Oliver Queen is the CEO of Queen Industries.


Queen Industries CEO

Oliver is relatively absent from his company's dealings, though rumors have surfaced that he plans to drop all military contracts that his company holds.[1]


Oliver is described as aloof and often remains absent from his company's business dealings. He is implied to be pacifistic, as he intended to have his company exit from their military contracts.


  • Genius-level intellect: Being the leader of the highly esteemed Queen Industries, the 4th largest tech conglomerate in the world, it is apparent that Oliver is exceptionally intelligent, to a level that could be considered even superior to that of the extremely intelligent ecletic genius Bruce Wayne, whose company he was known to surpass, though still outmatched by supergenius Lex Luthor and perhaps the directors of the other 2 companies superior to his own.
    • Master leader: Oliver is clearly an exceptionally skilled leader, having been able to lead and spearhead Queen Industries very successfully, ensuring it's position as the 4th leading company in the world.
    • Master businessman: Oliver is an exceptionally brilliant genius businessman, successfully running Queen Industries with tremendous efficiency, with Queen Industries into becoming the 4th largest tech conglomerate in the world, amassing an immense amount of wealth ($210 million) and impressive number of contracts, including military ones (though it has been indicated that he is currently considering exiting them), that considerably surpasses even Bruce Wayne's ($97 million) and Geschäft-Krieg ($171 million), a feat made all the more impressive given how Oliver rarely personally intervenes in his business dealings and just manages the company from the shadows. However, Oliver is still considerably outclassed by the business skills of the directors of STAGG, Kord Industries and Lex Luthor's Lexcorp, all of whom have wealth far greater than his own.[1]
    • Master engineer: Oliver must be an exceptional genius in engineering, considering how his company, Queen Industries, is the world's 4th leading company in high-technology defense innovation, even surpassing the extremely formidable engineering genius Bruce Wayne's company Wayne Enterprises and also Geschäft-Krieg, while being only under STAGG, Kord Industries and Lexcorp.

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