"You have our mother's trident. Powerful, but flawed like her. I wield my father's. And it has never known defeat!"

Orm Marius to Aquaman[src]

Orvax's trident was an Atlantean relic wielded by the former king of Atlantis, Orvax. After his death, the trident was passed into the hands of his son Orm Marius. The trident was destroyed when Aquaman hit it with the trident of Atlan.


Before and after the death of Orvax

King Orvax wielded the trident during his rule, fighting many battles to defend Atlantis. After his death, following royalty traditions, the trident was passed down to the hands of his son Orm Marius.[1]

Early adventures

Orm participated in the Atlantean war sports, becoming the undefeated champion in trident combat by winning five times throughout his youth.  Orm participated in a unknown war using the trident as his own weapon, earning the Coral Heart medal and dubbed a war hero.[1]

Duel of the Ring of Fire

Orm wielded Orvax's trident against Aquaman in their first duel in the Ring of Fire. Orm won the duel, resulting in the destruction of Atlanna's trident.

Just before the Coronation of Arthur Curry, the trident was destroyed by Aquaman.[1]


  • Atlantean steel: The trident is extremely strong, made with the finest Atlantean steel, giving its signature mother-of-pearls glow and glitter, and is able to withstand tremendous stress in combat. It its vulnerable to weapons crafted with metal stronger then Atlantean steel.
  • Energy projector: Similar to King Nereus' trident, Orm's trident is able to fire plasma shots at targets with an effective range of 100 yards but was never seen firing any in the film.[1]


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