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Patrick Erickson is a captain within the Gotham City Police Department who used to work alongside Detective Renee Montoya.


Erickson was once a GCPD detective and was the partner of Renee Montoya. In more recent years the two have developed a bitter relationship after he was promoted over Montoya even though she was the one who did all of the detective work that ended up earning him his promotion. Even after becoming Montoya's superior he is still intimidated by her superior skills and track record and thus he consciously holds her back and is dismissive of her efforts and theories.

He hinders her efforts to try to investigate the powerful criminal kingpin Roman Sionis, yet when she, Harley Quinn, Cassandra Cain, Huntress and Black Canary manage to topple him and his organization, he once again accepts the accolades for it giving the motivation Montoya needed to finally realize she couldn't achieve justice through the system as his subordinate. He expresses no regret when she resigns to join the vigilante group the Birds of Prey.[1]


He outwardly presents himself as a tough no-nonsense captain. He has a very high opinion of himself and likes to take any credit for the department's success that he can.