"Panda Man" was a prominent member of the Joker's gang. As the name suggests, his costume of choice was a large panda costume with the words "Friends Forever" written on the chest.


Panda Man first appeared in a flashback of Joker's assault on Arkham Asylum wielding a machine gun. He can be seen in the background guarding Joker as the latter tortures Harley Quinn.[1]

In the present, he accompanied Joker when the latter attacked Van Criss Laboratories. He drives the van that Joker is riding in. He was responsible for tricking the security guard into accepting a basket of bombs disguised as flowers. Once inside the lab, the Panda Man began firing upon the security guards and scientists alongside the rest of Joker's gang. He was one of the elite gang members who accompanied Joker to Van Criss' private lab.[1]

When it came time to deactivate Harley Quinn's nano-bomb and pick her up in the stolen Chinook, Panda Man held the pilots at gunpoint in the cockpit. A missile struck the front of the helicopter, killing Panda Man along with the pilots.[2]





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