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"I just undid a mistake, that's all
"I just undid a mistake, that's all." ―Bruce Wayne, Justice League
This page has been deemed to be non-canonical as its contents contradict the established movie continuity of the DC Extended Universe.

"What was that?"
"A scout."
"From space? Like an alien army?"
―Burglar and Batman[src]

This Parademon scout was a Parademon and a soldier of Steppenwolf.


Batmantraps Parademon on wall

Parademon Scout is trapped by Batman

When Batman used the burglar as bait to lure the scout on the Gotham rooftop, the Parademon, who smelled fear in him, flew right up on the top of the roof where the burglar screamed and Batman pulled him away from it. Batman then jumped on the Parademon and held onto it until it heard an alarming sound from a building with red lights on its windows. It flew right around the rooftop and Batman stopped it with a net and trapped it on a wall. Finally, the Parademon scout died of having its whole body detonated, which also showed patterns of three mother boxes.[1]



  • Batman - attempted victim and indirect killer
  • Burglar - attempted victim


  • In the comics, Parademon 3g4 is a minion of Darkseid who sacrificed himself for Aquaman.
    • The Parademon Scout is similar to 3g4 as both of them killed themselves after fighting a hero on Earth.
  • This specific parademon was added to Justice League after Zack Snyder's departure for the purpose of setting up parademons' attraction to fear; a trait that was never used in the main canon.
  • The scene in which this character appears, and the character itself, doesn't fit in the primary DCEU canon, as it takes place before Steppenwolf and the parademons come to Earth.