After Reading

      Peacemaker's muscular build

      Peacemaker is visibly very strong for a human; he is huge and hulking with "muscles on his muscles".[12] When the Suicide Squad went to rescue Rick Flag, he was strong enough to bury his tomahawk in a man's head and cut off part of another man's arm with his sword. He then easily hoisted himself onto a roof to take a vantage point. In the convoy, he reached one arm through a hole he made with a shotgun and grabbed the enemy passenger to slam his head into the glass, cracking it, and repeatedly hit his head against the side of the car until he was knocked out. He was able to knock down and throw a fully grown man like Flag around several feet and into two grain hoppers during their duel and later tossed Ratcatcher 2 to the ground with just one arm. Even as a child, Smith was quite strong, as he accidentally killed his brother by punching him with enough force to cause a seizure. During his first fight against Judomaster, he punched him across the face with enough force to make him flip, and during their rematch, he easily lifted him off the ground and onto the hood of a car, flipped him over his shoulder by his arm, and broke a car window with his head. Smith has fought at least two gorillas in his life, once at Burning Man, and Charlie, whose strength was enhanced by Butterflies.
    • Peak Human Durability: Peacemaker is extraordinarily resilient; he walked away from a car crash, was barely fazed after being struck with a metal grate during his duel with Flag, and ultimately survived getting shot in the throat by Bloodsport and being crushed under the rubble after the collapse of Jotunheim. After recovering, he only needed to replace a clavicle. He can also withstand long falls, as seen when he failed to jump onto a balcony and hit the pavement. Smith is also able to withstand multiple slashes and stab wounds during his fight with Annie Sturphausen. When beaten by his father, who was wearing the White Dragon suit which enhanced his strength, Smith was bloodied but still able to move and fight.
    • Peak Human Agility: Peacemaker has incredible agility, balance, dexterity and flexibility. He was able to land on his feet and regain his balance after jumping from the roof.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Peacemaker possesses incredible endurance, showing little to no fatigue in the field even after extensive periods of fighting.
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Peacemaker has very good reflexes. He cut a man's arm off before he could shoot him, caught a metal grate swung at him by Flag, and made Ratcatcher 2 drop her device before she could use it against him.
"He does exactly what I do."
"But better."
"I always hit my targets dead center."
"I hit them more in the center."
"Well, you can't hit something more in the center."
"I use smaller bullets."
"They go inside your bullet holes without even touching the side."
Bloodsport and Peacemaker[src]

Peacemaker shooting a man behind him

  • Master Marksman: Peacemaker is a world-class marksman,[12] like Bloodsport. He has trained his whole life to bring peace to the world, and he knows how to use and properly aim his guns as well as accurately fire his blowgun from a distance. In Corto Maltese, Smith was also able to shoot all three people using a blowgun from a far distance and he also used his pistol to shoot a man behind him over his shoulder without even looking at him. In a convoy, he used a shotgun to shoot the driver in the back of the head through the barrier, also without looking at him. During his final confrontation with Bloodsport, their bullets collided when they fired at each other. He later demonstrated to Vigilante that he could dual-wield revolvers, shoot at targets while bending over and looking between his legs, as well as create a peace symbol in a target with a rifle. Peacemaker is also a skilled archer and can use a recurve bow. He used a shotgun to accurately shoot Royland Goff in the face, and another shotgun to consistently shoot numerous Butterflies in the head with aid from his x-ray vision helmet. He even shot one through a door and shot another door open. He accurately shot his father in the forehead, and used his pistol to shoot his falling shield into the neck of a Butterfly host. He even shot Locke in the head from far distance and then Sophie Song.

Peacemaker overpowering Judomaster

  • Expert Combatant: Due to his rigorous training from birth by his father, Auggie Smith, his experience as a violent vigilante, combined with his powerful physique and stamina, Peacemaker is a phenomenally well-seasoned hand-to-hand combatant. He has training in Wrestling, Muay Thai, Judo, Fencing and Combat Shooting. His skill is great enough that he was even able to brutally fight the highly trained military Colonel Rick Flag, only winning due to stabbing Flag in the heart with a bathroom tile in desperation for his life. Smith can also fight against Judomaster but was later overpowered due to his superior fighting technique. Smith later then rematch with Judomaster in the second time and later started to use more of his strength and fight him more effectively than before.
    • Axe Mastery: Peacemaker accurately threw his tomahawk into the head of a member of the Maltese Resistance. He also used his tomahawk to quietly slit another man's throat and chop into another man who was lying down.
    • Sword Mastery: Peacemaker used his sword to cut off a man's arm before he could shoot him, and then slit his throat. He also used his sword to brutally, but efficiently kill five Corto Maltesean soldiers who were guarding Jotunheim.
    • Knife Expertise: Peacemaker is skilled at using knives. He almost managed to stab Judomaster with his knife. He can also improvise his darts as stabbing weapons.
    • Shield Mastery: Peacemaker is highly skilled at using a shield in combat. He effectively fought numerous butterflies with it and blocked many gunshots coming towards him. He even combined the usage of his pistol and his shield while fighting butterflies.
  • Expert Assassin: According to Waller, anything is a deadly weapon in Peacemaker's hands because his father trained him how to kill from the moment he was born. Similarly, Clemson Murn stated that he is a born killer (with which Vigilante agreed) with expertise in every weapon known to humankind and experience in black ops around the globe. As such, Peacemaker is a highly capable assassin, as he and Bloodsport efficiently wiped out the Maltese Resistance and later swiftly cut down men guarding Jotunheim. He also killed Rick Flag by improvising a jagged bathroom tile as a piercing weapon.
  • Skilled Tactician: While he comes off as a brutish soldier, Peacemaker is not entirely unintelligent when it comes to strategy. He knows how to effectively use his resources; he brought his x-ray vision helmet on a mission after learning that Butterflies infest a person's brain so he could identify them. He also correctly deduced that Leota Adebayo planted the diary in his trailer and that his father was tracking him by his helmets, so he attached his helmet to a raccoon to mislead him and his group.
  • Stealth: Despite his large appearance, colorful outfit and shiny helmet, Peacemaker is capable of stealth. When the Suicide Squad went to rescue Flag, Peacemaker and Bloodsport stealthily eliminated members of the Maltese Resistance.
  • Intimidation: Due to his absolute belief in keeping the peace, Smith is willing to go to any length to complete his mission. As he claims to be thorough, Ratcatcher 2 was visibly afraid of his ruthlessness.
  • Skilled Musician: Peacemaker is a skilled pianist, as he played the piano version of Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home." Music serves as an outlet for Peacemaker as a way to express himself due to him being emotionally mute.[13]
"Keepin' the peace is worth any price, including the life of a hero like yours, sir, so please... don't make me do this."
―Peacemaker to Rick Flag[src]
  • Indomitable Will: Peacemaker will do whatever it takes in order to achieve his warped form of peace. He is so obsessed with attaining peace that he will kill as many men, women, and even children as he has to in order to make it happen. Peacemaker was even willing to kill Rick Flag and attempted to also kill Ratcatcher 2 as part of his mission despite having befriended both of them during his time at Corto Maltese, though in both instances he showed reluctance to do so before coming to the conclusion that there was no other alternative and also showed regret over his murdering of Flag.


"He has a history of instability and conspiratorial beliefs. Couple that with violent outbursts, he was the perfect pawn."
Leota Adebayo to Emilia Harcourt[src]
  • Mental illness: Though not to the degree of his friend Adrian Chase, Peacemaker obviously suffers from mental illness stemming from him accidental killing of his older brother and the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his father.
    • Obsession: Peacemaker is obsessed with the idea of peace in America, and ultimately the world, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, to the point where it clouds his judgement and makes him rather unstable. Peacemaker's delusional goals for peace have been exploited to manipulate and deceive him on several occasions, such was when Waller convinced him to turn against his own Task Force X allies during Project Starfish, while Eek Stack Ik Ik tried to gain sympathy from Smith while she was held captive in a jar and lated attempted to convince him to support the Butterflies' plans for world domination.
    • Trauma: Peacemaker's accidental murdering of Keith severely traumatized him, Chris is prone to flashbacking to Keith's death on a regular basis and suffer panic attacks when struggling with his guilt over it. He requires having a "Dove of Peace" emblem on any weapon he uses as a means to cope with his trauma, when not having the Dove of Peace, Chris loses his composure and becomes hesitant to kill even if the mission requires it. Peacemaker's killing of Rick Flag and betrayal of Task Force X caused similar damage on his psyche.
    • Carelessness: Peacemaker is also reckless and for the most part, doesn't think through his actions nor realize the consequences of said actions, such as taking with him top-secret documents given from government to the apartment of a complete stranger or not telling to his teammates that he kept Eek Stack Ik Ik in his trailer, something that backfired against him when it possessed the detective Song.
    • Schizophrenia: After Peacemaker killed his father, Auggie Smith, he started developing hallucinations of him, who mocked Chris.
"You've healed well, but you're still gonna have to take it easy. Try to avoid lifting your right elbow above your shoulder."
  • Human vulnerabilities: Despite his physical prowess, Peacemaker is still human. After he was shot by Bloodsport and a building fell on him, he spent five months in recovery and had to replace a clavicle. He further injured his shoulder when he repeatedly jumped from high altitudes.
  • Nano-bomb: Being assigned in Task Force X, Smith brain was implanted with a nanite explosive device as an insurance policy for following orders and will earn time off his sentence if missions were completed.



"It's not a toilet seat, it's a beacon of freedom!"
―Peacemaker to Bloodsport[src]
  • Peacemaker Helmet X Ray Vision

    Peacemaker's X-Ray Vision Helmet

    Peacemaker suit: Smith wears a red, blue, and white suit as Peacemaker, tight-fitting to display his strength, with holsters for his guns, and a picture of a dove his chest, showing his message of peace to all.
    • Peacemaker's helmets: Smith wears an oddly-shaped chrome helmet with a dove engraved on the forehead to protect his skull and identity which was created by his father Auggie Smith. Smith's father developed multiple helmets; each with their own special function such as causing a sonic boom which was enough to kill Annie Sturphausen and send other vehicles away with force, or X-Ray Vision which Smith used to identify if someone is a Butterfly by looking at their brain. Smith later went back to his storage chamber to take all other helmets for his use for the missions, but he abandoned them once he realized his father was tracking him through the helmets. He reclaimed the helmets after killing the White Dragon.

Weapons and gadgets

"The dove of peace, my trademark. It's engraved on all my weapons, my tomahawk, my sword, my blowdarts, my pistol!"

Peacemaker aiming his pistol

  • IMI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX: Peacemaker uses a long-barreled pistol, sometimes fitted with a suppressor or a scope, as his main weapon to incapacitate and kill those he believes threaten peace or who get in his way. He occasionally loads his pistol with exploding compression bullets. He used it to bring down Kite-Man, along with two rocket launchers. After Bloodsport shot through his bullet with a smaller bullet, destroying his gun, he acquired a second identical pistol. He brought it to practice shooting appliances with Vigilante, and used it to shoot his falling shield into the neck of a Butterfly host, using it for the entirety of Project Butterfly.
  • Luger P08: Smith took a pistol from one of his father's soldiers and used it to execute him by shooting him in the forehead.
  • Glock 17: Smith took Eek Stack Ik Ik's pistol when they inhabited Sophie Song.
  • Colt Single Action Army: Smith dual-wielded a pair of revolvers when shooting appliances with Vigilante.
"Peace out, motherfucker."
―Peacemaker to Royland Goff[src]
  • Remington 870: Smith briefly commandeered a shotgun when he was liberated from a convoy, using it to shoot the driver in the head and reach through the hole to attack the passenger. He later took another shotgun from Royland Goff and used it to shoot him in the face.
"All right, that might be overkill."
"I fought these Butterflies before, remember?"
"We're not even sure they're in there. Just take your pistol."
"I finger bang you, I'm not using my pinky."
Emilia Harcourt and Peacemaker[src]
  • Kel-Tec KSG: Smith used a bullpup shotgun to practice shooting appliances with Vigilante. He later carried it when infiltrating the Glan Tai Bottling Company facility, using it to shoot many Butterflies in the head, aided by his x-ray vision helmet. However, Charlie the gorilla disarmed him of his shotgun.
  • Heckler & Koch HK416: Smith used a rifle to shoot a peace symbol into an appliance while practicing with Vigilante.
"It's a P90. I put a dove of peace on it for you."
Emilia Harcourt to Christopher Smith[src]
  • FN P90: Smith was given a new gun from Harcourt in preparation to fight the Butterflies and kill their cow. After his father crashed the car with him, Vigilante and Economos, the rifle ended up in the hands of the latter two. Chris himself used it during the Battle at Coverdale Ranch, discarding it once it ran out of ammunition.
  • Barrett M82: Smith attempted to assassinate the Goff family with a sniper rifle, but he could not bring himself to shoot the children.
  • Tomahawk: Peacemaker often makes use of a pair of tomahawks while out in the field, capable of using them as ranged weaponry or close-quarters melee with expert finesse.
  • Sword: Peacemaker rarely utilizes a 4'11" long titanium steel blade when engaging in hand-to-hand fighting range.
  • Blowgun: In the event of stealth encounters, Peacemaker is also armed with a blowgun containing poison darts which can kill enemies within seconds. However, since his magnum already comes with a suppressor, he only uses the blowgun in order to show off his skills to Bloodsport.
  • Bow and arrows: Peacemaker carries his bow and arrows when practice shooting with Vigilante.
"Eat peace, motherfuckers!"
  • Grenade/Tank shell: Smith attached a grenade to a Russian tank shell and threw it at a horde of Butterflies.
  • Shield: During the battle at Coverdale Ranch Peacemaker used a stylized shield featuring his signature dove of peace emblem. The shield could stop bullets without any sign of taking damage and could be used as an offensive weapon shown to be capable of slicing limbs off the butterflies with a single strike. The shield was lost when Peacemaker fell through the stairs on his way to the cow's location.


  • Peacemaker's 1976 Ford Comet: Smith owned his personal vehicle which painted in America flag for transportation. It was later destroyed when he activated sonic blast on his helmet.
  • Vigilante-mobile: Smith sat in a normal Sebring car owned by Adrian Chase to get to his father's home for more helmets.
  • Aryan Empire's sedan: Smith drove a car stole by Adrian Chase to escape Aryan Empire. Unbeknownst to him, Chase stored a bag of his helmets in the trunk, prompting Smith to stop the car to throw the bag away in order not to be tracked by the White Dragon.
  • Locke's sedan: Smith and Adrian Chase was offered a black car by Locke to escape the police.
  • 11th Street Kids' van: To be added






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  • In the comics, Christopher Smith was a pacifist diplomat so committed to global peace that he takes on the superhero alter ego, Peacemaker, to ensure it by strictly using non-lethal weapons and combat techniques. Although, over time, he started to develop more into a violent vigilante that is willing to make sacrifices for peace.
  • This is the first onscreen adaptation of the Peacemaker, though a version of Christopher Smith was mentioned in the Arrowverse, although he has yet to be seen.
  • Every weapon Peacemaker uses is engraved or adorned with his "dove of peace", and he believes he can't kill using a weapon without it. He later claims to Harcourt that he doesn't actually care if a "dove of peace" is engraved on the weapon, having used it as an excuse because of his nerves.
    • Chris cannot draw his "dove of peace", claiming it always looks like a ghost when he tries.
  • Smith likes zucchini noodles.
  • Smith is a fan of Quireboys and Cinderella, going so far as to risk a mission to get some more records for his collection. He also likes Sister Sin, Whitesnake, Poison, and Hanoi Rocks. However, he dislikes jazz.
  • Smith gets most of his information from Twitter, Google, and Facebook.
  • When he was initially arrested in 2017, Chris was sentenced to thirty years in Belle Reve.
  • According to Auggie Smith, Chris Smith is bisexual, as he has had relationships with both women and men.

Behind the Scenes

  • John Cena has described Peacemaker on a few occasions as a "douchey Captain America".[14]
  • Peacemaker was originally intended to die in The Suicide Squad, but once the movie was completed, James Gunn was given a chance to make a Peacemaker show, so he shot a post-credits scene of Peacemaker in the hospital, teasing his survival.[15]
  • Dave Bautista was originally in talks for the role, but had to pass, because of his busy schedule.[16] James Gunn later confirmed that he originally did write the role with Dave Bautista in mind.[17]
  • Spencer Thomas and Spencer Mulligan were stunts doubles for John Cena in the role of Peacemaker.
  • John Cena had to eat 31 empanadas for one scene where all the members of Task Force X sit on a roof eating, and Cena wanted it to look cool for one seamless take.[18]
  • According to graffic designer Dusty Abell, this version of the character is shown in the Tomorrowverse movie, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One.[19] However, the version presented comes from Earth-4, and neither James Gunn nor DC Studios have addressed or directed this.


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