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Oceania is a region south-west of eastern Asia. The main landmass in Oceania is the continent Australia, but it also contains a large number of islands.


20th century

World War I

Australia was one of many nations that participated in the World War I.[1][2]

Modern times

Captain Boomerang robberies

Digger Harkness, otherwise known as Captain Boomerang was born and raised in Australia.[3] He was responsible for numerous robberies and break-ins and has been doing so since he was 18. After robbing much of Australia, he decided to go to the United States of America to commit more robberies and was apprehended by the Flash while there.[4]

Rescue of astronauts

Between 2013 and 2015, Superman saved a group of astronauts while they were in orbity over Australia.[5]

Discovery of the Aquaman

In 2015, footage was taken by a diving robot attempting to enter a wrecked ship in a trench in the Tonga Islands. The footage was cut short after Aquaman, startled by the intrusion, attacked and destroyed the camera before swimming off at high speed. The footage was later acquired by LexCorp, specifically Lex Luthor, in his research into the Metahuman presence on Earth.[6]

Potential champions

Some people in Oceania were considerated by the wizard Shazam as his champion, but they were rejected as not worthy. Thaddeus Sivana found about them in his search to find the Rock of Eternity.[7]

Countries and major locations


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