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"I cherish peace with all my heart. I don't care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it."
―The Peacemaker to Ratcatcher 2[src]

Christopher Smith, also known as the Peacemaker, is a hypocritical, egotistical, self-righteous and zealous vigilante who believes in achieving peace at any cost no matter how many people he has to kill for it in the process. He was also a member of the second Task Force X strike team sent on a mission to Corto Maltese.[3] While he struck up a rapport with the team, he eventually turned on them to complete their intended mission when they learned it was all a cover-up for the U.S. government's mistake. In the attempt to complete the mission, Smith murdered team leader Rick Flag, and was sent into a coma by teammate and rival Bloodsport.

When comatose Smith was recovered from Corto Maltese, he was sent to an American hospital, where the mission coordinators of the Force, John Economos and Emilia Harcourt, awaited his awakening, preparing to send him on another, more dangerous mission.


Early Life

Misguided pacifism

"In his hands, anything is a deadly weapon. His father was a soldier who trained his son how to kill from the moment he was born."
Amanda Waller[src]

Christopher Smith was born to Auggie Smith, a powerful and cunning small-town racist whose views deeply scarred his son. When he grew up, Christopher became a mentally unstable pacifist diplomat who grew so committed to peace, he eventually decided to enforce it by killing those who stand in its way. He donned a bright costume, an oddly-shaped chrome helmet with a dove engraved on it, and the moniker of Peacemaker. As the Peacemaker, Smith killed many people in the name of peace before he was captured by ARGUS and detained in Belle Reve.[4]

Recruited by Amanda Waller

There, he was recruited by Amanda Waller to join Task Force X, doing black-ops missions for the US government in exchange for time off his sentence. He was sent on a mission with Adrian Chase, the Vigilante, and the two formed a deep-seeded rivalry and intense hatred for one another.[5][4]

Mission in Corto Maltese

The New Suicide Squad

Peacemaker asks about the Project Starfish.

In 2021, the Peacemaker was newly recruited by Amanda Waller to join again Task Force X on a mission he was eager to carry out: destroying a Nazi-built facility in Corto Maltese called Jotunheim, as well as annihilating all traces of the mysterious Project Starfish. Prior to the mission, Peacemaker was given an ulterior task by Waller, assigned to destroy any evidence pertaining to the United States involvement with Project Starfish, including their torture of the civilians of Corto Maltese. Peacemaker felt obligated to ensure this was kept a secret, as it was to keep the peace from being jeopardized to prevent an international incident. During the recruitment, Peacemaker and Bloodsport began a rivalry.[6]

Finding Rick Flag

"Nothing like a bloodbath to start the day."

Peacemaker argues with Bloodsport.

After the group are ordered by Waller to divert their efforts to finding Rick Flag before proceeding with the mission, Task Force X set out to rescue Flag, who they believe to have been captured by the government. They assassinate numerous armed guards as they approach an a settlement/base, but the operation turns into a competition between Peacemaker and Bloodsport, each trying to display their skillset.

Peacemaker, Bloodsport, Ratcatcher 2 and Polka-Dot Man find Rick Flag.

Nonetheless, Peacemaker is both confused and surprised when they find Flag safe and talking with Sol Soria, the leader of a resistance group; it is shortly revealed that Flag hasn't been captured, but rescued.[6]

Capturing Thinker and saving Harley

Peacemaker, Bloodsport, and Rick Flag escape the soldiers.

Having rescued Flag, Task Force X diverts their efforts to saving Harley Quinn, who has been captured by the military and is being interrogated for information. The group are able to save Harley and take the Thinker hostage, forcing him to aid them in their mission to destroy Jotunheim.[6]

Infiltration at Jotunheim

Peacemaker and the Squad walk in the rain.

The infiltration of Jotunheim at first goes off without a hitch, with Peacemaker and the team easily overpowering the guards at the entrance and managing to lock down the building before the entire Corto Maltesian army can get to them first.

Once inside the facility, the team begins placing plastic explosives around the walls and decides to split up into two teams: one would plant the remaining explosives on the upper floors while the other would be in charge of destroying Project Starfish. Peacemaker, along with Rick Flag, Ratcatcher 2, and Thinker, form the latter group, taking an elevator down to the basement where they find a testing facility full of the subjects exposed to Project Starfish, which is revealed to actually be Starro the Conqueror.

Peacemaker gets upset with King Shark.

While Ratcatcher 2 and Thinker set out to find a way to kill Starro, Flag manages to recover a hard drive containing proof of Starro's existence, as well as the fact that it was actually recovered and experimented on by the US government instead of the Corto Maltesian government.

Before he can take it however, Peacemaker points his gun at him, exposing his secondary mission. Alongside destroying Starro, Peacemaker was also tasked by Waller to destroy any evidence confirming its existence in order to deny any involvement of the US in its recovery and weaponization. Peacemaker is determined to destroy the hard drive, although he does not want to kill Flag to get to it and gives him a chance to hand it over. Before the situation can escalate however, an explosion rocks the facility, bringing it down on top of the whole team.[6]

Killing Rick Flag

Peacemaker fights Rick Flag.

Peacemaker and Flag both survive the explosion, however Flag is severely wounded by a piece of debris. He still stands his ground against Peacemaker though, and the two engage in a fistfight in order to wrestle control of the chip. Despite his injury, Flag is able to overpower Peacemaker and pins him to the ground, choking him with a metal pipe. However, before he is able to kill him, Peacemaker grabs a piece of fallen debris and lodges it directly into Flag's heart, fatally wounding him. As he bleeds out, Flag mutters how Peacemaker's name is a joke before succumbing to his injuries.[6]

Facing Bloodsport

Peacemaker is defeated by Bloodsport.

With Flag dead, Peacemaker goes after Ratcatcher 2, who takes the chip and attempts to run. He catches up with her, and pins her to the floor. She begs for her life as he holds a gun to her. Just as he's about to shoot, Bloodsport drops in from the ceiling, realizing that Peacemaker is a traitor. The two shoot at each other, but Bloodsport's bullet goes through Peacemaker's bigger bullet, destroys his pistol, and lands in his neck. Peacemaker questions how this happened while bleeding out, and Bloodsport tells him about the smaller bullet's advantage. Peacemaker then hits the floor, presumably dead. He would eventually be crushed under the rubble as Jotunheim collapses.[6]

Saving the World

A new mission

Peacemaker at the hospital

At some point after the Corto Maltese mission ends and the team is sent back home, Peacemaker was found by a rescue team, having miraculously survived his encounter with Bloodsport and the collapse of Jotunheim. He was then quickly rushed to a hospital where he was treated for his wounds. However, Waller still had other plans for the vigilante, planning to use him in a future unknown mission.[7]


"Well, you know what I think? I think liberty is just your excuse to do whatever you want. Whether that's to eat a beach full of dicks or killin' folk."
Bloodsport to Peacemaker[src]

Christopher Smith is a man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill along the way,[8] He is more than willing to fight, kill, and even start a war, but in the end, every action he takes is in the name of ultimately keeping the peace.[5] While Smith is obsessed with gaining everlasting peace and liberty, his actions are violent and he loves death and destruction, stating that there is "nothing like a bloodbath to start the day." He is willing to do anything to get peace and end all fighting, no matter how many people he needs to kill, hurt, maim, or emotionally destroy along the way, making him very hypocritical. However, he is not beyond giving people he appreciates a warning before he attacks. He is also willing to humiliate himself for his cause, blindly follows orders, and condemned Bloodsport for killing for money.

He is self-righteous, egotistical, arrogant and overconfident, as seen with his rivalry with Bloodsport, and has no shame in showing off what he is capable of. Due to his ego and hypocrisy, the other members of the Suicide Squad tend to greatly dislike him and not take him seriously, not that he cares, as he views himself as better than them, claiming to do exactly what Bloodsport does, "but better." Ratcatcher 2 and King Shark were the only two members of the Suicide Squad who tried to reach out to him, and while he was initially on good terms with the former, he regretfully attempted to kill her so he could prevent the secrets of Project Starfish from being reached to the public, causing her to see a different side of him and was greatly afraid of him. He was also annoyed by King Shark's childlike and dim-witted nature; he often meanly rejected his gestures of friendship despite a few instances of passing encouragement.

Smith also dislikes millennials such as Ratcatcher 2.


  • Peak human condition: Peacemaker has achieved peak physical condition in his mission for global peace.
    • Peak human strength: Peacemaker is visibly very strong for a human; he is huge and hulking with "muscles on his muscles".[5] When the Suicide Squad went to rescue Rick Flag, he was strong enough to bury his axe in a man's head and cut off part of another man's arm with his sword. He then easily hoisted himself onto a roof to take a vantage point. He was able to throw a fully grown man like Flag around several feet and into two grain hoppers during their duel, and later tossed Ratcatcher 2 to the ground with just one arm.
    • Peak human durability: Peacemaker is extraordinarily resilient; he walked away from a car crash, was barely fazed after being struck with a metal grate during his duel with Flag, and ultimately survived getting shot in the throat by Bloodsport and being crushed under the rubble after the collapse of Jotunheim.
    • Peak human stamina: Peacemaker possesses incredible endurance, showing little to no fatigue in the field even after extensive periods of fighting.
"He does exactly what I do."
"But better."
"I always hit my targets dead center."
"I hit them more in the center."
"Well, you can't hit something more in the center."
"I use smaller bullets."
"They go inside your bullet holes without even touching the side.
Bloodsport and Peacemaker[src]

Peacemaker shooting a man behind him

  • Master marksman: Peacemaker is a world-class marksman,[5] like Bloodsport. He has trained his whole life to bring peace to the world, and he knows how to use and properly aim his pistol as well as accurately fire his blowgun from a distance. In Corto Maltese, he shot a man behind him over his shoulder without even looking at him. In a convoy, he used a shotgun to shoot the driver in the back of the head, also without looking at him. During his final confrontation with Bloodsport, their bullets collided when they fired at each other. He later demonstrated to Vigilante that he could shoot a target to create a peace symbol while bending over and looking between his legs. Peacemaker can also use a recurve bow.
  • Expert combatant: Due his rigorous training from birth by his father, Auggie Smith, his experience as a violent vigilante, combined with his powerful physique and stamina, Peacemaker is a phenomenally well-seasoned hand-to-hand combatant. His skill is so great, that he was even able to brutally fight the highly trained military Colonel, Rick Flag, only winning due to stabbing Flag in the heart with a bathroom tile in desperation for his life.
    • Master axeman: Peacemaker accurately threw his axe into the head of a member of the Maltese Resistance. He also used his axe to quietly slit another man's throat and chop into another man who was lying down.
    • Master swordsman: Peacemaker used his sword to cut off a man's arm before he could shoot him, and then slit his throat. He also used his sword to brutally, but efficiently kill five Corto Maltesean soldiers who were guarding Jotunheim.
  • Expert assassin: According to Waller, anything is a deadly weapon in Peacemaker's hands because his father trained him how to kill from the moment he was born. Similarly, Clemson Murn stated that he is a born killer (with which Vigilante agreed) with expertise in every weapon known to humankind. As such, Peacemaker is a highly capable assassin, as he and Bloodsport efficiently wiped out the Maltese Resistance and later swiftly cut down men guarding Jotunheim. He also killed Rick Flag by improvising a jagged bathroom tile as a piercing weapon.
  • Stealth: Despite his large appearance, colorful outfit and shiny helmet, Peacemaker is capable of stealth. When the Suicide Squad went to rescue Flag, Peacemaker and Bloodsport stealthily eliminated members of the Maltese Resistance.
  • Intimidation: Due to his absolute belief in keeping the peace, Smith is willing to go to any length to complete his mission. As he claims to be thorough, Ratcatcher 2 was visibly afraid of his ruthlessness.
"Keepin' the peace is worth any price, including the life of a hero like yours, sir, so please... don't make me do this."
―Peacemaker to Rick Flag[src]
  • Indomitable will: Peacemaker will do whatever it takes in order to achieve his warped form of peace. He is so obsessed with attaining peace that he will kill as many men, women, and even children as he has to in order to make it happen. Peacemaker was even willing to kill Rick Flag and attempted to also kill Ratcatcher 2 as part of his mission despite having befriended both of them during his time at Corto Maltese, though in both instances he showed reluctance to do so before coming to the conclusion that there was no other alternative and also showed regret over his murdering of Flag.


"It's not a toilet seat, it's a beacon of freedom!"
―Peacemaker to Bloodsport[src]
  • Peacemaker suit: Smith wears a red, blue, and white suit as Peacemaker, tight-fitting to display his strength, with holsters for his guns, and a picture of a dove his chest, showing his message of peace to all.
    • Peacemaker helmet: Peacemaker wears an oddly-shaped chrome helmet with a dove engraved on the forehead to protect his skull and identity.

Peacemaker aiming his pistol

  • IMI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX: Peacemaker uses a long-barreled pistol, sometimes fitted with a suppressor or a scope, as his main weapon to incapacitate and kill those he believes threaten peace or who get in his way. He occasionally loads his pistol with exploding compression bullets.
  • Remington 870: Smith briefly commandeered a shotgun when he was liberated from a convoy.
  • Axe: Peacemaker often makes use of a pair of tomahawks while out in the field, capable of using them as ranged weaponry or closed quarters melee with expert finesse.
  • Sword: Chris rarely utilizes a 4'11" long titanium steel blade when engaging in hand to hand fighting range.
  • Blowgun: In the event of stealth encounters, Peacemaker is also armed with a blowgun containing poison darts which can kill enemies within seconds. However, since his magnum already comes with a suppressor, he only uses the blowgun in order to show off his skills to Bloodsport.







  • In DC Comics, Christopher Smith was a pacifist diplomat so committed to global peace that he takes on the superhero alter ego, Peacemaker, to ensure it by strictly using non-lethal weapons and combat techniques. Although, over time, he started to develop more into a violent vigilante that is willing to make sacrifices for peace.
  • This is the first onscreen adaptation of the Peacemaker, though a version of Christopher Smith was mentioned in the Arrowverse, although he has yet to be seen.
  • He is ironically the perfect pawn for Waller, whom shares his ideals of peace.

Behind the scenes

  • John Cena has described Peacemaker on a few occasions as a "douchey Captain America".[10]
  • Dave Bautista was originally in talks for the role, but had to pass, because of his busy schedule.[11] James Gunn later confirmed that he originally did write the role with Dave Bautista in mind.[12]
  • Spencer Thomas and Spencer Mulligan were stunts doubles for John Cena in the role of Peacemaker.
  • John Cena had to eat 31 empanadas for one scene where all the members of Task Force X sit on a roof eating, and Cena wanted it to look cool for one seamless take.[13]
  • When DC rebooted their comics lineup in 2011 with The New 52! and later DC Rebirth initiatives, Peacemaker was dropped altogether. However, Christopher Smith returned, and thus was introduced into the new continuity in 2019, and later in the Suicide Squad comics in early 2021. This likely had to do with DC's confidence in Cena and Gunn's version of the character and the popularity he was likely to (and did) generate.


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