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"Tell me something. You can go anywhere. Another timeline. Another universe. So why do you wanna stay and fight to save this one?"
"Because this is the one where my mom lives. I'm not gonna lose her again."
Batman and Barry Allen[src]

Nora Allen is the wife of Henry Allen and the mother of Barry Allen.


Meeting Henry Allen[]

At some point, Nora met Henry Allen, whom she would later marry. They both gave birth to their only son, Barry Allen in 1995.[1]

Raising Barry Allen[]

Shop at the Supermarket[]

In 2004, Nora Allen and her young son Barry were shopping at a Central City supermarket. There, Nora was going through a box of cereal when an adult version of her son traveled back in time and placed a can of tomatoes in her shopping cart without her knowing about it. As a consequence, Nora continued her life together with her husband Henry for several years, watching her son grow and supporting her by offering her motherly love.[1]

Having Dinner with the Family[]

When Barry turned 18, Nora helped her son decorate his new apartment. On September 29, 2013, Nora was preparing lunch when she was surprised by a strangely dressed Barry with cropped hair. As Nora watched her change her, Henry came over to comment that Barry looked older, which made her briefly uncomfortable. Barry then hugged her mother telling her that he loved her just like she did, before she sent him off to take a shower for lunch.[1]

At the table, Nora was surprised by Barry's behavior when he asked her how her later years had been, as well as suggesting creating childhood memories by doing family activities like going to the circus or the park. Barry was interrupted by Henry, who asked him about his college studies and if he had already asked out Iris West. At that, Nora asked him to be careful when socializing, only for Barry to suddenly leave the conversation to go to the bathroom.[1]




Behind the Scenes[]

  • In DC Comics, originally Nora Allen lived long into adulthood. However, this was retconned in Flash: Rebirth when Professor Zoom traveled back in time to Barry Allen's childhood and murdered Nora to get revenge on him.


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