Nora Allen was the wife of Henry Allen and the mother of Barry Allen. She was killed by an unknown individual, with the blame being wrongly placed upon her husband, who was jailed as a result.[1][2]


Meeting Henry Allen

At some point, Nora met Henry Allen, whom she would later marry. They both gave birth to their son, Barry Allen, on September 30, 1992.[1]


Nora Allen was murdered at her home by an unknown individual, and her husband was framed for the murder, and he was sent to Iron Heights Penitentiary. Their son was only 9 years old at the time of her death.[1]


After Nora was murdered, her husband Henry Allen was framed for the murder and was imprisoned at Iron Heights Penitentiary. Though her son claimed that his father was innocent, nobody believed him. This led to Barry studying forensic science in hopes of clearing his father's name.[1]




  • Unnamed Murderer - Killer


  • In DC Comics, originally Nora Allen lived long into adulthood. However, this was retconned in Flash: Rebirth when Professor Zoom traveled back in time to Barry Allen's childhood and murdered Nora to get revenge on him.


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