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The nano-bomb detonators are detonators for the nano-bombs that were implanted within the necks of the Suicide Squad members.


Battle of Midway City[]

Rick Flag and Amanda Waller used the detonators to ensure the compliance of the Squad (apart from Katana, the only willing member) and blow off the heads of any of them if they would disobey them or try to escape. One of them was Slipknot, who was killed by the nano-bomb for an attempt to escape.

Rick Flag eventually destroyed his detonator, but Waller managed to retain hers and used it to force the Squad back to their Belle Reve supermax cells after the defeat of Enchantress and Incubus during the Midway City mission.[1]

Mission in Corto Maltese[]

In August 2020, Task Force X headed to Corto Maltese to take down all records linking the United States with Project Starfish, planting nanobombs again to keep them under Waller's control. The first strike team was massacred in a battle causing Savant to try to desert the mission, Waller warned him by detonating his bomb multiple times but he didn't turn back so Waller kept his promise by detonating his bomb.

After a few days, the second team would manage to finish off the Jotunheim base by freeing Starro, seeing the situation, Task Force X went to stop the beast ignoring Waller's orders not to do so, Waller annoyed would try to detonate the team's heads starting with Bloodsport however she would be knocked out by her assistants. After the team defeated Starro, Waller negotiated with DuBois not to detonate their heads in exchange for Project records not being revealed.[2]

Project Butterfly[]

After Peacemaker was released from hospital, he was found by Clemson Murn who warned him that if he didn't join Project Butterfly mission he would return to Belle Reve, threatening to detonate his nano bomb if he tried to escape.[3]